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October 2020


Welcome to our very first ever monthly newsletter from Capri!

We hope you are all keeping healthy, safe and well in these surreal and uncertain times!

It’s hard to know where to start; at the beginning or at the end or I guess it’s a bit of both. We are launching our first newsletter during a period of much change for our small family business. We had hoped to tell our exciting news to our guests in person this year but the world had other plans

Our beloved Michel’angelo restaurant in the heart of Capri is closing after 12 years in business at the end of this 2020 season so that we can pursue our passion project - the Giardino di Capri. 

Michel’angelo opened in memory of Gianluca’s father, Michele (the restaurant’s name translates to Michele with the Angels) but which also created memories for so many others over the years; whether dining in our restaurant, learning to cook Caprese cuisine in our cooking class, hiking with a Michel’angelo picnic, enjoying our boat and villa catering or tasting sessions, cooking with our organic pomodorini, extra virgin olive oils and family recipes in your kitchen or toasting to Capri with one of our local wine varieties.

Gianluca’s smile and warm nature draws people to him and the experience at Michel’angelo was just as much about enjoying fresh local produce and local wines, as it was sharing Gianluca’s light hearted and genuine personality. It is through his passion of sharing his family’s cuisine with others that we have met so many beautiful guests from all over the world. We feel privileged that our restaurant has brought with it so many rewards; the best of those being the friendships we’ve made!

We would like to thank you so much for your support over the years! We will miss our little laneway restaurant location although we’re also so excited to share with you all, the Giardino di Capri in 2021! 

Located on 2 hectares of rich and fertile sea view garden property, adjacent to the famous Blue Grotto, we will be offering unique food and cultural experiences that come with more than just a spectacular view. We’ve been working for almost 2 years to make our vision a reality and everyday we grow more excited to be able to finally share our dream with you. Think cooking classes with hand picked produce, sunset aperitivo evenings, tasting sessions with a difference, art workshops, gourmet picnics perched on sea side garden terraces, meditation/yoga, brunches, private events, hands-on olive harvests and much more.

Read more about the Giardino di Capri below and please keep in touch. Add so you don't miss out on our future news. When the time is right, we hope you will be able to visit us in the future and join us at the Giardino di Capri where the legacy of Michel’angelo and authentic island hospitality will continue in a sustainable and regenerative environment, fostering a revival of Caprese traditions for generations to come! 

Arrivederci from Michel’angelo and Benvenuto to the Giardino di Capri! 

Gianluca, Holly and our team

About Our Newsletter 

Welcome to our very first newsletter! We intend to publish the newsletter monthly (around mid month) and share with you our life on the island, family, garden progress, seasonal harvests, recipes, gardening tips, products and new offerings at the Giardino di Capri as they are launched. 

We hope you enjoy a little piece of Capri with us no matter where you may be in the world! 

Taste your way to Capri! 

While Michel’angelo might be closing, our product range is certainly not and in fact, we will be expanding our range of delicious food products to include an exclusive range of products made with fruit and vegetables we are growing at the Giardino di Capri and you can come along the journey with us as we film from seed to harvest to bottle.  

With so many of our guests unable to visit the island this year, we have put together a variety of gift packs (including shipping) so that you can cook with the flavours of Capri in your kitchen and with Christmas fast approaching, we thought we’d introduce (or re-introduce 😊) them to you as they are also a fantastic gift idea. 

Our most popular pack is the Faraglioni Pack which includes 3 varieties of our organic pomodorini (tomato) sauces, 3 varieties of our extra virgin olive oils, a ravioli stamp, Giardino di Capri corkscrew and bottle bag and a digital copy of our Pomodorini Recipe Book, containing 6 of Gianluca’s family recipes you can make with our products. 

We also have a range of other gift packs including our local wine, artisan Pastificio Graziano pasta packs and our extra virgin olive oil and marinated vegetables pack. Watch this space for our newest product addition from the Giardino di Capri as we plant, harvest and bottle a local favourite green vegetable “friarielli”. We’ll be telling you a lot more about this Southern Italian staple; a type of broccoli most commonly cooked with extra virgin olive oil, chili and garlic, in our November newsletter, as they will be nearing harvest. 

Browse our current range of gift packs here.

Listen your way to Capri! 

If you aren’t already signed up to the popular Untold Italy Podcast Series hosted by Katy Clarke, start downloading! With guests sharing their experiences from all over Italy, it will keep your Italian dreams alive and give you some great tips for when the time is right to travel again. 

Earlier this month I was thrilled to join Katy on her Podcast series talking all things Capri including how Gianluca and I met, my favourite island walks and things to do, where to stay, what to eat and of course, a little glimpse into our new venture at the Giardino di Capri. You can find the Podcast Episode here!

Happy listening! 

Read your way to Capri! 

