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April 8th, 2013 
Why Hello OYFA!

As you may have noticed, this newsletter is from a different sender :) For those of you who don't know me, my name is Christine Tran and I am the new Recording Secretary for the 2013-2014 school year. I would like to start off by thanking the old Board and Council for an amazing job that they've done this year; they've made my First Year experience the best that it could be and are a main reason why I fell in love with OYFA! To the new Board and Council, I would like to say that I am so excited for the next steps that we'll be taking together and I can't wait to see our contributions to this amazing organization. 

To get to know our Board and Council, each member has provided their favorite OYFA memory that you will see in the blurbs below, so take a look at those! Also, don't forget to participate in the trivia for a chance to win a great prize at the next general meeting. 

One important announcement before I end this somewhat-long intro: 
The General Meeting has been moved to Tuesday, April 16th at 7pm, location TBD. 

Yours truly,
A message from the President

Hey everyone! 
Get ready for an awesome year ahead of us! My goal by the end of next year is that you will know more about and appreciate the Filipino culture. So get ready to learn and soak in all that knowledge through all (or at least most) of our events. 
OYFA's last general meeting of the year, hosted by the new Executive Board, will be next Tuesday,  April 16th, 7PM (location TBD). We will be saying our goodbyes to old board & council, and welcoming the new! Come to hear more about our upcoming events, such as the Community Cookout, OYFA VMAs, and more! 
We also will be co-sponsoring with SHHO, BSA, LSA, and Phi Delta Theta fraternity for a Community Cookout this Saturday, April 13th 2PM @ 1508 Grady Avenue! There will be a DJ playing the whole time, a performance from the artist Bodega BAMZ, food, and more!  
Camille Lorenzana
- Excited for next year!
- April General Meeting this Wednesday, 4/10/13, 7PM @ Physics 204
- Community Cookout cosponsored with SHHO, BSA, LSA, and Phi Delt April 13th, 2PM @ 1508 Grady Avenue
Board's Favorite OYFA Memories

Camille Lorenzana, President-I have a ton, but one of them would definitely be those The-Day-After-Barrio dinners

Edric Miguel, Vice President- My favorite OYFA memory is everything from the start of Dress Rehearsal at MLK to the night before Barrio to the actual show! 

Justin Trinidad, Treasurer- Hey OYFA! I'm really excited to serve you all as treasurer and a family head next year! One of my favorite memories of OYFA would have to be Habitat for Humanity this year. As my last major event as Catdaddy, I loved being able to work outside on a beautiful day to help out the community. Despite the hard labor, we all had a great time bonding and hanging out the rest of the day afterwards.
Allan Bagsic, Corresponding Secretary- Hi OYFA! It's hard to limit my favorite OYFA memory to just a single one because I've enjoyed countless moments with our OYFAmily. The memories I've shared with Gusto kOYFA and being a Board Member and Family Head (woo Lubi-Lubi!) are definitely up there for favorite moments. I've also enjoyed laughing really hard with Adrienne Usman, spending time with my Littles, and showing how much fun OYFA is to first-years and new members. 

Christine Tran, Recording Secretary- My favorite OYFA memory is hanging out with everyone at Lighting of the Lawn! 
Public Relations

Hello OYFA!

My favorite OYFA memory has to be Culturefest weekend/Hurricane Sandy. All the spam consumed and fun memories shared were definitely something that made this first year so awesome!

Someone be my co-chair <3,

Hey OYFA! 

It may be needless to say but we are so excited to be your new FIND chairs for the next year! We will do our best to serve you as best as we can, and we are beyond thankful that you were all confident in us enough to elect us into council!

But now to get down to business…

If you all were present during roll call at Barrio, we had a HUGE turnout fromVCU. That being said, we definitely need to support them at their culture show FACT@VCU Presents: Ang Palansak: The Collective! on Saturday, April 20 at 5:30 PM. Doors open at 5:00 PM and we will be organizing rides and/or housing if you need it. There also will be an after partay for those staying after the show!

Sign-up for rides/to drive HERE!

FACT puts just as much dedication into their culture show as we do, so let’s really turn up at VCU, OYFAm!!!!

Also, the SFAS theme for this year is Outreach! Think about the ways you can reach out to people outside of OYFA and get them interested in the Filipino culture!

Jor's favorite OYFA memory: Playing soccer with Nico, Ian, Justin Cajayon, Jessica, Vinh, Kim, Jo, and Matt in the VSA Relay for Life tournament as Team OYFA!


