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November 11th, 2013

A Message from Executive Board:
Emergency Relief Fundraising Campaign

Hello OYFAmily!

Thank you to those who have reached out to us regarding Typhoon Haiyan that passed through the Philippines. It is one of the most devastating typhoons that has ever come by the homeland, and we need your help! Exec Board right now is in the planning stages of an emergency fundraising campaign for the typhoon relief so we will let you know as soon as we are ready to release all the details to you all!

To respond to the time-sensitive needs of this disaster, we will be implementing Phase 1 of our campaign within the next few days. This will include a Class Penny Wars, which will be launched soon and will end at the Thanksgiving Potluck on Nov. 24th, so start collecting all of your change NOW! We will also be setting up a donations page on the OYFA website soon, so please help us spread the word! Phase 2 will involve a more long-term fundraising plan so we can contribute to the efforts of rebuilding Leyte, the hardest hit island in the Philippines. Be on the lookout for more information about both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our relief efforts! 

If your loved ones/relatives/family members/friends are affected by this typhoon, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or any of the council/board members if you need someone to console to or just need anything, we are here for you!  

Much love,
OYFA Board


Global Expo 
 THIS SATURDAYNovember 16 
11am-3pm @ Newcomb Ballroom. 
There will be performances and interactive booths from many Cultural CIOs!
**Oyfa will be performing at 12:15pmPeformers please be at Newcomb by 11:30am (meet by the OYFA booth)!
Upcoming practices (These dates/times are final and MANDATORY:
Monday, November 11 @ Mem Gym MP 2; Traditional @ 9:30pm 
Tuesday, November 12 @ Ohill Forum - Run through with ASU - Traditional and Modern be there by 5:30pm!
Wednesday, November 13 @ Mem Gym MP 2; Traditional @ 7pm, Modern @ 7:45pm
Thursday, November 14 @ Ern Commons; "Office Hours" for ALL dances 9pm-12am
Friday, November 15 @ Ohill Forum; 7:30pm - you get it right! (ALL DANCES) 
If you are unable to make ANY of these practices, you MUST contact one of us or you will NOT be able to perform.
Don't forget to mark which dance you are able to do --> Click Me!
Missed the meeting? Sign Up for Barrio Dances and Committees here!
Don't forget to come out to  Barrio Workshop  on Monday, Nov. 18th @ 7:30pm; Runk Green Room to find out more about Barrio!
Keep it classy,
Culture (Leangelo and Kristine)



Thank you to all those who came out to ASU Semiformal 2013: Midnight Masquerade! We hope you all had a lot of fun because we sure did!

As you all know, Go Global Expo is this Saturday, November 16th!

That calls for an After Party! Weeeeeee!

Who: YOU

What: Triple Threat: Global Expo Afterparty

Where: Szechuan Restaurant (2006 Holiday Drive)

When: Saturday, November 16th @ 11PM

Why: To celebrate a successful Go Global Expo with OYFA, CSA, and VSA


-Rides: there will be rides provided from Bonnycastle starting at 10:45PM

-Prices: Performers $1, Members (of any of the three organizations) $3, Non-members $5

-Theme: the theme is blackout, interpret that any way you see fit :)

Also, the annual OYFA Ski Trip is going to be on January 3-4, 2014. We want to gauge interest from everyone to see who would like to go. This is a really fun trip and a great time to bond with fellow OYFAns outside of the normal school year. So please fill out this form and let us know: Ski Trip Interest Form

<3 Social


Kamusta OYFAmily!
OYFA ASSASSINS is currently happening and will end on Sunday, Nov. 17th or until there is one left >:) 
REMINDER: if you have not killed at least one target by Monday 11:59pm, you will be automatically eliminated from the game!
If you score a kill, please email or text us (mar8af/aev9dp) or (703-508-5032 & 703-447-3443and be sure to tell your killer who your target was!
Also, our annual Thanksgiving Potluck will be held on November 24th, 7PM at Lambeth Commons! (Note the date change) Come and enjoy some delicious food prepared by each of the families! We'll be awarding the winner of assassins a prize at the potluck as well.
Lastly, our weekly membership lunch will take place tomorrowNovember 4th at Newcomb Dining hall at 6PM. See you all there!



Our playoff inner-tube water polo game will be tomorrow (Monday) at 9:00 pm at the AFC.  Playoffs is single elimination, so let's try to keep out season alive :)
Also, Hoo's tryna ball for China Ball? China Ball is a 5 v 5 fundraising basketball tourney between the APA orgs at UVA.  It will be held on November 23rd.  Sign up below if you are interested in playing! No experience is necessary (although it would be nice).
Stay classy,


Dearest OYFAmily,
This past weekend the Philippines was hit by a devastating typhoon, and was recorded as the deadliest in recent history with estimated death tolls are as high as 10,000. Additionally, this number may rise due to a lack of communication in the most heavily devastated areas.
The hardest hit was Leyte, a island in the Visayas region of the Philippines, where many of our own OYFAns have family members. Tacloban, its capital, was hit especially hard; being one of the most densely populated cities in the island.
One small thing you can do is like
TindogTacloban on facebook. 
Tindog means to arise, and we hope that with international support, and possibly your contribution, these people can slowly, but surely, rebuild their lives.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Angeli (ame9vk) or Jenny (jnh5ak).
Maraming Mahal,




As some of you may already know, due to some very unfortunate venue-related difficulties, FIND Dialogue 2013 has been canceled.  Jasmine and I sincerely apologize to all of those who expressed excitement about going to Dialogue this year, but as we mentioned during the meeting last week, there really is nothing that can be done to salvage the event at this point in time.  Please be aware of the fact that FIND Inc. did it's absolute best to try and put together Dialogue this year, and the cancellation of the event rests entirely upon Kean University and their peculiar event booking procedures. 
In other news....if you all have yet to pay for your D7 shirts, PLEASE contact myself or Jasmine (jvt2de/jap8ew) so that we can set up a time and place to meet up and collect your money.  Jasmine kindly fronted the cash for orders of those who haven't paid yet, so we would really appreciate if you could pay her back promptly.
Thanks, and have an exceptional week, everyone!


