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September 15th, 2013
A message from the Treasurer!
Treasuredaddy here reminding everyone to pay their $10 dues. Dues will get you discounts for parties ($3 only!), into the Thanksgiving potluck, and they'll ensure that we can fund our many activities such as IM sports, social events, and so much more! I will be available to collect dues throughout Family week. 
Also, I am doing a buy one get one free sale of OYFA merchandise for Big/Lil Week. Message/email me if you'd like anything. The items below are for sale, and you can mix and match (I'll just take the higher price for the deal).
- Cups: $2
- Stickers: $2
- Hoodies: $25
- Black shirt (Medium and XL only) and purple shirt: $10
- Red "Suns out Guns out" tank tops: $10


Kamusta OYFAmily!
Families have now been sorted and littles have been paired with an Ate or Kuya! Bigs will be revealing this upcoming week, GET EXCITED!
If you're new to OYFA and are interested in being a little, fill out this 
 LITTLE FORMWe'll find you a big :)
Everyone get excited for Little-Big Sib Week! It's coming up soon! Here is a sneak peak: 
Saturday, September 21nd - Field Day @ Nameless Field 11AM 
Sunday, September 22rd - First Global Expo Practice @ AFC MP 4 1:15-2:45PM Sweet Frog after! 
Monday, September 23th - Beta Bridge Painting @ 7PM - Meet at the Chapel!
Tuesday, September 24th - Wings Night @ Wild Wings Cafe 7PM - meet at the Ohill parking lot!
Wednesday, September 25th - Amazing Race @ ERN Commons 7-8:30PM 
Thursday, September 26th - OHill Dinner @ 5PM
Friday, September 27th - Family Dinner @ your family head's apartments!
Saturday, September 28th - D7 Olympics @ Nameless Field - Registration 12PM 
ALSO, our weekly Membership Dinner  will be held this Monday, September 16th, at 6:00PM at Newcomb Dining Hall. Meet us outside the dining hall! Membership Dinners are an informal way to get to know other members of the organization and talk about anything you like! 
If you have trouble finding us, our numbers are:
Michael (703-508-5032)
Andrea (703-447-3443)
Hope to see you there!


Kamusta OYFA!
On November 16, OYFA will be a part of Global Expo, an event that will feature various cultural organizations around Grounds. We will be participating by performing traditional and modern dances!  
If you are a new member or have never participated in the previous "Culturefest," sign up here and come to the FIRST Global Expo practice! It will be on Sunday, September 22nd from 1pm-2:45pm at the AFC MP4
*Bigs please encourage your Littles to come, Littles encourage your Bigs to support!*
UPC's Culturefest is on Saturday, September 28th. We will be participating by performing one traditonal dance, Sakuting. SAKUTING DANCERS, be on the look out for an email from Edric.
Much love,
Culture (Leangelo and Kristine)


Lakas is Strength 5K

GET HYPE for our first ever GLOW 5K!!!!!!!!!!! Come out to support the HeCares Foundation, and Relay for Life on October 18th! We need volunteers! Please sign up on this form. We can’t do it without you :)


Spots are filling up quick for the Taylor Swift and the Blake Shelton concerts! Sign up for concessions here. You don’t want to miss it!

Classy Advice

FIRST AND SECOND YEARS!! Check out our classy advice page! Find out about classes, majors, and much more!

<3, Community


Happy Sunday, OYFA!


D7 Olympics, the D7 Olympics after party,  and the first D7 General Body meeting are all just  two weeks away!  Get hype, OYFAm!  Please remember to change your cover photos to the D7 Olympics flyer and PR the event as much as possible!  Also, please don't forget to sign up on the forms below to play games, and, if possible, house some of our D7 brethren on Saturdaynight.  Jasmine and I have been informed that there will likely be quite a few people wishing to spend the night and celebrate with us on Saturday, so we can use all of the help that we can get!  


Oh, and just more thing...don't worry about packing a lunch or having to head out during the break to grab lunch on Saturday, because thanks to our Co-Sec, Allan Bagsic, the Got Dumplings cart will be on site!


Sign up to play GAMES here!


Sign up to HOUSE FOLKS here!


Jor (jvt2de) & Jasmine (jap9ew)


What's up OYFA! Thanks again to everyone who came out to our IM football practice and game this week! Everybody did an amazing job and we'll have another game next Sunday at 7:00 pm. Practice will once again be around 4:00 pm on Friday and if you would like to learn how to play football, or are interested in playing, sign up below! We've had a good showing, and would definitely like to see more of you guys come out to play. Hope to see you there!

