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April 22nd, 2013 
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Upcoming Events

4/26- 25th Anniversary Banquet @ Newcomb Ballroom 7 pm
4/28- VMA's 3-5 pm @ Newcomb Kaleidoscope, Volleyball Tournament (time TBA)
5/1- End of the Year Picnic
A message from the President

OYFA's New Interim Council Committee Chairs 
Congratulations to the new Interim Chairs for the next school year! 
Historic - Christine Chen
Public Relations (PR) - Katherine Jiang
ISIP - Jenny Hodge & Angeli Mendoza
OYFA 25th Anniversary Banquet
If you have not signed up, please come join us as we celebrate OYFA's 25th birthday with our Anniversary Banquet, this Friday April 26th 7-9PM @ Newcomb Ballroom!  We will be featuring performances from AVP, Step It Up, AKAdeMIX, and a speech from our founder, Cyn Romero! There will be an Italian buffet, and dress code is semiformal.
Ticket Prices: 
- $20 for current students; contact Doan Phan (tp5re), Justin Trinidad (jrt8mw), Kevin Padilla (kcp6em), or Christine Tran (ctt5mx) for tickets. 
- $60 for alumni, please contact Doan Phan (tp5re) for payment inquiries!
See you guys on Friday at the banquet and stay safe during Foxfields next Saturday!
Camille Lorenzana

Community and Scholarship


Have a cool talent? Showcase it at OYFA’s annual Video Music Awards!

Submit a short video of you dancing, singing, acting, and more! The maximum time is five minutes per video. The deadline to sign up  is April 26th at 11:59 PM. There will be a special grand prize for the 1st place winner and superlatives. Click here to sign up!

Classy Advice

Attention Third and Fourth years!!! Scholarship and Community need your help updating Classy Advice to get a range of majors. It will take only a couple minutes of your time! Fill it out here! Deadline to submit is April 26th at 11:59pm.

<3,  Schommunity


Kamusta OYFAmily!
Come out to our 3rd Membership Dinner tomorrow at 6pm in Newcomb:) 
Also, please fill out the superlatives nominations form by this Friday April 26th at 5pm 
Every paid member will be receiving a superlative at the End of the Year Picnic, so make sure to write one for everyone you know. It will help us out a lot! Thanks!


If you have any costumes (Pagapir skirts, fans, loin cloths...) from Barrio please give them to Kristine or Leangelo!
Much love,
Culture (Leangelo and Kristine)


Hey guys! Thank you so much for all those who came to our jam session on the lawn last week! We had tons of fun and hope you did too :)

Don’t forget to mark your calendars! The end of the year picnic will be May 1st starting at 11 AM at Booker T. Washington Park. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! Jokes, but definitely stop by if you can! There will be food and fun activities!


Social (Nicole & Danielle)


Kamusta OYFA!

Angeli and Jenny here as your new Initiative Studies in Pilipino Chairs aka ISIP! We promise to work hard to teach you more and more about the Philippines’ rich history and culture this coming year. If you have any questions about our plans or have any ideas as to what you would like to learn, please let us know (ame9vk and jnh5ak).

Maraming Mahal Kita!


P.S. If you also have any ideas on a cute nickname, let us know ;)


Wassahps, OYFAmilia!

We would like to give a huge shout out to all those who repped UVA and supported FACT @ VCU at their incredible culture show this weekend. We are so grateful to the amazing drivers that made this trip possible and all of those who came along too! Drivers, make sure you get your receipts to either me, Jor, or Justin Trinidaddy!!

If any of you are interested in watching, the following shows are coming up:

FASA @ ODU Presents Diwata & The Ibong Adarna â€“Saturday, April 27

Virginia Tech FASA's 25th Annual Culture Night: Pagsisikap Saturday, May 4

Contact either Jor (jvt2de) or me (jap8ew) if you would like to go to one or both shows!

Also feel free to send in video submissions for the D7 chant! You could potentially win us something tangible, or nonetheless bragging rights for being such a creative and awesome school lol. In the past it’s just been something like “D WHAT?” “D7!!!!”


Spreading that D7 love,

Jasmine Pineda & Jornel Torres


Hey there OYFA!

We just want to thank everybody who came to Relay For Life and to the volleyball tournament over the weekend. Both were really successful events!  We won the "Most Spirited CIO" at Relay and we got second place in the volleyball tournament! (Thanks to that OYFA Voodoo).
We know school's winding down and everybody has a lot of work to do, but for those of you who are looking to play some pickup basketball or football, look for any updates from us!
Thanks again!

Student Advisors


Guess who’s backkkkkkk. STUDENT ADVISORS! KYEAHHHHH. Anyways. You all know the drill. We will be having office hours Friday from 2-5. HOWEVER, we will be having them on the lawn this week. There will be some fried chicken as well (just pay $3 to Luc) because it’s Fri(e)day! We know what's good.

