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Birdathon 2023 !!!
Please Support Our Programs:
Environment Conservation & Education
In concert with Audubon’s Birthday (April 26) we are launching Birdathon 2023, our major annual fund-raising event for the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society (SFVAS). 
Birdathon is like a walkathon:
But, instead of  pledging money based on miles walked, we make pledges based on the number of bird species observed by a participating "Team Leader" during their Birdathon event.  Once again, we have a dedicated team of leaders, some of whom have been leading Birdathon events for decades.
For most of these Birdathon Events, you can also join as a team member.
See the schedule of Birdathon Events, below.
As a team member you help, not only by making pledges but also by joining the event to increase the numbers of birds spotted.  If you have questions or concerns you may email us ( ) or the Team Leader to clarify any details.
What Birds Will You Spot, This Year?
Ready to Join the Effort?
You can join one of our events and enjoy the outdoors with fellow birders or you can root for them at home.  Whichever you choose, we ask that you contribute to support our conservation and education goals by pledging generously using the link below or using the QR code at the right.
CLICK HERE to Donate on our Website
If you'd rather not worry about how many species are spotted at any particular event, we'd welcome any donation you could make to support our efforts. Simply use the Donation button at the bottom of the Birdathon Pledge Page
Where does my money go?
Birdathon has been the major support for our Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program (SBEEP) carried out in partnership with the Resource Conservation District of Santa Monica Mountains (RCDSMM) to provide teacher training and field trips to the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve for elementary school students. Each year, we provide field trips with trained naturalists for sixty classes or nearly 2000 children from the Los Angeles Unified School District, focused on Title 1 schools that most need our help.   In recent years, the pandemic shut down almost all such field trips.  However, the pandemic is now easing, the students have returned and, once again, we need your help to support these important field trips and learning opportunities.
Schedule of SFVAS Birdathon Outings
April 18 at 9am: O'Melveny Park
Species Estimate:30
Team Leader: Carolyn Oppenheimer:
Directions to O'Melveny Park
April 22 at 8:15 am: Hansen Dam
Species Estimate:40
Team Leader: Pat Bates:
Directions to Hansen Dam
May 3 at 8am: Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve
Meet at the model airplane field
Species Estimate:60
Team Leader: Kris Ohlenkamp:
Directions to Sepulveda Model Airplane Field
May 6 at 9am: Aliso Canyon Park
Species Estimate:20
Contact: Charlie Wilken:
Directions to Aliso Canyon Park
May 13 at 8am: Franklin Canyon
Species Estimate:30
Team Leader: Paula Orlovich:
Directions to Franklin Canyon
May 21 at 8am: Malibu State Park
Species Estimate:35-40
Team Leaders: Kathy and Dave Barton:
Directions to Malibu State Park
May 28 at 9am: Special Young Birders/Birdathon Event at O'Melveny Park
Species Estimate:20
Contact: Luisa Bergeron and Rebecca Marschall:

In addition to spotting as many bird species as we can, we will look inside some of our bluebird nesting boxes using a cell phone on a custom selfie stick. Plus, our young birders will be able to see (and touch) the astonishingly different nest styles that are programmed into the DNA of several bird species. Have you got a young birder that could bring you the event?
Directions to O'Melveny Park
Pledge your support to these additional solo outings:
Art Langton: Highway 33:From the Ocean to the Mountains
Species Estimate:70
Allan and Muriel Kotin: Malibu and Nearby
Species Estimate:50
John and Andrew Willis: Lori Willis Memorial Fund
Species Estimate:30
All our leaders have shown long-term support for Audubon and for our conservation and education goals.  Please show your support for them by pledging generously.
Come join us in these events, support our worthy causes and, have fun on some great days outdoors.
Make your Birdathon pledges of support by CLICKING HERE

Birdathon - 2023
Support our Future Environmental Stewards
Birdathon is the major support for our
Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program (SBEEP)
Learn More About Our Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program: CLICK HERE
What else are we doing?
SFVAS is participating in an enormous effort to restore, preserve and improve the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area.  This includes programs to remove invasive weeds, alleviate recent fire damage, maintain educational signage,  and improve access for handicapped and other underserved communities.
SFVAS  has partnered with the Transition Habitat Conservancy in an emergency effort to restore infrastructure (pipes, pumps and electricity) that were destroyed in recent fires in the Portal Ridge Conservation Area and that provide critical water resources for wildlife in the area.
SFVAS  has assisted Ojai Raptor Center in their efforts to provide state of the art treatment for injured raptors and other birds. We helped them acquire a new X-ray machine that provides more rapid diagnostics and improvements in treatment and reduced suffering in these birds. We are now contributing funds to improve handicapped access to their education center.
CWC provides treatment for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in Southern CA.  75% of their patients are birds. During the pandemic, food prices dramatically increased at a time when budget resources are declining.  SFVAS has made a substantial commitment to help with diet costs for CWC patients.
SFVAS  has initiated a project to provide small conservation grants to support schools and local community groups that are attempting to preserve, restore, or improve important local environmental sites or to study relevant local environmental issues.
SFVAS has partnered with the Mono Lake Committee in their research collaborations to study importance of Mono Lake in supporting bird populations along the Pacific Flyway. We are helping with Motus, an international collaborative network that identifies and tracks tagged birds as they migrate between the arctic and South America.
SFVAS has provided funds to support education and advancement for our next generation of ornithologists and for research projects that help define the best land- and resource-management policies to support bird conservation.
Help Us Help the Birds!
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