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Street Soccer Spotlight



Welcome to the first Street Soccer Spotlight of 2021.
Firstly, I hope you managed to have a good Christmas despite the difficult circumstances over the festive break and that the New Year has started with you in good health.
Keith Mabbutt Street Soccer Foundation CEO

2020 was certainly a year we won’t miss. Dare I even mention the word ‘coronavirus’ – with its unprecedented affect across the globe.
Now in January 2021, ten months on from the start of the pandemic, and we are all having to acclimatise to this new way of living. There remains on-going challenges for most, yet I am proud to say that our purposeful charity work continued to be delivered throughout the course of December, and indeed the past year – both locally as well as nationwide; helping to support communities across the country and vulnerable and homeless young people who needed help the most.
Later this month we will release our 2020 Impact Report which shows how, despite the fact when COVID-19 hit in March, we did what we set out in our charity mission statement: ensuring we delivered on our core values of being committed, community-led, partnership-driven and resilient. We adapted our work to make sure that we continued to support our communities.
Several of our young participants during the past few months have reported feeling vulnerable and isolated, with anxiety, frustration and uncertainty affecting the mental health and well-being of many. This is why we invested into launching our new free mobile app, ‘matchFit’, which is mentioned further below. I would really appreciate you downloading it and encouraging your friends and family members to do the same.
Last year we coined the term ‘Street Soccer United’ to reflect and represent the fact that throughout the difficulties, our team, partners, and local community truly came together to stand united to help others.
As we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic and beyond, I am acutely aware of the ever-growing demand of our service provision.
Everyone involved at the Foundation remains committed to making a difference to the lives of others – and to using the power of football to achieve on such. Let’s take a positive from last year – the strength of unity in community. Let’s continue to be here for each other and do all we can to look after ourselves and those around us.
Here’s to a more healthy, fun and positive year ahead.  Together, Changing Lives through Football.

"Your life is defined by the gap between what happens to you and your reaction to it
Mel Robbins

Street Soccer Academies nationwide.
We were pleased to see the successful completion of three Academy groups immediately before Christmas, through our partnerships with West Ham Utd, Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur.
“It’s been awesome. I’ve learned as much as what the young people have. Every session I’ve left with something. It’s been really inspirational.”
Daniel Kika, Coach, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation
Whilst we are currently in a national lockdown, we are now working with partners to establish a Street Soccer Digital Academy and aiming to move provision online over the coming fortnight to support young people across the country.
Street Soccer Schools - update
Towards the end of 2020 we were re-developing our Street Soccer School provision for the benefit of Primary Schools and creating a new School-based Mentoring programme. As soon as possible into the New Year when the lockdown is lifted, we intend on launching our new ‘Street Soccer Community School’ programme, providing vulnerable and disengaged children a combination of Football Coaching for physical and mental health and wellbeing, with facilitated workshops on mindset coaching and mentoring support, targeting social, emotional, behaviour and resilience training.
This will be a preventative based provision, focused purely on supporting vulnerable Primary school children across KS1 and KS2, for Years 1&2, 3&4, and 5&6 (ages 5-11).
Young Mental Health
The pandemic has placed a huge strain on young people, many of whom were struggling with their mental health before the outbreak. A loss of routine, anxiety, worry and social isolation has resulted in more young people requiring support.
This is why we have invested further by recruiting new team members to serve as mental well-being mentors to work in schools across Kent and Medway. Our mentors will be offering one-to-one and group support as well as facilitating group lessons focused on building resilience and emotional intelligence.
Have you seen our NEW matchFit app?

We are very proud to have recently launched our first mobile app, ‘matchFit’, as a direct response to COVID-19 and as a means going forward to be able to help support individuals – of any age – 24/7.
Providing abundant free resources on mental and physical wellbeing, resilience and motivation, the app is positioned to be able to help people start each day with a positive mindset. Through audio, video, reading and doing; the matchFit app provides 24/7 help and support, with content created by both the Foundation as well as other partners.
Contributors for the matchFit app from the sporting world include video messages from the likes of Gary Lineker, Robbie Fowler, Ian Poulter, Paul Stewart, Carl Fogarty, Wes Morgan, Ian Rush, Gary Mabbutt, Les Ferdinand and Kevin Campbell.
The app is available to download for free now. Please download your version by visiting:

Image Success To Beat Stress
Imagine your favourite footballer taking to the pitch ahead of a cup final. Or a star Olympic sprinter ready to launch off from the starting blocks. What thoughts are going through their minds in those moments of intense focus and excitement?
The best athletes create mental images of themselves being successful, particularly when under the pressure of performing. We call this mastery imagery. And you can do it too!
When we play any kind of sport or come across a challenge, we are faced with stress. You want to do well. You want to prove to yourself that you can do it. Stress can affect us in many ways, such as:

