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“Committed to ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation by raising awareness through the media and grassroots mobilization, education, advocacy and policy.”

Dear Warriors:  

Mental Health

The definition of mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Together for Mental Health 


Mental Health Awareness began in 1949 by Mental Health America. We now understand so much more, have access to research and education, are aware of indicators, openly discuss and have many resources available for children. The theme for 2022  Mental Health Month is "Back to Basics." The goal is to provide foundational knowledge about mental health and mental health conditions and information about what people can do if their mental health is a cause for concern. Sound the alarm. The mental health of our children is now an American crisis. It was declining before Covid but now we know how much more our children have suffered in the past two plus years. 


Let’s Discuss. Take Action. Learn More. 



We address cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses and don’t wait years to treat them. We begin with prevention. People in the first stage of those diseases, and have a persistent cough, high blood pressure or high blood sugar or any strange ailments, we try immediately to reverse these symptoms. This is what we should be doing when children or adults begin displaying serious mental illnesses, too. When they first begin to experience symptoms such as loss of sleep, feeling tired for no reason, feeling low, feeling anxious, or hearing voices, we should act immediately. These early symptoms might not ever become serious. Like a cough, they often go away on their own, and are nothing to fear. But when they do not go away, it typically takes ten years from the time they first appear until someone gets a correct diagnosis and proper treatment. Why do we wait? What are we so afraid of? Resources are available. It is 2022. The time is now. 


 Children and Mental Health 

Last October, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Children’s Hospital Association joined to declare “a national emergency” in youth mental health. Mental health conditions are very common. Research shows that 1 in 6 youth/adolescents will experience a mental health condition in any given time. Additionally, 50% of all lifetime mental health conditions begin before the age of 14 and 75% start before the age of 24. However, identifying warning signs or symptoms and seeking treatment early can make a difference in reducing the impact of a mental health condition. To be able to provide the best possible care for your children’s mental health, it is helpful to be aware of what to look for, when to worry and how to respond

Here is some critical and crucial information from NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Health). NAMI is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives by raising awareness, advocating for resources and support and access to quality care. 

Take Action. Be Prepared.
Disruptions in Daily Interactions and Relationships.


Everyone experiences a bad day or behavior from time to time, but when your child seems to be having difficulty with routine daily tasks, it’s important to take notice. This can look like difficulty participating in regular social activities (with family, friends, adults), academics, play or any activities. Is your child or teen spending most of their time on digital devices? It can also look like a personality change. For example, if your child is typically socially interactive, but begins to withdraw and has no interest in others, this could be an indicator of an underlying mental health issue. If you notice these type changes, begin to seek more knowledge and professional help.                        



Protect CHILDREN. We must do this. We are Warriors

Take Action. Talk to your pediatrician. Many pediatric practices have behavioral practitioners that work within their group or have clinicians they typically refer to. It is typically easier to get an appointment with a mental health specialist if another health care professional refers you, such as your pediatrician.

Take Action. Call local behavioral health hospitals or community mental health centers in your area to see if they have any openings for appointments and get on their waiting lists if they have them.

Take Action. Talk to a friend or relative with similar experience. Sometimes, if a friend or family member has their child under professional care, they might have suggestions about how to get an appointment in the clinic they use.

Take Action. April 2022. Offer healthy ways to manage emotions. Children who are emotionally struggling are at risk of turning to self-harm to redirect the pain they feel. To prevent that, encourage practices known to help our psychological well-being, such as exercise, meditation and journaling.

Take Action. If your child is experiencing an acute situation. and you are concerned about their safety or the safety of others, go to your local emergency room. There, you will get an immediate medical evaluation and suggestions for options to access mental health treatment. Many places will make referrals for you. In some situations, the recommendation may be made for a hospitalization. This might be inpatient or acute residential care setting, frequently followed by a day program, arranged by the hospital or through an outpatient referral made by the hospital. Behavioral health hospital units or residential treatment programs are required to provide referrals for continued care upon discharge.


Recommended Reading about Children’s Mental Health:

April 23. It’s Life or Death’: The Mental Health Crisis Among U.S. Teens by Matt Richtel
April 1. Kids Mental Health Is Getting Worse. But That Predated the Pandemic by Aaron Blake
January 8. 5 Ways Social Media Affects Kids' Mental Health (And How Parents Can Help!) by L. Elizabeth Forry. 
December 7.  (2021) Protecting Youth Mental Health by U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy.  

Community Creates Change


Sound the Alarm. May 2-8. UNPLUG. Screen FREE Week. Fairplay hosts Screen-Free Week 2022 and they couldn't be more excited to share it with you! Now is the time to take the pledge. Commit to more play, fewer hours online and deeper connection in ways that make sense for you, whether it's unplugging for the whole week, just logging out of social media or keeping dinners screen-free. How you celebrate is up to you! Learn more.

