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In the first instance, we welcome you back for the new year with an objective to enhance your success story for 2022.

Secondly, discover why Techentrup’s Lock Washer NSK-E is one of the best solutions for loose bolted electrical connections.

Lastly, see our ‘Product Focus’ for this month!

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We hope all of you have enjoyed a nice break and had a great start to 2022. 

Our team at Thomas Warburton are now back on deck for the new year, ready to service your requirements from Inventory Management Systems right through to your actual inventory, be it for your end product assembly or MRO. 

Together, we will enhance your success story throughout 2022.

Loose bolted electrical connections inevitably leads to system failure. 

Common causes for failure:

•  Loss of preload due to increased amounts of settling
•  Loosening of the connection
•  Damage to the conductor materials and chip formation

The essential functional criteria of a safe bolted electrical connection:

•  Uniform contact pressure in a defined range
•  Permanently existing contact pressure
•  Optimal corrosion protection
•  Protection of the mating surfaces
•  Anti-loosening effect

To pro-actively counteract these failures, Teckentrup has developed the Lock Washer NSK-E.

Properties and advantages of NSK-E:

• Surface coating with high correction protection effect and defined coefficient of friction
•  Protection of the mating surface
•  Easy to assemble
•  Arch-shaped spring geometry
•  Positive locking effect
•  Preload maintenance as well as continuous contact pressure with soft materials
•  Tested screw locking

Contact Thomas Warburton today or download the Teckentrup brochure to learn more about the Lock Washer NSK-E technology and applications.

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