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Learning activities for your family!

Our Small Changes website was created to help families find the learning in activities they do at home while spending more quality time together.
Check out some of our activity ideas
Connect: Talking through our worries with friends and family
In this video Michelle gets some great advice from Harold and gets in touch with Jo to have a chat about her worries and what she can do to help manage them. Talking about our worries with our friends, whanau or teachers can help us to feel lots better! 

Give the activities below a try:
  • Have a read of our Worried, scared or nervous Fact Sheet and have a go at Harold’s Quiz here.
  • Learn how to do a breathing exercise that can help you to feel nice and calm here.
  • Colour in a picture of Harold and his friends here.​
Move: Try a family boot camp
Spend some time with your family thinking of a list of exercises that you can do together in your backyard. Set a time, get in your exercise gear and get your sweat on!

Here are some ideas for different exercises you could try:
  • Push-ups
  • Skipping
  • Running on the spot
  • Sit-ups
  • Star jumps
If you're feeling competitive you could even have races to see who can do their exercises the quickest (being careful though!)
Nourish: Making traffic light kebabs
In this video Harold and Jo are learning about the immune system, so are talking about what foods form a balanced diet and help us to get lots of nutrients and vitamins into our bodies. They had a neat idea of creating a traffic light kebab, using lots of colourful fruit or vegetables.

Watch the video and then give the activities below a try:
  • Download the template to plan how you might create a traffic light kebab here.
  • Vitamins can help boost the immune system.  Learn about some of the different types of vitamins: Vitamin A Vitamin CVitamin DVitamin EVitamin K.
  • Check out a short Ted–Ed video about vitamins and how they work here.
  • Investigate how your family can get all the vitamins needed from a balanced diet. Download our Learning Experience Vital Vitamins here.
Appreciate: Give compliments
Give regular compliments to each person in your family and let them know why you appreciate them. 

​It might be written in a note tucked under a pillow for someone to find or you might choose to say it face to face.  
Nourish: Harold's Food Analyser
Learn about food and nutrition online using Harold's Food Analyser. 

First up do Harold's Detective Training, then compare the nutritional content in different foods. Once you've mastered the training you're ready to do Harold's Detective Challenge, helping Harold and his cousin George choose which food they should eat to suit different scenarios. 
Be sure to check out Small Changes for lots more fun activity ideas from Life Education Trust!
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