Your FIND Chairs,

Jasmine “Juicy J” Pineda and Jornel “Juicy J” Torres


Kamusta OYFAmily!
We're Andrea Valdez and Michael Ramada, and it is an honor to introduce ourselves as your new membership chairs! We're so excited to create some great families and bring you some awesome events next year. Come out to our first Membership Dinner tomorrow, Monday 4/8 at 6pm at Newcomb! We can share Barrio stories or talk about things you would like to see done next year with families, the Big/Little program, and other events. Hope to see you there!

Our favorite OYFA memory was the energy circle we made just this past Friday as part of Barrio tradition. Everyone standing around in a circle screaming their lungs out and then coming together as a family and hyping ourselves out for Barrio was definitely something we won't ever forget!

Membership (Andrea and Michael)


First, we just want to give a big THANK YOU to Edric and Angeli for putting together an amazing Barrio. We couldn't have celebrated 25 years any better!
BUT the performing doesn't stop here. Come out to these events to support your fellow Oyfans!
International Night
Friday, April 12
4pm-6pm @ the Amphitheater
Stay tuned for more info on when Sakuting will be performing. 
Sunday, April 14
8pm-10pm @ Newcomb Ballroom
Sakuting and MegaModern will be performing at 9:45pm. 
**Performers, you will be receiving another email soon!!
Stay fly,
Culture (Leangelo Acuna and Kristine Viray)
Favorite OYFA memory:
Kristine: My favorite memory- Well it's not really a single memory but I loved culturefest practices my first year. I saw my class all the time and really got to know them. I also learned choreography for the first time!
Leangelo: All of my favorite memories can be placed in 1910 JPA Apt. 15. The funnest and best of my times with OYFA have been there. It was where I bonded with my family (Lubi-Lubis!), my class, and the uppers as well! 


My favorite OYFA memory has to be Barrio as a whole - the practices, rehearsals, and actual day of the show.  But I feel like a lot of people are going to say Barrio, so besides that, I would say that performing in Culturefest is my next favorite OYFA memory. :]

Your single Historian,

What’s up OYFA, it’s your new sports chairs Richard Lay and Kris Vocal coming at you with your Sports blurb. I’m sure many of you have heard about Relay for Life, but just to reiterate it is coming up soon on April 19th. If you haven't signed up yet do it as soon as possible at this link!

There has also been talk about interest in getting people to get together to play some pick up basketball at the AFC as school winds down. Whether you know how to basketball or not come out and join us! Details about this will come soon!

VSA is hosting a volleyball tournament between VSA, OYFA, and CSA.  Come out and play, or just support our team! It will be on the 29th, following the VMA awards! If interested, sign up here

And we're out.

Richard- My favorite OYFA memory is playing in the Winter Classic!
Kris- My favorite memory probably has to be Barrio. Just being on stage and performing in front of a large group of people was exhilarating, and even though it all seems like a blur, it was so much fun.

Hey OYFamily!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the Barrio Afterparty: Titanium! We hope that you all had a great time and made some really great memories, but we’re pretty sure you all did based on what we’ve heard (LOLOLOL) ;D We also want to congratulate everyone who performed in Barrio yesterday because you all killed it and were amazing!!


$ocial $wagg (Danielle & Nicole)

Danielle’s favorite OYFA memory:

I have so many good memories with OYFA! If I were to pick I’d say one of my favorite ones was Barrio season last year. It was the first time I’ve participated in a show like that and it was so much fun! As we all know the prep for Barrio is intense but it brings everyone closer together. It gave me the chance to bond with my class, my big - Elyse, and other oyfans. Modern dances will forever be my favorite part of Barrio because there’s always so much energy and seeing everyone perform is awesome!

Nicole’s favorite OYFA memory:

It actually is really hard to pick one memory... I guess I would have to say this past fall’s Big Sib/Little Sib week. I really enjoyed the activities that happened each day since it really gave me (and everyone else) a chance to get to know everyone else in OYFA. I especially loved all the competitions and even though we didn’t always win, my family is without a doubt the best, GO KANSILAY!! Oh, I also love the parties that the past social chairs (Michael & Alex) put on. They were a really interesting and fun way to get to know OYFANs in a different way :)


This is your new Webmaster, Matt Lapuz!  The website is still under construction, but be on the lookout for some cool new features in the next few months.
My favorite OYFA memory is a combination of the night before Barrio and the actual day of Barrio in my first year!  First Year Modern, Sayaw Sa Bangko, and Igorot all made that Barrio very special.  The whole experience was just surreal and it was simply unforgettable.  I knew after that day that OYFA was going to be a big part of my college experience going forward.
Community & Scholarship

Hey OYFAmbam!