This Summer also saw bestselling author Kevin Kwan, author of the Crazy Rich Asians series, release his latest novel Sex & Vanity. The light hearted romantic novel is partly set in Capri and is filled with vivid descriptions of some of the island’s most beautiful locations with an exhilarating storyline to match. 

Hint hint: you might also see a mention of Michel’angelo, our delicious spaghetti with fresh Campania tomatoes and burrata (one of Kevin’s favourite dishes!) and Gianluca and I. 

Purchase your copy now and happy reading! 

Giardino di Capri

Giardino di Capri is a natural sanctuary located on one of the island’s most exclusive sea view plots of fertile land, adjacent to the Blue Grotto and boasting two hectares of pristine Anacapri coastline with panoramic views of Ischia, Procida, the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius. 

Once a farmed olive grove and vineyard, the site remained uncultivated for many years until we were drawn by ‘destino’ to rediscover its unparalleled potential with a vision to regenerate a part of Capri’s culture, sustainable agriculture, that is slowly disappearing with the rise in tourism. 

Upon entering the Giardino, you will be transported to a very special corner of the island; a slice of paradise that will stimulate every sensory function as you are enlightened by the surrounding lush vegetation, organically grown fruit and vegetables, clean eating and living, tradition, art, culture, relaxation and history, with the energy of the sea and the sounds of birds. 

Worlds apart from the bustling shores of Marina Grande and the famous Piazzetta; a hideaway where you can close your eyes, breathe in and imagine a way of life on the island centuries before.

We want to take you on our garden journey and as we near our launch in 2021, we will reveal more about our offerings in each newsletter. 

USA and Canada EATALY Tour  

It seems like a life time ago (and definitely a different era!) that we took our Michel’angelo cooking class on the road in collaboration with EATALY. Earlier this year in January and February, Gianluca and I packed up our bags and left the Isle of Capri to hold our cooking classes at sold out events at EATALY in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and finishing our tour at EATALY in Toronto, the inaugural EATALY location in Canada.

It was our first time to the USA and Canada in almost 20 years and we absolutely loved traveling, meeting so many new faces, as well as familiar faces and exploring the cities where many of our guests travel from to Capri each year. We taught a different Caprese menu at each EATALY location and we loved providing an insight into the cuisine, our island life and its history (as well as, announcing the launch of the Giardino di Capri for the very first time!) all while enjoying delicious food in great company.

We returned to Italy on a high after such a whirlwind trip at the end of February although very quickly to a new reality. Nonetheless, we look forward to continuing our cooking classes at the Giardino di Capri in the future and virtually before then… Watch this Space!!!  

Here are some photos of our EATALY cooking class adventures in LA, New York, BostonChicago, Las Vegas and Toronto! We thank EATALY for their collaboration and all the staff who assisted us during our adventure. Alla prossima at the Giardino di Capri!

Garden Recipe - Celery Pesto  

This season one of the vegetables we grew in abundance at the Giardino di Capri was celery (sedano). While Gianluca often uses celery in broths, comfort soups (minestrone and bean zuppa) and lentil-based pastas, he experimented with a delicious new way to utilise this underrated nutritious vegetable; this time in a pesto. 

Celery pesto is so refreshing and delicious as an aperitivo spread on bruschetta, a primi piatti mixed of pasta, celery pesto and your preferred formaggio, or alternatively as a side dish (contorno) to your secondi piatti, such as fish (i.e. tuna or salmon) or meat (i.e. beef fillet).   

300 grams celery leaves
200 grams natural almonds
100 grams pine nuts
3 cloves of garlic
3 small chilis 
Extra virgin olive oil
1 cup of water
Makes approximately 800 grams of celery pesto. 

Thoroughly wash your celery stalks and leaves and then separate the leaves from the stalks. Only the leaves are used to make the celery pesto. 

Using a kitchen blender, place the almonds and the pine nuts in the blender and mix until a fine consistency. Remove and set aside. Place the peeled garlic cloves and chili in the blender and mix until a fine consistency. Remove and set aside. 

Place a cup of water and the celery leaves in the blender and mix until a smooth consistency. Add half of the nut mix and half of the garlic/chili mix to the blender and mix. Then add 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (Michel’angelo Biologico EVOO, of course) and the remaining nut, garlic and chili and mix on high speed until smooth. 

Pour the pesto into a jar/s leaving at least 3 centimetres from the top of the jar/s. Top the pesto with a layer of extra virgin olive oil that completely covers the pesto, leaving at least 1 cm from the top of the jar before sealing and refrigerating. 

Store in the fridge for up to 7-10 days. We look forward to hearing what your favourite way is to enjoy your celery pesto! 

Head to our Celery Pesto Instastory on our Instagram to watch a demo!

Purchase your Michel’angelo Biologico EVOO here.

Buon appetito! 

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