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Message From the President

Welcome back to the new Fall semester and 2021/22 Academic Year.  I hope that you are full of enthusiasm for the new challenges ahead.

I'm glad to witness that KIC campus life is getting back to normal.

Hearing all the bustle from the ongoing activities filling the vast hallways of the college is a treat. With 40% of regular college activities happening on campus now, we are still operating in a blended format. We are also expecting a comeback of student-driven activities across our academic departments. However, I must stress that ongoing compliance with the COVID-19 regulations is a critical success factor for ensuring the ongoing health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. 
Another important factor that marked the commencement of the Fall semester was the general assembly meeting that was held in early September. There we highlighted KIC's roadmap and strategic way forward, to stay true to our mission in delivering applied learning experience driven by global and regional job market trends.

Higher education is in a transitional phase, tackling the topic of bridging academic studies with industry requirements. Being at KIC means being in one of the best places to be part of this paradigm shift, and prepare youth for the uncertain challenges of tomorrow.
I wish you a very successful semester.

Professor Nabil Hassen El Kadhi
CEO/President – KHC/KIC
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September Digest:

  • KIC 5.0: Multidirectional Strategic Initiatives to Empower Youth and Community
  • The Future of Education: On the Role of AI in Shaping Academic Journeys
  • Empowering Youth With Skills: Bridging Academia with Industry Requirements 
  • Welcome to KIC: Student Affairs Department Organizes a Four Day Orientation Event
  • Hands-On Learning In Action: On KIC's Studios and Training Facilities Roles in Delivering Practical Learning Experience,
  • Students Attend an IT-Led Workshop on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.
  • Discover KIC Research and Publications
  • Out of the Box: Learn New Tips and Trivia

Trending at KIC

KIC 5.0 

Multidirectional Strategic Initiatives to Empower Youth and Community

September 8, 2021

KHC Group CEO and KIC President Prof. Nabil El Kadhi led the Fall general assembly to set a strategic directive for KIC’s way forward and outline a roadmap to excellence. 

The roadmap is based on six strategic pillars centric to academic excellence, new program development, collaboration and partnerships, service excellence, marketing and enrollment, and financial sustainability in line with KIC’s mission to deliver applied learning and job market trends. 

One of the prominent themes in the roadmap to excellence was related to Market Ready Graduates. KIC wants to further develop the notion of KIC students and job readiness upon graduation. The plan envisions embedding professional certifications within the structure of current programs and establishing an innovative incubator to leverage the creative and entrepreneurial minds of KIC students to enable the inclusion of industrial and governmental partners. Such a move will augment KIC’s promise of hands-on learning. 

KIC delivery formats will cater to the emerging needs to learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Uberized KIC services would address this trend by leveraging existing digital infrastructure such as PeopleSoft, MS Teams, and the Student Service portal. Usage of fully equipped tablets will be championed to provide instant access to all available services. 

The college will also work on strengthening offered degrees via international and local recognition and accreditation.  This will be done by pursuing Abet and ACBSP accreditations and THE ranking. KIC also plans to introduce a new range of Bachelor and Associate degree programs, in health sciences, business, and mass communication. 

Future activities will be also driven by KIC’s will to give back to society and contribute to the development of local communities. The CSSE (Corporate Sale and Social Engagement) program underpins open certified training and workshops and education camps that offer courses at preferential rates. 

Internally, KIC will also work on frameworks that will enhance its operations and future sustainability. These include competency-based framework, incentive schemes, the development of comprehensive policies, and diversification initiatives. 

Some of these initiatives are already taking place. Speaking of incentive schemes, during the general assembly, Prof. El Kadhi recognized the efforts of several faculty members who were properly incentivized and appointed for new roles in appreciation of their performance. 
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The Future of Education

On the Role of AI in Shaping Academic Journeys

August 28, 2021

KIC President, Prof. Nabil El Kadhi, presented his research based views on the roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Higher Education, in during the World Education and Technology Summit 2021, organized by International Summit of Leaders

According to Prof. El Kadhi the future of higher education will be a learner-centered one, which is powered by AI. AI will be able to customize the academic journey based on student's pace, learning capacity, and academic progression. The insights were drawn upon the increased rates of AI implementation in terms of adoption and publications, a phenomenon that was facilitated by expanded computational boundaries.

AI in Higher Education serves various purposes. Course delivery, learning experience, simulation, evaluation, screening, and retention were just among the few mentioned examples. Prof. El Kadhi highlighted the implementation of AI at Khawarizmi International College, in terms of running labs and delivering high-quality educational content.

