Be Prepared as kids (AND LICE)
return to school
As kids return to school after quarantine, some are sure to bring lice and nits along for the ride! Although most kids have stayed within an established pod of friends and family, over the summer it is likely that some will have participated in organized sports. Others will have attended summer camp or vacationed with extended family. As kids are reunited with friends they haven’t seen in quite a while, hugs and selfies are sure to occur. Creating the perfect opportunity for head-to-head spread of lice.
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Promoting Diversity
and Inclusion, Part 3: 
LGBTQ+ Terms

Chances are that all classrooms include LGBTQ students. Although many aren't yet comfortable being open about their sexualities or gender identities, it is important to be prepared should you find yourself in a situation where a student has questions or needs support.

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Know the signs
and symptoms of
Lyme Disease 
Time spent outdoors, especially in grassy and heavily wooded areas increases the chance you will cross paths with any number of bugs, insects and spiders, including ticks. And with ticks, comes the danger of contracting Lyme disease. We’ve compiled information to help you understand more about the disease.
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