Anyways, as always just tell us what is ON YO MIND CAUSE WE WANNA KNOW. ya know? Real talk, school talk, OYFA talk, fried chicken talk, and you know...ALL DAT GOOD STUFF.


Michael (mdl3ba) & Doan (tp5re) - the Mickey-D’s

General Announcements

 Looking for a rewarding leadership position? 
Want to enrich your college experience by helping others fight poverty, hunger, and disease? 
Want to plan events that have substance and meaning to global issues?
 ONE@UVA is  now accepting applications for the 2013-2014 School Year! 
The open positions are:
- Membership/Outreach Chairs (2)
- Education and Advocacy (2)
- Treasurer 
- OCC Coordinator
Applications are due on Friday, April 26 at 5pm!
Interviews will be held the days following! 
If you have any questions whatsoever email:

The Medical School and undergrad chapter of Operation Smile invite you to come celebrate a CincFiesta with us a little early on Friday 4/26We’ve teamed up with the Nursing School and Law School to bring you a great event for an even better cause. 

When - Friday, April 26th 9:00pm- 2:00am (cup sales end at midnight) 

Where - Baja Bean

Details - Buy a cup for $5.00 (all money will be donated) and get some great drink specials: 

$2 Baja Gold Beers

$3 Margaritas

 **Baja Snacks will also be provided**

Why - For the KIDS! By coming out and putting a smile on your face, you're helping kids get the cleft lip and palate surgery they need to put a smile on their faces.

Do you have a cardiac arrhythmia (any type of heart rhythm abnormality) and are interested in helping out with a cool BME project? Contact Eric Lum ( for more details. You will be compensated for your time and your information will be kept completely confidential!

Introducing the Undergraduate Research Network's very first... 
“Hoos in Research” networking event!
at OpenGrounds (on the Corner across from the White Spot) 
on Wednesday, April 24, from 5-7PM!
Whether you are already doing research or looking for opportunities, 
this event will be a fantastic opportunity to network with fellow students!
Come listen to a talk given by Professor Sherman, the Associate Vice President of Research.  
Join in on a discussion about interdisciplinary research efforts, hear the story and advice of a Goldwater Scholarsocialize with peers, and enjoy a FREE dinner!  
Facebook event for more info:

Interested in working on a literary magazine, or gaining experience in areas like graphic design, writing, and financial advising? If so, apply to be an officer in Inkstone! We're a student-run literary magazine that publishes an issue every Spring containing submissions of artistic and literary works, as well as articles on various Asian-American related issues.
Applications are due Wednesday, May 1 at 11:59pm to
Visit for more information, or contact Tiffany Lee (tl7xm) / Michelle Li (ml5gr)

Trivia Challenge 
Be the first to answer back with at least one correct answer to be the next featured OYFAN! But wait! If you answer back with both answers by the end of this week (midnight on Sunday), you will be entered into the Week In OYFA Raffle for a chance to win a small gift at the next general meeting!
1. When I was a kid, I had a dream that I was a mummy and slept walk and hit a wall. Guess Hoo?
2. Name two typical mythical creatures from Filipino legends.

This week's Featured OYFAN is Leangelo Acuna!

Tell us about yourself! 
I'm a first year Pre-Med student majoring in Cognitive Science. In my spare time I enjoy perusing different social media outlets, such as Twitter, and following up on the latest shenanigans of my hero and role model, Kanye West.



How has OYFA made an impact on your college experience?
OYFA is like my second family and has been a great way for me to express myself and truly feel comfortable with my ratchet self

Answers to the previous trivia questions: 
1. Frank L. Hereford
2. Eclair Junchaya


Meet our Featured OOFAN, Dr. Cynthia Romero!
She is the founder of OYFA, come meet her at the Alumni Banquet this Friday!

What made you decide to start OYFA?
I started OYFA because I saw the opportunity for Filipino-American Cavaliers to come together and be a resource for each other. We could share each other's experiences, joys, challenges, hopes and dreams and help each other succeed, not just in school but in life.

What was your major? When did you graduate? I majored in Psychology and minored in Biology and Economics. I graduated in 1989.

What is your favorite OYFA memory? My favorite OYFA memory was seeing our original group exhibiting our Filipino-American heritage at CultureFest where we had a booth with Filipino foods and typical Filipino items and we performed Filipino folk dances displaying many Filipino costumes and traditional clothing.

If you could a first year OYFAN any advice, what would it be? Study hard, play hard, seek and take advantage of any experience you can be a part of (if you think about it, just do it), learn as much as you can, meet as many people as you can and pray in Thanksgiving for your family, your friends, your intelligence and your incredible privilege and opportunity to live, to grow and to succeed because of your experience at The University of Virginia.
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