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April 28th, 2013 
Upcoming Events
5/1- End of the Year Picnic, 11 am @ Booker T. Washington Park




Be sure to come out to the

End of the Year Picnic on May 1st

11AM at Booker T. Washington Park!

Celebrate the end of the year and take a break from studying for finals by hanging out with your OYFAmily. There will be food, fun, football, and SUPERLATIVES!

Bigs, talk to your littles to see if they need rides! If you can’t find a ride, the Inner Loop/Outer Loop stops right across the street from the park. Call us if you need help getting there!

(Danielle: 757-576-2302 & Nicole: 571-205-0388)

The rain site is TBA, but be on the lookout for that via email and Facebook.


Daddy’s Gurlz - yesss you Trinidaddy ;) (Nicole & Danielle)

P.s. First years wear white, it’s tradition. kthaaaaaaaanx

Kamusta OYFA!
Our last membership dinner of the year will be at NEWCOMB at 6:30 PM tomorrow 4/29! We'll be there until EMPSU drawings at 7:45 PM, so come and join us!
Be sure to come out to OYFA's End of the Year Picnic this Wednesday, 5/1! Come for great food, tackle football, and good times with your fellow OYFAns! We'll be giving out superlatives to all of our paid members, so you don't want to miss it! See you all there!
Community and Scholarship

Hey OYFAmily!


First, we would like to thank you all for coming to the VMAs and making it successful.  We raised over $200 from raffles and refreshment sales!

Please fill out Classy Advice if you have not already!  We are trying to get that launched before the end of this school year, so please help us spread the word to current third and fourth years.  It can be filled out here.

We can’t wait to see you all at our next event :)


Whaddup OYFA!

Please return any and all Barrio costumes if you still have any, in particular Pagapir skirts, fans, or Igorot loin cloths! Give them to Kristine or Leangelo ASAP!

Culture (Kristine & Leangelo)

P.S. We are currently taking suggestions for a clever/awesome/crazy nickname for us as co-chairs! LOL



Magandang Umaga OYFA!

This summer the Richmond Filipino Festival will be in full swing on August 9-10! If you are interested in learning a little more about Filipino culture please let us know (ame9vk and jnh5ak). There will be food, music, and wonderful performances!

Maraming Mahal Kita!




As culture show season comes to a close, Jasmine and I would like to thank all of you for your enthusiasm for the culture shows of our D7 family schools. That being said, the last of the culture shows, VTFASA's culture night, will be this Saturday, May 4th at Virginia Tech. If your final exam schedule permits, we hope that you'll consider coming along to show VTFASA some OYFAm lovin'.  If you are interested
, contact me (jvt2de) or Jasmine (jap8ew) for more information!


Lastly, D7 Board Elections will be held on Saturday, June 8th at ODU.  If you're interested in running for a board position, please let Jasmine or I know so that we may hook you up with all of the necessary information.  As one of the larger D7 member school organizations, it is important for us to get our voice heard, and having OYFAns on D7 executive board is the best one to make that happen.  


Check out the DVII positions here!


Stay cute, and good luck with finals, OYFAm!






What's up OYFA!

We encourage everybody to attend the end of the year picnic on May 1st, Wednesday! There will be a tackle football game between the upperclassmen and the lowerclassmen. Get excited and come to the final event of the year!
Your Sports chairs,
Kris Vocal and Richard Lay

Student Advisors

We got some bizz to square away. 
ONE: No more office hours ‘cause of exams and stuff. We be busy. BUT we’re available by appointment so hit us up if you’re in a bind and REALLY need us!!
TWO: We gonna help you get some study rooms going. Michael is already up on his A game and is getting some rooms for all you bad babies. Let us know what classes/subjects you want a study room for (ex. I know a bunch of y’allz is in ECON 2020, or BIO 3020 or MEDIEVAL STUDIES :D) so we can group you guys in the same place. So you can focus and NOT derp around. Because you know by now what usually happens when you put a bunch of OYFAns in the same place to "study"? That’s right. Nothing. TIME TO BUCKLE DOWN, KIDS.
Michael (mdl3ba) & Doan (tp5re) - the Mickey-D's

