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"A Year Like No Other"

Message from the Chair of the Board - pdf

The Simkin Centre Board of Directors met remotely.

Slate of Directors - pdf
Message from the Chief Executive Officer - pdf
CBC News Articles and Videos

May 1, 2020 - "'Do you know I love you?': Winnipeg couple of 70 years 'connect' through window amid COVID-19 restrictions"

November 9, 2020 - "Winnipeg 'virus survivor' boogies out of isolation"

November 22, 2020 - "Simkin Centre personal care home seeking volunteers to help feed residents"

December 6, 2020 - "Winnipeg care home recovery parades bring hope — 'something that we all need right now,' says CEO"
Message from the Medical Director - pdf
Message from the Fiscal Advisory Chair - pdf
Message from the Director of Care
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April 2020
Covid Happened!
  • All staff had to enter through the front entrance and get screened prior to starting their shift.
  • All staff started wearing PPE during their shift.
May 2020
  • First issue of The Simkin Star published.
  • Launched our Simkin Centre Covid-19 Fund
  • Initiated window visits and provided music in the courtyards for Residents 
  • Neighbors came to cheer on Residents and Staff alike.
  • Painted windows to bring color and happiness in the midst of the beginning of a pandemic.
  • Hair Salon had to close so we improvised and set up a beauty salon.
  • We facilitated video visits for Residents to connect with their loved ones.
  • The community organized drive-by parades for Residents and staff
  • Transformed our front entrance into a socially distanced safe visiting space for Residents and loved ones.
  • Families and friends of the Centre began hosting staff appreciation events.
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June 2020
  • Ducks were born in the Keives Garden.  Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation came and helped our staff by scooping up mother duck and 10 little babies. They were released in a nearby pond and all lived happily ever after.
  • Shavout Services were pre-recorded and conducted virtually for the first time in Simkin history.
  • A special friend handmade bears specially for Residents to bring hugs into their lives.
  • We started baking goodies using recipes from our Residents.
  • The Salon continued since the hair dresser was not able to stay open due to Covid.
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July 2020
  • A global pandemic couldn't stop us from celebrating Canada Day.
  • Technology continued to keep Residents connected to their loved ones.
  • All visitors had to be screened prior to visiting with a Resident.  Staff took on "other duties as assigned" to ensure the safety of Residents and visitors.
  • We baked more Resident recipes.
  • Staff continued to enjoy the Staff Appreciation Events sponsored by family and friends of The Simkin Centre.
  • We went to Hawaii and did the Limbo.
  • During thunderstorms, we danced inside to 50's music.
From May 6, 2020 to July 10, 2020 we facilitated the following sessions between Residents and their loved ones:

FaceTime Sessions = 684
Outdoor Visits = 852
Skype Sessions = 204
Window Visits = 142

There were 16 no-shows, 258 cancellations, and 152 re-bookings.
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August 2020
  • We welcomed Designated Caregivers into the facility.
  • We did our best to pass the time outdoors with games.  The City was in lockdown so Residents couldn't go on outings.
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September 2020
  • We were proud to celebrate staff celebrating milestone years of service of 5,10,15,20,25 and 30+ years of service and those with perfect attendance!
  • Residents were restricted to their units the gardens.  We did our best to keep them active and busy.
  • Barb Findlay from our Spiritual Health Department retired.
  • We husked corn and ate fresh corn.
  • High Holiday Services were conducted virtually for the first time in Simkin Centre's history. 
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October 2020
  • Jewish Holy Day Services conducted via video and played for Residents
  • Residents kept busy folding towels, filing and other activities
  • First Covid-19 positive case on October 21st.
  • UVC Disinfection System purchased to help sanitize items
  • Nocospray and Emist Eletrostatic Gun purchased to sanitize rooms
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November 2020
  • We welcomed essential volunteers into The Simkin Centre to assist us
  • We held our first 'Recovery Parade" for our first recovered Covid-19 Resident Case
  • We didn't forget our Veterans and took time to honour them
  • The children in the Jewish community sent us special pictures to keep our spirits up
  • Residents continued to stay busy by painting and colouring
  • Small personal items like shampoo, conditioner and lotion were prepared for the staff working in the Covid Isolation Unit
  • Plastic shields were installed in different areas of the facility
We acknowledged our Staff Heroes [CLICK HERE TO VIEW]
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December 2020
  • We shared with everyone what our Covid Isolation Unit looked like before (as the Adult Day Program Room) and after it was transformed
  • We conducted many Recovery Parades over the last month and a half.  Pictures of the Virus Survivors were shared. 
  • We raised money to purchase a light in every Resident's window
  • A Facial Thermal Scanner was purchased to screen staff and visitors at the Security desk
  • The 11 Residents who did not survive the Covid-19 Virus were honoured with an outdoor candle display
  • The last Resident in the Covid Isolation Unit was discharged and we celebrated.  The staff who worked in that unit were celebrated as well.
  • Because we were a Covid free facility, we were now considered a GREEN facility and not a red.  Everyone wore green.
  • Hanukah and Christmas were still celebrated
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January 2021
  • Although all personal care homes in the province continue to be RED (CRITICAL) under the Pandemic Response Plan, as of January 12th, the Simkin Centre declared that the COVID-19 outbreak is over!
  • A Covid virus pinata was made and hit sending candy everywhere to celebrate that we Beat Covid at The Simkin Centre
  • Families continued to show support to staff by sponsoring staff events
  • We remembered International Holocaust Remembrance Day
  • On January 26th we administered the first round of Covid-19 Vaccinations to our Residents
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February 2021
  • The Hutterite Community donated homemade gowns, which renewed a historical partnership that we were not aware of
  • Unfortunately, we had to reopen our Covid Isolation Unit due to one positive case of Covid-19.  We thanked the two additional staff who volunteered to work in this unit.  The Resident recovered and received the notorious recovery parade.
  • Residents received their second Covid-19 vaccination this month
  • Families sent special cupcakes to our Residents to cheer them up
  • Residents enjoyed a special treat of Beer and Bagels
Read more about the history behind the partnership between the Jewish Community and Hutterite Community.
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March 2021
  • Purim was celebrated even though we still could not gather together as a group in the Multi-Purpose Room
  • Women at The Simkin Centre were honoured for International Women's Day
  • Residents created beautiful flowers using pipe cleaners in anticipation of Spring
  • Ladies were treated to special hair ribbons so that they would know how beautiful they are
  • Tomatoes were planted on the unit getting ready for planting in the Spring
  • Music Therapy was offered by one of the local University students
  • The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg 2020-2021 Campaign featured The Simkin Centre
The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg 2020-2021 Campaign featured The Simkin Centre. To view Laurie's message, click on the red arrow above.
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