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Christmas Dinner Success

We have never hosted an event this large. It was a huge experiment that took lots of planning and many hands to execute. We are so proud of our Colonia LightShine staff and for all the kitchen moms that worked tirelessly to make the event such a success. It was such a beautiful sight to look out across the room and see it filled with Tarahumara!

What a dream come true. It was a little slice of heaven, a small part in the vision of LightShine to see the Tarahumara Nation born again to a living hope.

It was so precious to see the faces of the children, how proud they were to present their songs, verses and dramas to their families. The teachers did a fabulous job preparing their classes for their production and it was just wonderful to see the children preforming on stage with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts. 

Each sponsor played a large role in the success of this event as well. Their contributions financially made it possible for each child registered in LightShine to receive a special Christmas gift, a reminder of the gift given to us by our Heavenly Father, and a special Christmas dinner for each family to share together during their holiday celebrations.

We also are so thankful for the RMC youth Team for volunteering their time and resources to help us behind the scenes. They were responsible for set-up and serving food, decorating and cleanup of the facilities, and getting every gift to the correct child/family, on the correct bus, heading for the correct colonia!

We look forward to more events like this. It was such a special time and we hope that more of you will have the desire and means to come and participate with us next Christmas.

To God be the Glory!
- Heather
I began our 2020 Goals meeting by dividing the LightShine staff into ethnic groups for a test that estimates culture type.The results were striking:
  • Americans (Heather and I) were 89% a 'Guilt-Innocence' culture; follow rules and seek justice or forgiveness to rectify a wrong.
  • Ethnic Mexicans were 52% a 'Shame-Honor' culture; avoid shame through fulfilling group expectations and restore honor within the community.
  • Tarahumaras were 56% a Fear-Power culture; avoid the fear of evil or harm through pursuing power, traditionally within a spiritual animistic context.
LightShine kids live in a devastating sub-culture mashup of Fear-Power without access to perceived power, and Shame-Honor while being despised by the larger culture. The resultant worldview is fatalistic hopelessness - the Gospel is seed scattered by the road and eaten by birds (Matthew 13).

But God's reality is radically different. This year each teacher will specifically take time in every class to actively combat the lies of that worldview! Every child has power to radically change her future with each decision! Each child is immensely valuable to God! Each child can be Born Again to a Living Hope!

Be praying! I believe God will smash the lies of the enemy in 2020!

*Learn more fun facts and hopes for 2020 from Chris ONLINE!
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