Overall, Prof. El Kadhi highlighted the positive impact of technology implementation in Higher Education, based on KIC performance statistics related to online and hybrid learning experiences. Reportedly, KIC witnessed improved engagement of students, low absenteeism levels, effective learning journey, proctoring, and more efficient use of the database,  while delivering more than 240 courses at a given time frame.

International Summit of Leaders is the largest gathering of Leaders from different countries. The summit provides a platform to network; learn about education development, technology innovation and agricultural tools, as well as the technology trends and sustainability initiatives that are influencing the sectors. World Education and Technology Summit 2021 was organized with the objective of promoting innovations in education.

Empowering Youth With Skills 

Bridging Academia with Industry Requirements 

September 20-21, 2021

KIC President and KHC CEO, Prof. Nabil El Kadhi participated in Youth Preparedness and Knowledge Economy Summit and reflected on KIC’s initiatives in higher education tech-based trends in supporting and empowering youth to meet the demands of the Future Economy. 

“Learning by doing is what needs to be done, by combining the path of education and creating the right environment, where youth create, ideate, and innovate,” stated Prof. El Kadhi highlighting the ideal learning environment that would prepare youth for the future. In his presentation, driven by 2040 jobs’ forecast, automation scenarios, workforce transitions, and required skills competencies that will be demand in the future job market, Prof. El Kadhi stressed the importance of transformational education.  

Transformational education addresses students’ interests and learning capacities allowing the students to unlock their true potential. AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven implications would affect course delivery, student screening, teaching assistance, proctoring, and overall deliver a highly customized learning experience, that suits individual needs.  

Prof. El Kadhi reflected on KIC’s success story in using AI, specifically in Health and Medical Sciences Lab, whereby students face real-life simulations that enable hands-on learning. He also highlighted the provision of an inclusive and adaptive platform based on leading global technologies that enabled the delivery of the blended programs to a wide range of learners, and the development of appropriate skills for successful careers in the 21st century. 

The Youth Preparedness & Knowledge Economy Summit brought together experts and decision-makers from Government, Semi-Government, Cross-Industry Organizations, and Higher Education Institutions to facilitate discussions and strategic tie-ups to accelerate career preparedness of the UAE's youth, in line with the national mission to further develop a knowledge-based economy via innovation, technology, and research & development. The two-day summit stressed the topics of Sustainable Economic Development, closing the Skills-gap, Academia-Industry Collaboration, Technology-based Innovation, Developing Entrepreneurial Skills, Corporate Youth Initiatives, and more. 

Welcome to KIC! 

Student Affairs Department Organizes a Four Day Orientation Event

September 21 - 25, 2021

KIC Student Affairs department has organized a series of orientation sessions for the Fall 21/22 semester to formally greet new students, aiming to provide proper induction and ensure students’ smooth academic and social journey at the college.

Over the course of the sessions, new students were introduced to the academic and administrative services related to their future academic journey and general campus life at KIC. Heads and representatives of Academic departments, Student Affairs department, IT Services Unit, Finance, Learning Resource Center, Health and Safety, Student Council, in addition to Admissions and Registration, were present to highlight the associated benefits that students should expect while dealing with the above-mentioned departments.

Hands On Learning In Action 

On KIC's Studios and Training Facilities Roles in Delivering Practical Learning Experience,

September 9, 2021

Marking the commencement of the new academic year, KIC President Prof. Nabil El Kadhi hosted the renowned journalist Yaqoub Al-Rusi (Director of the Department of Arab Broadcasting in the Abu Dhabi Radio Network), who visited KIC Mass Communication studios, within the framework of cooperation between KIC and media leaders in the UAE. 

The visit was conducted to showcase KIC readiness in delivering its academic programs in the blended learning format, as students are expected to visit the campus for their practical training during the current academic year. 

Al-Rusi praised KIC's studios and training facilities, and the college's plans in delivering practical learning experience, stressing that the college is equipped with industry grade tools that address the demands of the contemporary job market.

Students Attend an IT-Led Workshop

On Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

September 21, 2021

KIC IT department conducted a workshop that introduced the students to Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.

The workshop was led by Eman Younas Mohammad Younas, KIC IT Alumna, and covered topics such as Cyber Threats, most common Cyber Security Threats, Cyber Security Precautions/Solutions, Digital Forensics, Objectives of computer forensics, Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Forensics, and Cyber Security trivia Game.

Eman Younas grew up in Abu Dhabi and graduated from Islamia English School as a gold medalist in Edexcel International Advanced Level (A’Levels). She recently completed her Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Khawarizmi International College with an AGPA of 3.86.

She developed an interest in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics during her time working for an artificial intelligence startup in Abu Dhabi. At present, she is preparing for her Master's degree in Cyber Security and intends to publish her Mobile Application study report in the international journal of researchers, also with the intention of releasing it on the Android/iOS store for public use.

