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September 1st, 2013
A message from the Recording Secretary

Hello Everyone!

OYFA Board, Council and I  would like to extend a warm welcome to those who are receiving the Week In OYFA Newsletter for the first time! This newsletter is a means of connecting all of us OYFAns together, as well as sharing news from other organizations in the UVA community. Not sure what's going on this week? Want to learn more about our upcoming events? The WIO is the place to go! So keep reading, and see all of the amazing things OYFA has in store for you.

Your Recording Secretary,
Christine Tran (T-Recs)    
OYFA Board with Cyn Romero, founder of OYFA 1988.


Hey OYFAmily!


It's your social chairs, Nicole and Danielle, and we have a lot of really fun and exciting things planned for you all!!


First off, we hope to see all of you at the first general meeting this Thursday at 6:30PM. Afterwards, we’ll head over for some noms at IHOP! Don't forget to bring your student ID for a discount :)  

Then, it's time to GET READY for the first party of the year OYFA presents: Mayhem on Friday, September 6th at Szechuan Restaurant from 11PM to 2AMIt is $3 for members and $5 for nonmembers ***Rides will be provided from Bonnycastle Circle starting at 10:45PM. Let’s kick the year off right ;)

Finally, come chill with everyone to catch up and recap the weekend at OYFA's Welcome Back BBQ on Sunday, September 8th from 2PM to 4PM at 1800 JPA!

Be sure to mark your calendars and hang with us! Feel free to contact us about anything. That’s all folks!

Social (Nicole - naw4hr & Danielle - dbe5pj)




Kamusta OYFAmily!
We're Andrea Valdez and Michael Ramada, your membership chairs! We're so excited to create some great families and bring you some awesome events this year. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members, and a welcome back to all returning members!
And now for some announcements...
POTENTIAL BIGS! Don't forget to fill out the Ate/Kuya form if you want a little this year! The First General Meeting is this Thursday at 6:30 PM, so get those submissions in!
We would also like to announce the return of Membership Dinners! These will take place everyMonday at 6PM, starting September 9th. Come join us at Newcomb Hall to chill, relax, and have a lovely dinner with your membership chairs and OYFAmily!



We are still looking for people to sign up for concessions!  Like many of you guys know, this is the primary way that we raise money for the He Cares foundation.  Right now we are looking for people for the Blake Shelton Concert, so please sign up for that here.

Also sign up for Lakas 5k volunteering!  Volunteering positions start at little things like flyering to helping on race day.  Lakas is one of our biggest events, so you do not want to miss out! Sign up here!

Remember that every event you sign up for contributes a point towards winning the OYFA Citizenship Award at the end of the year, which is something that you do not want to miss out on.  This year we are letting the Big/Little pair with the most points earned through volunteering at these events have a dinner on us at ANY restaurant of your choosing.  This is a great way to get a head start on the competition!!

Much love,

Community <3



Hey OYFA! 

Happy September and kudos to all for making it through the first week of classes! But now that it is September, we are only a few weeks away from D7 Olympics, the D7 Olympics after party, and the first D7 General Body meeting! All of these events are going to be held on September 28th right here in C'ville, so we hope to see you all there. In addition to all of the Olympics mayhem, Jasmine and I wanted to inform you all of the open PR & Historian D7 Board positions. Please let us know if you're at all interested in any of the positions.

Have a good week, OYFAm and come out to OYFA's First General Meeting this Thursday to find out more about all things FIND, D7, and OYFA!

Best, FIND (Jasmine Pineda & Jor Torres)


What's up OYFA! Our first intramural sport is co-rec flag football (which mean guys and girls).  If you know how, or have ever been interested in learning how to play football, come out!  We will be having weekly games at 7 pm Sundays.  We will also be holding Friday practices around 4.  Sign up below, and hope to see you soon! 



Kamusta, OYFA!

We are so excited for the new year and our new offerings in Filipino culture,history, language, and MORE.
We are Angeli Mendoza, a 4th year Biology major, and Jenny Hodge, a 4th year English major. As ISIP, our job is to introduce you all various aspects of the Philippines, as well as to create a Philippines-based syllabus and look for a professor to teach here at the University. 

Over the course of our WIOs, look out for facts and videos to get you interested in the Filipino culture. 
Feel free to contact us with any suggestions about what YOU want to learn.
Our Weekly fact:
August 27th  was National Heroes Day in the Philippines. To commemorate it, Filipinos and Non-Filipinos gathered in Rizal Park to protest Pork (the politics, not the meat).The 'Million People March' symbolized the unified fight against Pork Barrel politics and other forms of corruption. This demonstration was a big step in increasing public awareness and economic reform.

Below are some articles if you want to learn more


Hello OYFA! 
We want to give a BIG thank you to everyone who came to our fundraisers (SweetFrog and the Car Wash) these past two months. We raised alot of money and we couldn't have done it without your support!
As far as events, be on the look out for more information about CultureFest and Global Expo!  