Parental Advisory. April 29. Porn-Proof your Kids? Sounds drastic. A must in 2022. Learn how. Listen to my discussion with Kristen Jenson, Founder of Defend Young Minds. Communication and safety tips for you and your children, a must-have is Kristen’s read aloud books Good Pictures Bad Pictures, additional resources and the Brain Defense digital safety curriculum. 
Just Announced. May 2022Mental Health First Aid from the National Council for Mental Well-Being. If you, your child or someone you know is experiencing a mental health or substance use problem, there are several resources available to find out more information or get connected with help. Check out these mental health resources.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or dial 911 in case of emergency.
In the News. April 27. Forbes. How TikTok Live Became ‘A Strip Club Filled With 15-Year-Olds’ Livestreams are becoming very popular among teens. Know what’s happening online. The predators do. Talk with your kids.
Good NewsApril 29.  Sexual Assault: Push to expand NY’s statute of limitations. The Adult Survivor Act got a unanimous 63 votes from the state Senate. The proposed bill would create a one year “lookback window” to allow victims of sexual assault, 18 years or older, to file a lawsuit against their offender. 
Justice. April 29. Is Your Child A Victim of “Lizzy?” California Man Arrested Allegedly Posed as Girl Online to Lure More Than 80 Minors Into Recording Sex Acts. CHECK your children’s devices immediately. If you find anything, call 911 immediately. Parents are being urged to check their children’s digital devices for any possible communication with a girl named “Lizzy,” who investigators said is really a man luring children to engage in child pornography. The suspect lives in California, but evidence shows he reached out to kids in Houston, other parts of Texas and the entire country.

Media Microscope. April 27. Consent or Coercion? Media and Messages About the Sex Trade. This conversation hosted by World Without Exploitation Youth highlighted how Hollywood, social media and society have supported and glorified the sex trade. From the movie Pretty Woman to social media platforms like TikTok promoting OnlyFans, the sex trade is portrayed as a lucrative and empowering industry. The reality is much different. 
Warrior Reality CheckMay. Our good friend and ally Tammy Toney-Butler brings us a very personal video about the vital legislation EARN IT ACT. We need all of you. We cannot do this alone. Please watch and take action. Tammy shares her very personal story of abuse in order to raise awareness about crimes against our children and what needs to be done. Tammy is a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, survivor leader and founder and president of A&K Ranch Ministries and Reflective Spaces MinistryPlease support Tammy by supporting the #EARNITAct
Warrior Spotlight. May 2022Special Announcement from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The Lifeline and 988 has been designated as the new three-digit dialing code that will route callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. While some areas may be currently able to connect to the Lifeline by dialing 988, this dialing code will be available to everyone across the United States starting on July 16, 2022.
Warrior Thanks. April 27. Thank you France! Porn sites threatened with suspension. America must follow suit now!France will soon also order MindGeek’s YouPorn and Redtube to be shut down in the country for breaking France’s child protection law requiring age verification for porn sites. #ShutItDown

Mark Your Calendars. May 12.
 LifeWay Network “Event Towards New Life 2022” will take place live at the beautiful University Club in New York City. The Mission of LifeWay Network is “Ending Human Trafficking. Reclaiming Life.” Education for the public and safe housing for survivors is the basis for creating change. I am honored to be speaking at the event. Please join us for this celebration. Support SurvivorsListen to Survivors#BeAWarrior

 The Last CallMay 3. Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (CSVANW) Virtual Zoom. Q&A Session regarding upcoming Advancing Advocacy Training in Tribal Communities (May 24-26, 2022) to answer your frequently asked questions regarding the training, travel scholarship, and the 40-hour certification process. Register here for FREE.
  Have You Seen This Child?


Today and every day. Have a Warriors action plan in place. Stay connected with family and friends. Even if they seem okay. Keep handy these helpful phone numbers and websites of organizations available 24/7 365 days a year that offer free and confidential help. 

Call 911 if imminent danger.

1.800.843.5678 CyberTipLine (reporting system for online exploitation of kids).
1.888.373.7888 National Human Trafficking Hotline.
1.800.656.4673 National Sexual Assault Hotline.
1.800.273.8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
1.800.799.7233 Domestic Violence Hotline.
1.866-331-9474 National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline.
1.800.786.2929 Runaway Hotline
Community Creates Change
Take ActionWarrior Workshops are essential, critical and now available to you and your community. Here we come, NY, CT, NJ and the entire United States! Stay tuned. Lynn’s Warriors focuses on and offers education and training about human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The emphasis and challenges are for everyone to become a Warrior in their own homes and communities. Lynn’s Warriors educates children, teens, parents, teachers, trusted adults, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, community leaders and businesses and places of worship about the escalating impact of the Internet and protection from predators lurking online and in real time. Lynn’s Warriors emphasizes that communication is key and supplies the tools and resources to accomplish this. Please learn more.
Lynn’s Warriors is at the forefront of raising awareness and mobilizing and coordinating community, state and national advocates, elected officials, representatives and leaders to work in a comprehensive and integrated approach to best address the issues and work at ending the demand that confronts our most vulnerable and precious citizens. Lynn’s Warriors utilizes a coordinated synergy to educate about all forms of digital predation, including Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), sextortion and all forms of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Learn more about becoming a Warrior and why Warrior Workshops are needed in your community. For more information Email Lynn

Please use these helpful hashtags on your social media platforms to raise awareness about human trafficking and sexual exploitation issues and initiatives:  

And always #LynnsWarriors


Tune in to Lynn's Warriors on WVOX Radio this week 5-4 as I welcome Jan Edwards, President and CEO of Paving the Way Foundation, a fierce force in disrupting the cycle of child trafficking around the world. Make sure to listen to my 4-27 interview with Josh Golin, Executive Director of Fairplay for Kids as we discuss ScreenFree Week May 2-8.A must-listen. Both on Warrior Wednesday WVOX Radio.  Lynn's Warriors. 3-4PM ET 1460AMNY WVOX App Across the Universe!

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Thank you.


Lynn Shaw
Founder and Executive Director
New York City

Lynn’s Warriors

The time is now.
We must protect our vulnerable children.
We can do this.
We must do this.
We are #Warriors


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