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Give these fun family
activities a go this week!

There is so much we can do at home to encourage learning while having fun. Simple everyday activities like cooking and baking encourage learning through reading a recipe, measuring out ingredients and following instructions. 

Our Small Changes website was created to help families find the learning in activities they do together at home and to encourage families to spend more quality time together.

Check out some of our activity ideas
Connect: Friendship recipe
Write a recipe for the BEST friendship.
  • What are the important ingredients that you need?
  • What are the steps that you take to build the best friendship?
Move: Design your own obstacle course
Using objects from around the house, head outside and create an obstacle course. Be as creative as you like - here are some obstacle ideas you could try:
  • Skipping
  • Bouncing a ball
  • Crawling under an outdoor table
  • Hopscotch
  • Jumping through a hula hoop
  • Running a lap of the garden
  • Doing forwards rolls
Appreciate: Read along with Katie Pye
Author Katie Pye of the Fairytale Fraud book series has released a video reading of her book 'Breaking News' - the true story of Humpty Dumpty. Watch the video and read the story book along with Katie. 

Sometimes things change around us and we don't have control over what is happening, but we can always choose how we respond to changes.

Once you've read the story, give some of the activities below a try:
Nourish: Growing your own food
Our Small Changes Ambassador Danijela Unkovich is an expert on nutrition. In this video Danijela talks to us about the benefits of growing your own food and the ways that you can do it. She also shares her tips for fruit and vegetables that are simple to grow in your garden and that are delicious to add to your meals.

Once you have watched the video give these activity ideas a try: 
  • Investigate what types of vegetable seeds can be planted during this time of year
  • What do you need to do to plant and take care of these seeds
  • Think about the healthy recipes you would be able to make using these veges
  • Research what nutrients and vitamins are in different types of vegetables you'd like to plant
Connect: Organise a digital catchup
Harold was feeling a bit lonely in lockdown as he was missing some of his friends and family outside of his bubble, so he organised a catch up with his friends on Zoom. You could setup your own digital catchup with friends or family that you are missing too.

Harold has been thinking about all his special friends and how important they are to him. Give Harold's friendship activities a go:
Be sure to check out Small Changes for lots more fun activity ideas from Life Education Trust!
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