Robin's upcoming Australia & UK workshops and presentations - Sample exercises from soon to be published 'Dynamic Groups' book - Insights on recent happenings and more.
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Hello and welcome to my first e-newsletter for 2015. These communications are quite sporadic, a testimony to my busy life and being in semi-retreat writing my 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' books. I'm halfway through the first book, documenting the learning methodology and it's applications. Exciting times indeed as I work on a couple of new card games as well, continue some of my community work and get prepared to travel to the UK and Spain in mid August to present courses and workshops and attend the international Permaculture Conference and Convergence where I'll be presenting and facilitating.

Welcome to all the new people receiving this, especially all those I met in Tasmania in March at the APC12 - Australasian Permaculture Convergence. That trip has been a highlight of my year.

I trust you're all keeping warm if you're in Australia or NZ/Aotearoa and enjoying life no matter where you are.

Love and Gratitude,

Spreading the Magic

New ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology and Process Books, Card Sets and Resources

More than a year has progressed since Robin began, in earnest, writing the first in a series of books documenting over 20 years of training teachers, group leaders and facilitators.

Book I is well on it's way; outlining the methodology and giving examples, activities and some processes to use, is almost half written.

Sample an activity from Book 1's ‘Empowerment’ chapter under ‘Working from the Heart’...

More and More Creative Teachers and Facilitators


Participants from Robin’s courses go back into the world with a huge toolbox of processes to try out, adapt and share with their groups, plus the confidence and ability to create whatever they need for any group or learning situation.

Several past participants from the courses attended Robin’s session at the Permaculture Convergence in Tasmania recently and took on Robin’s challenge to jump in the deep end and lead the group of 35 people with a favourite processes they’d gleaned, modified or adapted from the Dynamic Groups course. 

Read on for more about our tribe...

Sacred Union Labyrinth 2014-15

Woodford Folk Festival, held in December for 6 days each year, is the biggest and most acclaimed festival of it’s kind in Australia. For the last two years Robin and her troupe of installation artists, ceremony weavers and musicians have made her design of ‘The Sacred Union Labyrinth’ as a 10 x 10 meter meditative walk that patrons can experience any time during the festival. 
52 Sacred Union Labyrinth 300x200 Woodford Folk Festival Sacred Union Labyrinth

A magical pathway leads through a bamboo construction heart entranceway and via a series of pennants that give instructions about how to walk the labyrinth. Read on...

Crystal Waters Eco-Village Annual Permaculture Design Course

10297959 549725981810560 8454461855332025036 n 300x183 Crystal Waters Permaculture Eco Village   Annual Permaculture Design Course SE Qld Australia

For the second year running now Crystal Waters Community Co-op has organised a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) with Max Lindegger being the key Teacher. Robin’s been a guest presenter each time. 
Read more about Robin's permaculture course offerings here...

Having Fun & Facilitating at the Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC)

Penguin, Tasmania, March 2015

What a surprise! The opening evening saw Robin and 13 others acknowledged and honoured as Elders of the Permaculture Community. It was explained that you had to be over 55, contributed substantially over many years to Permaculture and be present at the Convergence. Robin accepted the plaque with tears in her eyes and a joyous heart. 

Permaculture Edlers APC12Tassie
Robin & 14 others were honoured as 'elders' of the permaculture movement

Robin was one of four key note presenters at the APC. She presented directly after permaculture co-founder David Holmgren on the first day and led the 200 attendees in an interactive greeting, icebreaking, networking and theme building session entitled ‘Social Design and the Culturing of Permaculture.’

Read more about Robin's dynamic contribution at the APC..

International Permaculture Convergence (IPC11)

Check out this Youtube video of Robin's dynamic presentation in Cuba in December 2013. 

This session addressed the topic of climate action, using creative, interactive processes with 350 people who'd been sitting in rows watching powerpoint presentations for almost two days straight.

Coming Up

August & September courses in the UK

A big overseas adventure is in the wind in September 2015 with Robin heading to the UK for IPC12, the International Permaculture Conference and Convergence. Robin’s been accepted to present at the big public conference in London with her topic ‘Designing our Global Education Systems using Permaculture Principles’.

Robin will also be running and contributing to several other exciting events during her UK and Europe adventure including her Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning course.  An all-star cast of presenters are presenting a Social Permaculture course, including Starhawk, Looby Macnamara, Robina McCurdy, Peter Cow and Robin. 

These two courses are edge events of IPCUK and will combine with two other courses to make up the 2nd Planetary Permaculture Pilgrimage pioneered by Canada's Delvin Solkinson.

Links, dates and lots more info for how you and your friends can journey in the UK with Robin can be found here...

