Bling Bling & Logos NFT collection
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Bling 2021 / gold and black versions / limited edition of 100

Tjep. launches Logos NFT collection

Are brands the new religion? In 2001 I designed a jewellery piece consisting of 100 gold-plated world-famous logo's shaped in a cross. I called it Bling Bling, and it is the most branded object in the world to date. Last year, to commemorate the 20th anniversary, I updated Bling Bling by adding 60 carefully curated logo's relevant to recent developments, notably the dot-com revolution. To underline the questionable side of brands and globalism, their impact on our planet, Bling Bling 2021 also comes in a black version to symbolize oil. Bling Bling tells the story of globalism and consumerism inflated to religious proportions. The central underlying question posed by Bling Bling is: are large corporations not the contemporary version of the tower of Babylon? And is ecology not the common language they and we fail to speak?
In addition to the updated jewellery design itself in gold and black and as a central element to the exhibitions at Glue and a little later Big Art last September, I created Logos, a digital animated painting about the genesis, decay, and ultimately possible collapse of our dominant economic system, if nothing radical changes. Today I am proud to announce the launch of the Logos NFT collection.
Logos - 037/160 - Etherium

Claim a brand name in Bling Bling as NFT

Logos - 078/160 - Madonna
Logos - 112/160 - Puma
Today marks the birth of Bling Bling as a digital artwork incorporated into the Logos NFT collection and the possibility for 160 lucky people to participate early and share this story! Each one of the 160 logo's (brand names) in the Bling Bling is connected to a still from Logos (in alphabetical order and frame chronology), not only linking the physical and digital (if you own both) but also giving you exclusive access to future developments such as the Bling Bling as wearable, and other metaverse projects already in the making. Who knows, these NFT's will possibly give you access to the Bling Bling cathedral finally built by Tjep. in the metaverse.

The slowest NFT drop ever recorded

During the entirety of 2022, I will drop 160 Logos NFT's equally divided over the year, resulting in a listing per 54,75h. As I want to reward early participants, I've set the price to be calculated as follows: price = frame number x 0.005 ETH resulting in a linear price increase and setting a new record for the slowest NFT drop in recorded history.

I'm very excited about this project and hope that the story of Bling Bling will travel all over the world. This digital version could go even more viral than physical jewellery. Bling Bling has found its way to museums and collectors worldwide (SFMoma, Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, amongst others); hopefully, Logos will too.

Benefits to Logos NFT holders

Unlockable content:

● Logos / 6 minutes / 4K (3820 X 2160) / digital painting in endless loop suitable for private display.

● Logos still / (number and title) / 4k (3820 X 2160) / high res image suitable for private display.


● Future exclusive access to the first Bling Bling wearable for the Metaverse.

● VIP access to future developments around Bling Bling and other Metaverse projects by Tjep.

*Physical Bling Bling and Tjep. jewellery owners have reservation power over future listings.
*Only limited personal non-commercial use and resale rights in this NFT are granted.

And one more thing...

● I will donate 100% of funds received for names marked as activism to (a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more); this is limited to primary NFT sales in 2022. Transfer on the 31st of December 2022 with cryptographic proof. Names connected to activism account for 7% of the collection.

A flying start!

Already more than 10% of the supply has been sold or reserved in the first two weeks.

Where to find the Logos collection?

View the Logos collection on OpenSea

View an example of a Logos NFT on OpenSea

Get in touch with me if you wish to claim a future listing of Logos or if you have other questions:

Follow listings and price evolution during 2022 on Instagram
View of collection as drop progresses over 2022
Future plans for metaverse & NFTs
There is a polarised debate about the benefits and dangers of metaverse playing a central role in our lives. As a parent, I am worried about my son spending a lot of time in games, which are already full-blown metaverses. But as it turns out, instead of being an isolating activity, gaming has become an extremely social activity, thanks to digital connectivity between participants. As such, it turned out to be a blessing during the difficult recent lock-down period. In the same way, the danger of going towards a Matrix construct as a replacement for reality seems closer than ever. But I have to recognise that if well done, the benefits could be immense: the complete decentralisation of offices means less time wasted in traffic, fewer carbon emissions (if green energy is applied to data centres), less stress, the possibility of living wherever you want etc... This is just one example, but there are thousands. The ultimate result could be that we as species come closer to an ecologically balanced life. The asphyxiating density of urbanism is no longer needed. Tjep is committed to exploring the Metaverse through NFTs (second project already in the making), through architecture (virtual land has been acquired) and through new and innovative products and works of art that transgress the border between the physical and the virtual such as Logos and Bling Bling. 
Would you like to exhibit Logos and or Bling Bling? Content is only available through NFT,
contact us for more details on how to display Logos as NFT
Display your Logos NFT at home even on the largest 4K resolution art screens

Other news: VSM awarded IAB commendation

It’s an immense pleasure to share good news amongst all of my friends: our project Village Super Market at Dumuria Khulna, Bangladesh has been awarded the Institute of Architects Bangladesh commendation 2020 in the category of commercial buildings.

Congratulations to the team Vaastukalpa Architects ltd and Tjep. along with Sk Maruf Hossain, Frank Tjepkema, Kaisar Habib Shaikat Masood Reza, Rob Van Houten, Dr.M.shamim Z Bosunia Abdus Salam Kochi Mafy Azad Mohammad Moziball Hoque , all other associates and specially Solidaridad Network Asia who gave us the opportunity to work with that project.
Striking projects from Tjep.
Frank Tjepkema (born 1970) is a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam. He started his award-winning design agency Tjep., in 2001 and works in a wide variety of disciplines, including sculpture, architecture, interior design, product design and jewellery. He has provoked audiences worldwide through his art and exhibition pieces, such as the Bronze Age Furniture, Recession Chair, Bling Bling and Oogst. Frank is an early collaborator of Droog. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Centre Pompidou in Paris, SFMOMA, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Cooper Hewitt in New York. Recently Tjep. has delivered several major sculptural projects in public space, such as Zwerm in Eindhoven and Air Cells in Amsterdam. Other notable collectors and collaborations include Tony Hawk, Philippe Starck & Lidewij Edelkoort.
Contact us for high resolution images.
Tjep. / contact person: Frank Tjepkema + 31 20 362 42 96 / /

Veembroederhof 204
1019HC Amsterdam
T  +31 6 212 82 662
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