Holiday Sharing

It’s that time of year again! This year are participating in Madison House’s holiday sharing program. We are collecting donations to give to a family of 7. Please see this form for more information. Any donations will be much appreciated!

Thank you for your support!

Happy Thanksgiving :)


Student Advisors


Studious OYFAmily,

Not sure what classes to take next semester? 


Doan and Michael will be at Clark Library in the Mural (NAKED PEOPLE) Room on Wednesday 11/13 from 11 AM to 2 PM. As fourth years picking our classes for the last time (WAHH), we’ve got a good idea of what YOU should take! Easy A’s, interesting professors, E-school classes, our favorite classes at UVA, Other upperclassmen are invited to come and share your insight on classes! Come hang out with us :)

Also feel free to just text or message or email us if you can't come on Wednesday and would like class advice!


Michael Lapuz (mdl3ba, 571 527 9756) &

Doan Phan (tp5re, 757 215 6964)
a.k.a. The Mickey-D’s <3

General Announcements

GO GLOBAL EXPO: International Festival at UVA

Come sample international teas and desserts, watch riveting performances, and learn about the diversity found on Grounds!

Join the Asian Student Union, Global Student Council, Latino Student Alliance, Middle Eastern Leadership Council, Second and Third Year Class Councils along with over 30 cultural student organizations, academic and administrative departments at the first ever GO GLOBAL EXPO: International Festival at UVA held in conjunction with International Education Week. Check out all the events offered during the week at the IEW website: or FB page:




Friday, Novermber 15th, 5-8pm

TJ Church | 717 Rugby Road

Join the Vietnamese Student Association this Friday from 5 - 8 PM at TJ Memorial Church (171 Rugby Road) for our biannual PHOFEST! We'll be selling delicious, authentic Vietnamese cuisines including: pho, a delicious soup, spring rolls, and Vietnamese desserts and drinks. All proceeds will go to the charity, One Body Village. Rides will be given to and from the event starting at 4:45 PM from BonnyCastle Circle. Join the event event here! Want to learn more about Phofest?? Then check out the crash course here!!!

Inline image 1

Come out to Shea House Friday, November 22nd from 5-8pm for CSA's fundraising event Dollar Dim Sum! Each Dim Sum dish is homemade and will be only $1 each!  Free almond jelly for members.
CSA's 3rd Annual Charity Basketball tournament Chinaball will be on Saturday, November 23rd, 2 pm at Slaughter Gymnasium! Proceeds will benefit the charity Wild Aid:China. Contact your organization heads if your club does not already have a team! You should come support your team, play games and get raffles prizes.

Networking event 
Hosted by the Undergraduate Research Network
When: Tuesday, 11/11/13 from 5-7pm
WhereOpenGrounds (across from The White Spot on the Corner)
Who: This event is open to everyone!
  • Meet and talk to other students from diverse fields
  • Take part in a case study facilitated by John Quale, Prof. of Architecture
  • Hear Archie Holmes, Prof. of Electrical Engineering and Associate Provost, talk about research and the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUE) - Professor Holmes is a great resource!
  • Pizza and refreshments will be provided
Everyone is invited to come to this event and engage in the undergraduate research community at UVA!
See for more information

Trivia Challenge 

Be the first to answer back with at least one correct answer to be the next featured OYFAN! But wait! If you answer back with both answers by the end of this week (midnight on Sunday), you will be entered into the Week In OYFA Raffle for a chance to win a prize at the next general meeting if you attend! Remember, the raffle is renewed every month so keep participating!

1. What OYFA event is taking place this Thursday?

2. I'm a Third Year, Cognitive Science and Psych double major, and the choreographer for the Girl's Dance in Global Expo! Guess Hoo?

This week's Featured OYFAn is Jasmine Pineda!

Tell us a little about yourself! About little ole me? Hai, I'm Jasmine Pineda, and I'm a 2nd year, majoring in Spanish and following the pre-physician assistant track. I was born in Passaic, New Jersey, then raised in Chesapeake, VA. Dat 757 flow, what what. Hm, I love people, except for when I don't. Refraining from commenting on just about everything that happens ever is something that I'm not very good at(so basically, I never shut up). I have a shopping obsession, which is further exacerbated by my job at J.Crew. And I also have an obsession... with you.

Favorite GIF? 
lol, haters gon' hate, potatoes gon' potate
If you could rewind to an OYFA memory, what would it be and why? 
There are so many memories, I can't even... Okay, I choose Barrio last year, like all of it, all the practices leading up to it and especially the day of. I did so much in Barrio last year, all of first year modern, two traditional dances, and the skit. All of which I had never really done before. It was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but it wasn't scary or uncomfortable, because I had the support of my OYFAmily. Not only did Barrio deepen my relationships with my fellow OYFAns, but also my own relationship with the Filipino culture. I wasn't at all interested in culture or diversity before coming to UVA, yet Barrio Fiesta was the ultimate culmination of all the things I love about being a Filipino American. Spiel over, do Barrio.

Answers to the previous trivia questions: 
Pagkakasama: coming together
2. Glenn Getty

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