Much Love,
Culture (Leangelo and Kristine)


Scholarship is looking forward to meeting all the new 1st years and general members this year! We can't wait to see how this year is going to turn out. Remember, talk to your Scholarship Chairs, Glenn Getty and Arnel Agas, if you need anything! We're your friends first, but we're also here to guide you with any academical concerns you have. 

Sexy Scholarship


This is your Webmaster, Matt Lapuz!  I'm excited to see all the returning members and also some fresh new faces this upcoming year.
If you aren't aware, OYFA's official website is; you can donate to OYFA's Excellence Scholarship, buy merchandise at the online store, see our tentative calendar of events, and more!
Also, if you have a Twitter account, follow us at @OYFAatUVA!  We'll be posting updates and advertising for our events, so please keep an eye out.

Public Relations

ALOHA OYFANS - new and old!
We're Katherine Jiang and Eclair Junchaya and we're so excited to be your Public Relations chairs for 2013-2014! 

OYFA's got a lot of amazing events lined up for you, so keep a look out for our flyers for both the First General Meeting and our Welcome Back Party, "Mayhem"! RSVP to both events on Facebook, and make sure to invite your friends! :)
There will also be a ~*`special`*~ promo video released later this week for the First General Meeting, and it would be AWESOME if you could help us share that with your friends!



Hi OYFA!  We're Christine and Marc! Yayyyyyy! Make sure to like the Historic Page! We'll be around taking many pictures of all the upcoming events. We hope to see you, so don't be afraid to come up to us & say hi! :) 
-Historic Chairs 

Student Advisors



The Student Advisors hope you enjoyed our ratchet performances at the Tom DeLuca hypnotist show on Friday! We don’t remember a ton and we refuse to watch those YouTube videos but everything we did on stage was out of love and for your entertainment ;)

We will also we holding our first office hours aka STUDENT ADVISOR SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME SING ALONG YEAH this Friday 9/6 from 1 PM to 3 PM in the Pav! Come eat lunch with us or ask our expert opinions on anything OYFA/UVA related or find out what it was like to be hypnotized hehehe.


Michael (mdl3ba) & Doan (tp5re) - the Mickey-D’s

General Announcements

Join the Asian Student Union (ASU) on September 2 at Ern Commons at 6:00 PM at its annual Fall General Meeting. Learn about the ASU and the Asian/Asian Pacific American (A/APA) community here at UVA that it represents. Meet and talk one-on-one with student leaders from various A/APA organizations as well as groups like Asian InterVarsity (AIV), Honor, and UGuides. 

There will be:

Event page:

AKAdeMiX, a hip hop crew, is starting their audition workshop tomorrow (Monday) in the O-Hill Forum at 9m! 
To see what AKAdeMix brings to the table checkout their youtube page.
To see details about the crew and auditions, here's the FB page event! Join the event if you're interested!

Trivia Challenge 
Be the first to answer back with at least one correct answer to be the next featured OYFAN! But wait! If you answer back with both answers by the end of this week (midnight on Sunday), you will be entered into the Week In OYFA Raffle for a chance to win a small gift at the next general meeting!

1. When I was 5, I crashed into a parked school bus while learning how to ride a bike. Guess Hoo?

2. When did the Philippines gain independence from Spain?

This week's Featured OYFAN is Andrea Valdez!

Tell us about yourself! 

1. Hola! My name is Andrea, one of your Membership chairs this year (shout out to my co-chair MIchael)! I'm a third year (omg getting older ahh), double majoring in Biology/Psychology, and I'm pre-med (the struggle is real lol). I have a weakness for babies and someday I want to be either a pediatrician or an OB/GYN. I'm half Bolivian half Peruvian but I swear I have an inner Asian in me somewhere down the line (I ACTUALLY DO OKAY. LOL). I'm kind of obsessed with music, mostly all kinds. I love to dance for fun, you've probably seen me rave about a dance/exercise class in NOVA called Kazaxe (omg google/youtube it right now) which is basically zumba on crack hahaha. I don't watch much TV, instead I watch YouTubers. My guilty pleasure when on school breaks are Korean dramas. Fun fact: I'm in an AJ Rafael music video, weeeeee! I will meet him someday. I have a miniature schnauzer named Chiquito, but we call him the Beast. I want to skydive in the near future, living on the edgeeee. Come be my friend :)
Favorite GIF?
One of my favorite GIFs that describes the way I like to live:
If you could rewind back to an OYFA moment, what would it be?
If I could rewind back to an OYFA moment, I would rewind to the Little-Big sib week and culturefest era when I was beginning to find my home in OYFA. I have so many precious and treasured memories of that time in my life, like riding in my Big's car on the way to an event or our first practice (LUC PHAM YOU DA BEST), learning choreography, bonding with other members, and just learning to really step out of my comfort zone and let loose. I can actually be really shy but OYFA was a key element in challenging me to take it to the next level and I'm so grateful for that. My interaction with each and every one of you has helped mold me into who I am today, gracias familia <3

Answers to the previous trivia questions: 
1. Arroz Caldo
2. Danielle Evangelista

Andrea's photo credits to Yanping Chimie Soong!

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