So Community and Scholarship have our first big event this April 28th, the Video Music Awards! The VMAs basically speaks for itself. OYFAns will submit 5min videos of a special talent, skit, project, or anything of their choice (including live performances as well), and will be judged accordingly for special prizes from our sponsors! There will also be raffles for all the guests! All the proceeds we earn will go the the HeCares Foundation to help support unfortunate children in the Philippines and OYFA’s Scholarship Endowment Fund to begin building the scholarship fund for a hard working OYFAn next year. The time and location are TBD, however the deadline will be April 26th for your video submissions! Please submit your videos and talents to Glenn Getty’s email

Hey 3rd and 4th years! Please consider contributing to the Classy Advice for the 2013--2014 school year! We would really appreciate learning more about your experiences here at UVa! You can submit your information here.

Thanks again :)


Kim's favorite OYFA memory is the Barrio Afterparty!

Student Advisors

Hello OYFA! Student Advisors in the HOUSE (YEAHHHH BOYYYYY!)

You might know us as Doan Phan (Tanya) and Michael Lapuz (that nerdy guy) but together you can now call us the MICKEY-D’s (can I get some fries with that?)

We’re here to help you out in any way we can, be it OYFA-related or otherwise. But really, as ratchet as we sound right now, you can come to us for anything. Real talk, academic issues, event planning, etc. Because we’ve got the SKILLZ, the TIME, the EXPERIENCE, and we just love you all that much.

With that being said, we will soon be holding......


STUDENT ADVISOR SING-ALONG SESSIONS (singing is optional but advised... get it?)


Starting on Friday in Newcomb Pav from 2:30 - 5 pm (because we different KYEAH WE’RE DIFFERENT KYEAH). Maybe when it’s nice we can hold them on the Lawn to be all UVA class and stuff.


If you guys have any questions ask us!


AND WE OUT! (finger snap in Z formation)

Michael & Doan - THE Mickey-D’s

General Announcements

Nelson- Chow & Nixon Chang Award Nominations
We are now accepting nominations for the Nelson-Chow and Nixon-Chang awards given to a 4th Year APA student and a Faculty/administrator here at the University respectively.  Nelson-Chow Award is given to a fourth-year who has made the greatest contribution to/on behalf of the APA community during their 4 years here at the University.  The Nixon-Chang Award is given to the faculty/administrator who has made a great contribution to/on behalf of the APA Community here at the University.  Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.

All nominations must be submitted by Friday April 19th at 5PM. Recipients will be announced at the APAHM Closing Ceremonies on April 25th. 


VSA PHOFEST : Spring 2013 Edition

It’s PHO REAL--- that time of year again!

Come have PHOn with some other awesome people and PHOndraise for our CPP, M.E.M.O.!!

When: THIS Friday, April 12th, 5-8PM

Where: Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church (717 Rugby Rd)

Rides will be from Bonnycastle starting at 4:45pm!

Here's the link to the Facebook event:

Asha for Education and UN Women team up to bring Girl Rising to UVA. The movie tells the stories of 9 girls from around the world who face – and overcome – unbelievable obstacles on the path toward getting an education. Here is the trailer: 
Where: Newcomb Theater
When: Friday April 12, 5pm
What: FREE PIZZA & snacks! Free Raffles for Gift Cards!
Tickets $2, available at the Door and at the Lawn, Newcomb, Ohill: 11am-1pm, 4/3-4/4, 4/8-4/12
For more information: OR email


ASU 2013-2014 Council & Committee Applications

 April 9  |  Due 11:59 pm

This year, the Asian Student Union Executive Council brought you Semiformal, Date Auction, APAutumn and APAHM. If you are interested in planning large-scale events for the Asian/Asian Pacific American community and the greater UVa community, passionate about representing the A/APA community around Grounds and seeking leadership opportunities while developing long-lasting friendships, apply to be part of the ASU Executive Council & Committees for the 2013-2014 school year.  Descriptions of all positions are attached here. 

Trivia Challenge 
Be the first to answer back with at least one correct answer to be the next featured OYFAN! But wait! If you answer back with both answers by the end of this week (midnight on Sunday), you will be entered into the Week In OYFA Raffle for a chance to win a small gift at the next general meeting!

1. My pants ripped during graduation when I was a junior marshal. Guess Hoo?
2. What are the two largest islands of the Philippines? 
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