'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning'
15 - 20 November 2015
Crystal Waters. SEQ, Australia

Robin’s leading edge six-day training at Crystal Waters has become an annual event. This next course this coming November will be the last she personally organises until late 2016. 

Time to get empowered?  Keep reading about the November course here...


The Change Agency
Have a look at their wonderful resources for change agents. Their e-Newsletter is fantastic. Highly recommended.
I'd love your feedback about my e-newsletter. I trust it's been useful and inspiring for you.  I'd also love it if you felt to share it or recommend my upcoming courses.

Big gratitude to Erin Young for her support with this e-newsletter.

Thank You So Much, Robin

Coming Up with Robin in 2015 and Beyond!


JULY 2015

‘Bringing a Cookbook to Life’
Live Food Demo and presentation at 

Queensland Garden Expo 
Sunday 12th July 2015 
Nambour Showgrounds 
Also visit Robin's stall in the Kitchen Garden Area on 10th, 11th & 12th July

Permaculture Weekend and Open Day, Narara EcoVillage, NSW
Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July
Robin is the special guest, offering several workshops on Social Permaculture and Creative Facilitation; supported by Erin Young.
Program details + see event flyer below


'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning'
Course - Hampshire, UK

Saturday 22nd to Thursday 27th August 2015 
With Robin Clayfield and special guest facilitator Looby MacNamara
Details on Facebook event page + see event flyer below

Robina McCurdy’s Earth-Spirit Nature Connection Workshop 
Supported by Robin Clayfield 
27th to 30th August 
North Pembrokeshire, Wales 
More info here... + on event flyer below


You might also be interested in Robina McCurdy's Europe Summer 2015 workshops:
Sustainable Culture workshops UK, Portugal, France

UK Sustainable Living Workshops


UK Social Permaculture Course
with Starhawk, Robina McCurdy, Looby Macnamara, Peter Cow and Robin Clayfield
1 to 6 September 2015
Hampshire, England
Facebook event page... + see event flyer below

2015 Planetary Permaculture Pilgrimage
Robin is involved in this bundle of events, linking several leading edge UK courses that are endorsed 'edge' events for IPCUK.

Especially valuable for people wanting to upskill and learn from permaculture pioneers in a feast of training. Thanks to Delvin Solkinson and friends for initiating the pilgrimage and encouraging more people to make a priority and investment in the journey to learn & potentise leading edge life, social change and inspirational tools.

Details on event flyer below...


International Permaculture Conference and Convergence

London and Essex 2015
8th to 16th September 2015
with presentations and facilitation by Robin
More info here...

'The Joining' - Facilitating 
Ceremony with a great team + ‘Sitting in the Fire’ Workshop 

Robin Clayfield & Rob Clark
25th to 28th September 2015
Ewan Maddock Dam, Landsborough
South East Queensland


'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' Creative Facilitation, Teacher Training and Group Leadership Course
With Robin Clayfield
Supported by Erin Young
15 to 20 November 2015
Crystal Waters Eco-Village
South East Queensland
Facebook event page... + event flyer below


The Sacred Union Labyrinth
Very possibly at Woodford Folk Festival!
27th December to 1st January 
Ceremony and instillation by Robin and friends

FEB/OCT 2016

'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' Courses in Victoria in February
and WA in October. Stay tuned.

APRIL 2016

Crystal Waters EcoVillage
PDC - Permaculture Design Course

April 2016. Dates to be confirmed 
2 week residential course
with Max Lingeddar and Robin as a special guest. 
Facebook page here...

You may like to see or purchase the â€˜Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’  for $80 plus postage or the PDF version for $30

The â€˜Creative Community Governance and Decision Making Resource Kit’ is also a useful tool for facilitators and group leaders. Priced at $85 or at $125 for organisations (because that's what it's really worth). Robin also makes 'Group Agreement' Kits and 'Decision Making' Process cards.

Thanks for these testimonials!

Sharing the excitement of Robin's work that arrived by emails recently, shared here as unsolicited testimonials.
Feeling very honoured and happy doing what I do. Thanks Everyone, Robin
"I am so grateful and honored to have such a divine human as a mentor and inspirator. Your work has evolved and empowered countless people around the world and the legacy of your beautiful handprint will echo thousands of generations into the future." 
Delvin Solkinson, Canada

"We appreciate that students learn most successfully from a range of diverse sensory experiences and pay homage to the Dynamic Group Facilitation Work of Permaculture Pioneer Robin Clayfield."
Bunya Halasz - 'Growing Roots' PDC Course founder included this acknowledgement in recent course promotions.
"This is the best course on facilitating groups ever."
Julie French

"You, Robin Clayfield, are an investment in the future of the world."
Ed Walter
Click the magician for Robin's popular short video on the magic of Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning.
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