 KIC Research & Publications 

The Challenges, Opportuni̇ti̇es and Setbacks, Small Busi̇nesses Experi̇ence in the UAE.


Dr. Adnan Jawabri 

Assistant Professor, Business Department.

UAE is considered as one of the most lucrative markets for the small business enterprises. Though the number of Small businesses in UAE is increasing, the major problem that the Small businesses are facing at present is maintaining standard level of operational excellence in business. The Small businesses in the UAE have become the cornerstone of the UAE economy from the petrochemical dependency. The main aim of this project is to explore and look at the challenges and opportunities that the small businesses in the United Arab Emirates experience. This study focused on the data analysis of both the online surveys and time series analysis as well. This report also looks at and highlights the recommendations that are required by the UAE to solve the issues that they are also facing. Small businesses adds a lot of value to the economy, from the job creation to the economical valuations as well. 

Presented During:

The Role of Private Medical Laboratories in Combating the Challenges of Anti-Microbial Resistance.


Dr. Faruk Sarkinfada

PhD, Health and Medical Sciences Department.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) means microbes survive exposure to antimicrobials and become resistant. AMR is a growing public health concern and was recognized as a global health security threat at the 68th World Health Assembly in May 2015. A Global Action Plan (GAP) was adopted by the member states that requested them to participate in the Global Antimicrobial Surveillance System (GLASS). The goal of GLASS is to enable standardized, comparable, and validated data on AMR to be collected, analyzed, and shared with countries, to inform decision-making, drive local, national, and regional action, and provide the evidence base for action and advocacy. Countries need to ensure that the network of National Reference Laboratories (NRL) and sentinel sites meets standard AMR testing requirements. There is, however, a wide range of readiness between the rich and resource-poor countries in the world in achieving this. 

Weak laboratory systems and lack of access to effective antimicrobials is still a huge issue in many Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC). The burden of Covid-19 pandemic has placed increased demand on the overstretched laboratory systems in LMICs. Gaps in the implementation of Covid-19 mitigation measures in these countries have also been shown to promote the development of new strains of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens. There is therefore a dare need for the enhanced Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) in the laboratory systems of these countries for effective in-vitro diagnosis, research, and development of vaccines to combat the challenges of both Covid-19 pandemic and AMR catastrophe. 

Nigeria, through the National Center for disease Control (NCDC) invested significantly in establishing AMR surveillance system in the country. With further support from development partners, particularly the Fleming Fund Country Grant by the United Kingdom Department of Health and Social Services, a One-Health platform for AMR surveillance is strengthened. In the recent Covid-19 pandemic response, the private sector plays a significant role in Nigeria’s Presidential Advisory Committee on Covid-19. A significant proportion of private sector laboratories were engaged in the response. It, therefore, suggests a synergy of PPP in enhancing the operationalization and sustainability of Covid-19 and AMR surveillance.

The private medical laboratory sector needs to be adequately positioned as stakeholders in the National AMR surveillance structure for an expanded engagement in effective AMR surveillance systems. The private sector in a medical laboratory is indeed a rich Resource in establishing of Public-Private Partnership in tackling AMR, vaccine production, and In-Vitro Diagnostics in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC).

Presented During:
23rd National Conference of Guild of Private Medical Laboratory Directors (GMLD) Nigeria – Abuja  August 17th – 20th 2021. 

Digital Transformation Strategies Of UAE Enterprises: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective 


Dr. Suja Pradeep, Dr. Majdi Khaleel, Dr. Adnan Jawabri. 

Business Department.

Journal Name
Journal Name: Academy of Strategic Management Journal 
Issue and Volume 20, Special Issue 4, 2021 

The UAE vision 2021 gives a strong thrust towards digital initiatives, such as e-governance in the government sector, digital currency, and blockchain, etc. In this respect, the UAE companies are much more well placed than their global peers in Digital Transformation even before the covid-19 pandemic spread. The IMD World ranking 2019 placed the UAE first in the region and 12th Globally in Digital Competitiveness. The study throws light on the organization-wide strategies undertaken by the UAE-based pre-digital enterprises in their process of digital transformation. It explores organizational practices that shape a successful digital transformation strategy and a number of factors that can hinder the execution of their transformation from the perspective of front-line and middle-level executives. The findings provide enterprises a framework to assess their current processes and strategies against the key building blocks of successful digital transformation in their endeavor to achieve a dynamic fit with the environment. This paper fulfills an identified need to develop a process model encompassing the pertinent variables of DT strategies of the UAE enterprises. 

Find It Here:  

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