 IM Football


Filipino Fireworks
In recent news, the team Dragon Fireworks represented the Philippines for the 2013 Pyronale Firework World Championships... and WON

The following set included classical and contemporary instrumentals and modern and traditional Filipino music. 

Shine Bright OYFA!


Student Advisors




Hope your week has been spectacular! We’re hearing rumors that bigs are contacting their littles already? But is it really your big? Hmmmm. Also, shameless self-advertisement, it will be Doan’s 21st birthday on Tuesday!


Anyways, we will be having STUDENT ADVISOR SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME SING ALONG YEAH this Friday 9/20 from 1 PM to 3 PM in the Pav! If you want to tell us all about your awesome new bigs, why organic chemistry is so difficult, if that cute guy/girl that sits in the back of class will ever love you back, or to wish Doan a belated birthday, GET YOUR BUTT TO THESE ADVISOR HOURS. You don’t have to come for advice; you can just come to chill as well :)



Michael (mdl3ba) & Doan (tp5re) - the Mickey-D’s

General Announcements


CAELC/ VISAS: Volunteers with International Students and Scholars

Enjoy flexible opportunities on Grounds: as little as 1 hour per week, 4 times throughout the semester, or as much as you want! With VISAS, you can make new friends from all over the world and gain valuable experience in cross-cultural communication and teaching ESL. No experience necessary- just enthusiasm! Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until midnight Monday, September 16th, 2013Apply On-Line Here. For more information visit our website at Or contact us at 

(UVa’s Center for American English Language and Culture)

Hosted by the Undergraduate Research Network (URN) 
and Student Council:
The week of September 30th is 
Research & Scholarship (R&S) Week!
R&S Week is for students of all majors and interests who want to know more about undergraduate research. Check out the awesome events below!
Mon, 9/30First Year Social: Pizza with Professors
Tues, 10/1Research Panel
Wed, 10/2How to Get Involved in Research
Thurs, 10/3Scholarships Panel
(Times and locations TBA - check and for more info) 

Sign up for Women’s Asian American Leadership Initiative(WAALI)!
This program is for 2nd and 3rd year AAPA women and is sponsored by Office of the Dean of Students.
Applications are now live and will be due Tuesday September 17th!
Click here  for more information and for application. Email for more information!

Please fill the application here out thoroughly and submit it by Monday 9/16 at 11:59PM if you are interested in joining one of the committees. 
* Mandatory General Body meetings for Committee Members will be held bi-weekly on Sundays from 4-5 PM in Newcomb Commonwealth room. The first meeting for new & old Committee members will be Sunday September 21st.

First General Meeting! 
Join us for FREE ICE CREAM 
this Tuesday, Sept. 17th, 7pm at Clark 108!
Meet the new Exec Board, Learn about our first campaign on energy poverty in Africa, 
get FREE GEAR like bracelets and stickers, and FREE ICE CREAM!
Hi I'm Leangelo! :)
Trivia Challenge 
Be the first to answer back with at least one correct answer to be the next featured OYFAN! But wait! If you answer back with both answers by the end of this week (midnight on Sunday), you will be entered into the Week In OYFA Raffle for a chance to win a small gift at the next general meeting!

1. I tore my pants at my first Culturefest afterparty Guess Hoo? (This person is in OYFA!)

2. When does OYFA award the OYFA Excellence Scholarship to a First Year?

This week's Featured OYFAn is Leangelo Acuna!

Tell us a little about yourself!
My name's Leangelo Acuna and I'm one of your Culture Chairs for this year! I'm a second year and I'm an Environmental Science major on the pre-med track. I am from Newport News (Shout out the 757 doeeee haha) so I may act a tad ratchet from time to time LOL. Funny thing about me is that most people can't guess that I'm Filipino on the first try. I've gotten: Mexican, Hawaiian, Samoan, Black, and so on. I like mostly hip-hop and R&B music, but Paramore is my only exception (Ahaaa see what I did there?). Let's see, favorite color's blue, I'm a night person (The evil), still about that Zelda and Pokemon life, and you can probably find me most afternoons ptfo in a booth in the MAC. Just hmu if you wanna hang out, I'm excited to get to know more people this year!

Favorite GIF?
Currently, this is my favorite just because I LOVE listening to stories and you know it's gonna be a good one when it starts off really crazy or random right off the bat!
If you could rewind back to an OYFA moment, what would it be?
I would most definitely rewind back to the weekend of Culturefest last year just because there were so many memories/inside jokes that were a result of that weekend, especially Padre Nuestro, which has yet to fail when absolutely needed, which has led me to think Jesus might actually be Jesús.

Answers to the previous trivia questions: 
1. Michael Lapuz
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Community, PR, Scholarship, Webmaster


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