General Announcements

VSA Last General Meeting
Tuesday, April 30th @7:00pm
Clark 108
Come out to find out what superlatives you won, as well as come see the pie'ing from the PR Competition!
P.S. Service has a fun event planned! Bring spare change and dollar bills to buy pieces of duct tape (about 1 yard each) to DUCT TAPE LAM TO THE WALL for charity! 
- Each piece of duct tape will be $0.50 
(What a steal!)
- Let's see how many pieces of tape we'll need to have her stick to the wall without touching the floor!

Do you have a cardiac arrhythmia (any type of heart rhythm abnormality) and are interested in helping out with a cool BME project? Contact Eric Lum ( for more details. You will be compensated for your time and your information will be kept completely confidential!

New Research Program for Undergraduates in 2013-2014
Would you like to work with U.Va.’s world-class faculty and earn money too?  
Your wish may be within reach! 

Motivated undergraduate students will have the opportunity to participate in a faculty member's research activities and earn wages throughout the academic year. 

You will also learn how scholarly projects are created, how research is conducted, and how findings are presented to the larger academic community.




Information Session: Tuesday, April 30th, 4:30 p.m., Newcomb Hall Room 177
Ice Cream and Sorbet will be served!

Interested in working on a literary magazine, or gaining experience in areas like graphic design, writing, and financial advising? If so, apply to be an officer in Inkstone! We're a student-run literary magazine that publishes an issue every Spring containing submissions of artistic and literary works, as well as articles on various Asian-American related issues.
Applications are due Wednesday, May 1 at 11:59pm to
Visit for more information, or contact Tiffany Lee (tl7xm) / Michelle Li (ml5gr)

Trivia Challenge 
Be the first to answer back with at least one correct answer to be the next featured OYFAN! But wait! If you answer back with both answers by the end of this week (midnight on Sunday), you will be entered into the Week In OYFA Raffle for a chance to win a small gift at the next general meeting!

1. I've played a high school basketball game at the Verizon Center in DC. Guess Hoo?

2. In the Rotunda Fire of 1895, which professor tried to dynamite the bridge between the Annex and the Rotunda to save the fire from spreading?

This week's Featured OYFAN is Nico Braun!

Tell us about yourself! 
My name is Nico and today is my 21st birthday so maligayang bati to me (and Angeli). I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is my favorite place on Earth. I am majoring in Computer Science and have completed my minor in Business Spanish. I literally spend about 50% of my days watching, playing, or reading about soccer. Other things I love to do are listening to music, chilling on the beach, read (haven't done much reading lately. Any book suggestions?), and …. chopping coconuts (according to Luc).

What does a typical day for you look like?
Despite having 130120434 alarms in the morning, I always end up waking up too late for breakfast. But I manage to fit in a shower and walk to class and make it there usually 5 minutes early or just about when it starts. Barring any dreadful night labs, I usually go chill in the Mac with my fellow OYFAns, where I put off work and look for some new soccer blog to give me my fix. Worst part about this soccer addiction is that I'm not even good. I need a new hobby. Anyone want to share a hobby with me? I tend to get home at about 11pm, at which point I realize how much work I put off and start getting on it. Then I go to bed at around 1-2.

What do you love about OYFA?
As corny and overused as this is, OYFA is like a second family to me. I love the family atmosphere (especially Lubi Lubis!). I really regret not having joined OYFA sooner. This org is so many things: fun, diverse, talented, full of intelligent and driven people. I love how much range the org has. You guys can be as classy or as ratchet (Vicky) as the situation calls for, and that makes for some fun times! I just love how it's such a good support system, especially when you have a lineage as awesome as mine (Pham lineage woot woot). Congrats to everyone on CIO of the year!

Answers to the previous trivia questions: 
1. The Aswang, Bungisngis, Engkanto, and many more!
2. Eclair Junchaya (Same from previous WIO)


Good luck with finals everyone! Always remember your OYFAmily is here for you.
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