Milestone 2 million downloads, new publishers

OAPEN Milestone: two million downloads

We are happy to announce that, earlier this month, we have reached the milestone of two million book downloads from the OAPEN Library. This is the number of downloads since we started measuring through a COUNTER compliant method with support of IRUS-UK in August 2013.
We would like to thank all publishers and research funders for their essential contributions and all libraries, aggregators, and readers for making use of our platform.

New publishers: Ubiquity Press and Language Science Press

We are pleased to welcome two new OAPEN publishers:

Ubiquity Press

Ubiquity Press is an Open Access publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals, books and data. Operating a highly cost-efficient model, Ubiquity Press makes quality Open Access publishing affordable for everyone. Ubiquity Press also makes its platform available to publishing partners who make use of their infrastructure and services to publish in OA. Check out Ubiquity’s books in OAPEN here.
One of the partners of Ubiquity Press, Stockholm University Press, is already included in the OAPEN collection. We are looking forward to welcoming new titles from the growing list of partner presses.
Tom Mowlam, Director of Operations at Ubiquity Press said: “We are delighted that books published with Ubiquity Press are now included in OAPEN Library, raising their visibility, usage, and impact. In addition, the onward distribution from OAPEN to indexes like DOAB and OCLC reduces our administration overhead, and helps keep our Book Processing Charges low.”

Language Science Press

Another dedicated Open Access publisher, Language Science Press also has its first books hosted in the OAPEN Library. Language Science Press publishes high quality peer-reviewed Open Access books in linguistics. All publications are free for both authors and readers. Its philosophy is “that book publishing can be fully under the control of scholars because most of the traditional tasks of commercial publishers can be done more efficiently by scholars, at little or no cost due to the modern technology that is routinely available at universities.” Language Science Press is supported by a distinguished Advisory Board and set up with the help of DFG, the largest independent research funding organisation in Germany.
Sebastian Nordhoff, Language Science Press: “We are happy that OAPEN helps us in making our content more widely known, and therefore more widely accessible. Even the best open book doesn’t help the scholar who doesn’t know it exists.”

New OAPEN feature: CoreSource metadata delivery

OAPEN has introduced a new feature for its publishers. It is now possible to deliver files and metadata for upload in our Library through CoreSource. CoreSource is a digital asset management and distribution service by Ingram. E-content and metadata are stored on their platform and publishers can use CoreSource to distribute files to business partners. Please contact our technical coordinator Ronald Snijder ( if you are a publisher and would like to know more.

OAPEN’s books and metadata now indexed and enriched by Isidore

Isidore is a search platform for the Social Sciences and Humanities developed by French research infrastructure Huma-Num. This January, Isidore started to enrich and index all books and metadata from OAPEN. Isidore currently offers over three million digital resources in three different languages: French, English and Spanish.
Stéphane Pouyllau, Project Director Isidore: “This is a major step for Isidore"
Click this link to have a look at the search results containing ‘OAPEN’ in Isidore.

Library usage

OAPEN offers various options for libraries and aggregators to harvest our metadata. The diagram below shows that most users keep up with new titles through our RSS feed:

Another usage analysis of the OAPEN Library in 2014 shows that our metadata feeds are downloaded up to the considerable number of 7000 times each month, as can be learned from the diagram below:




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