  • Confidence Do you feel ready and able to achieve your goal? Stress and anxiety can make you feel like you are not good enough to succeed
  • Physical health Stress is known to have many negative effects on our bodies over time, especially concerning the health of our heart
  • Performance When stressed, we may not be able to do as well as we would if we were less tense and anxious. This can affect our ability to achieve our goals.
Mental skills to cope with stress
But is stress always a bad thing? There are different kinds of stress, some more beneficial than others. However, the most important thing is not always the kind of stress we face. The mental skills we equip ourselves with to manage the stress determine whether situations will work to our benefit or not.
Imaging success
We’ve found that people who are more skilled at imaging themselves achieving success feel more in control when entering a stressful situation. Being able to image success can make people feel more confident in their ability to perform well under pressure. This is because if you are able to image success, you actually view stress in a more positive light. You know you can take the nervous energy and use it to your advantage.
Give it a go!
Some types of mastery imagery that you can rehearse are:
  • Staying positive after a setback
  • Giving 100% effort when things are not going well
  • Remaining confident in a difficult situation

When you are imaging these situations in your mind, start with a basic image and build up the detail of the image as you practice it more. If you find this quite easy, try and build in different senses, such as how you would feel in the situation.
Credit: Fiona J. Clarke and Dr Mary Quinton at SPRINT project, School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Birmingham

Paul Andrews   l  Chief Executive Officer, Jobs in KentPaul Andrews Jobs In Kent

1. What is Jobs in Kent? & What does it do?

We publish a digital platform for employers and recruiters to advertise job vacancies and for jobseekers to find their next role.

I founded the business in 1999  and now I head up the strategy &  direction of the business & chair the board. 

2. What made you want to support the Street Soccer Foundation?

Homelessness is a major problem, especially amongst the young. I felt that sport is an ideal way to engage young people and offer them support and help. 

3. Do you have anything you want to share with our other supporters?

With the situation that we face currently due to the pandemic sadly many people are losing their jobs, being made redundant etc . We offer a free service to find your next job, we also offer free resources to construct a simple CV, to find alternative jobs based on your transferable talents. We also work closely with a number of organisations helping people with supported needs and disabilities into work.

Contact Details: 

Paul Andrews

01622 761704

Click here to visit my Website
Click here to visit my Twitter Profile

Street Soccer Club Member Network   .....OFFICIAL LAUNCH!

We are thrilled to see the official launch of our new Club Member Network as of yesterday, to welcome in the New Year.
2020 was a year that truly rocked the entire world. The coronavirus pandemic had an unprecedented affect across the globe and as we enter 2021 and adjust our lives to the “new normal”, we know the repercussions continue to be felt far and wide.
Now more than ever, a community-led approach is what we feel is so important. Which is precisely why we have established our new Network: to help bring together our fantastic supporters and sponsors from the business community.
Our aim is to help our business supporters increase their network with other like-minded individuals. To be introduced to each other through the Foundation, to create new relationships and new partnerships. The Network is a way of our helping supporters help others. To team up together.
We’re delighted to see a number of new Club Members already enlisted with business profiles in the Network. If you haven’t become a Club Member yet – get registered today! There’s a whole list of benefits you’ll receive – all the while knowing that you’re also helping the Street Soccer Foundation continue to make a difference to vulnerable and homeless young peoples’ lives.
Make A Difference: Your Investment – Check out our fantastic Member Benefits. We look forward to publicly shouting you out across our socials when you sign up and become a new Club Member and valued team player of ours.    Together, Changing Lives through Football.
#PODCASTS    ....are back!
Our “#StreetSoccerUtd” Podcast show is coming back with the first new episode to be aired on Friday 29th January from 3pm on our YouTube channel. The format is a recorded video call between our Founder & CEO, Keith Mabbutt, and one of our Club Members, Sponsors or Partners. Keith will sit down on a 1-to-1 with supporters of ours to get to know more about the individual. What their upbringing was like, where they got started in life, to what they’re up to now, and their plans for the future.
If you’re a Club Member, Sponsor or Partner and would like to feature on the show, please contact Jen Francis on:

Young People's Testimonials

“I’ve gained more confidence and now have a positive mindset. It’s been very educational and fun. I really want to become a mentor now and help change people’s lives.”


Share with potential new Street Soccer team mates! Share with potential new Street Soccer team mates!
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For now, please keep SAFE, keep ACTIVE, and we’ll be in touch with you next month.
Together with your support, we are Changing Lives through Football.
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