Lisa Williams March 3rd!
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  My Mentor Is Coming to York!
Lisa Williams at the Pullo Center on March 3rd!


A few months ago, I found out that the world renowned psychic, Lisa Williams, would be coming to York on Friday, March 3rd! I was so excited! Some of you might know, but for those that do not, I was trained, certified, and hand-picked to be one of Lisa’s Certified Spiritual Advisors. I was actually in one of the very first groups of Mediums that Lisa certified! It is truly an amazing honor.

Lisa is a wonderful and incredibly powerful Medium (as was her Grandmother!). Having been extremely successful in the UK, Lisa became a household name with her show on Lifetime TV and her national tours. Her readings are so accurate, and her messages come through so strongly, you know that your loved one was right there! Definitely check out Lisa's website by visiting

I am truly blessed to know this amazing woman, and I cannot wait to see her on March 3rd! The event will be held at The Pullo Center, a performing arts center on the Penn State York campus. The show starts at 7:30pm, and tickets are only $30 per person!

Additionally, The Pullo Center staff reached out to me, knowing my connection with Lisa, and asked if I would like to get involved. So, before the show, there will be a table set up in the theatre lobby where you can register to win a FREE 30-minute reading with me! I also have a really nice ad in the program that night, so if you are in attendance, please look for it!

I am so happy to be involved, and to be able to see my dear mentor and friend once again!

Tickets are available at or by calling their ticket office at 717-505-8900!


  Lisa Williams on Heart to Heart!
Lisa will join me on the radio on February 28th!


To go along with the excitement in seeing Lisa on stage at The Pullo Center March 3rd...she will be joining me on my radio show, Heart to Heart, on Tuesday February 28th!

My bi-monthly show brings on guests of all kinds...fellow psychics, mediums, nutritionists, dog trainers, animal communicators, veterinarians, and much more! So many wonderful people...and now my mentor! I am so blessed!

Be sure to tune in to 1280 AM WHVR Real Country Radio from 9-10 a.m. on the 28th to hear Lisa and I chat about life, spirit, and much more! We will also discuss her show at the Pullo Center. It's going to be a great morning!

  Snuggling Fido:
Sleeping With Your Dog Has Benefits!


Do you sleep with your dog (or cat)? I do! All 4 of my big babies rotate on and off of the bed throughout the night! But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! 
Ask any pet owner about the notion of sleeping with their dog, and you’ll likely get one of two responses: they do, and they love it; or they don’t, because it disrupts sleep/etc. Guess what? The data appears to support sleeping with your dog!  Many studies have been conducted that confirm the health benefits of sleeping with dogs. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published the opinion that sleeping with one’s beloved canine can bring forth a number of benefits.
And there appears to perhaps be something to this. Nearly 50 percent of all dog owners sleep with their pet. 
Dog owners that sleep with their pet may already be aware of the things on this list. Some of you may just start inviting Fido under the covers.
Here are some amazing benefits of sleeping with your dog:

If you’ve ever cuddled with a dog, you can probably attest to the fact that there is just something so comfortable about the experience. Simple things like listening to the dog’s breathing, feeling their fur, etc., can bring about a strong sense of comfort.

In general, dog owners feel a sense of calm and assurance when their furry companion joins them in the bedroom. Interestingly, some insomniacs have reported an improved sleeping experience once their dog began sleeping in their bed.
Of course, this can swing both ways. Some people simply don’t sleep well with their pet, and vice-versa. Still, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

 Dogs are just comfy creatures; their warm-bloodedness, rhythmic breathing and propensity for close physical contact are enough to manifest a feeling of comfort in just about everyone with a pulse.

Dogs often both give and receive a sense of unconditional love and loyalty. Someone with depressive symptoms is often void of this feeling, or doesn’t experience the feeling nearly enough.
It is also common for someone experiencing depression to have difficulty sleeping. Put two and two together, and a dog’s presence may just help alleviate some of those symptoms.

Most dogs have a keen sense for protection. TWhen paired  with their excellent hearing, you get a strong feelings of security and well-being.

Your dog absolutely loves spending time with you. Nothing pleases them more than a long snuggle! 

  Messages From the Other Side!
Gallery Reading on February 12th


Nothing gives me greater joy than delivering messages from loved ones on the other side. We had a wonderful group reading at the fabulous Heel Your Sole in Mechanicsburg on Feb. 12. If you could use a little healing for your mind, body or soul, this is the place to go!

 And more good news…Carol Howe, of Heel Your Sole, ( is hosting another Group Reading on Feb. 26. Contact Carol to reserve your seat!

Here are some of Carol’s memories from our recent group reading!:

“ I was so happy for my friend that her mother came through showing you the antique rug beater. My friend has been fighting stage 3 uterine cancer for the past 3 years. So, to hear her mother tell her she has more years left, and that classical music would help her bones was so cool.  By the way, she used to play cello for the symphony.  Mom gave great advice.

Also loved the horse from childhood coming through to the young girl  giving her strength. And her recently deceased brother telling her to sing and how important music should be in her life.

Of course the male spirit with the firefighter boots who was finally recognized as the fiancé from years ago made us all smile. He just wasn’t leaving until his person remembered him.

We all loved the nun coming through to speak to her dear friends. She spoke about the betrayal by another order of nuns and most importantly she pointed out to us that the afterlife isn't like we are told. It is LOVE!  

Also, it was fascinating to hear our guest, Terry, tell about seeing her friend’s energy leave through her throat chakra and the rainbow colors at the time of her passing!

And, as Jacqui says, gratitude is big with Spirit! We heard from Susan's husband thanking her for allowing him to pass at home. That I know is really healing for her.” (THANK YOU CAROL!!! xoxo)

I also received this wonderful note from another gallery member, Michele:

Hello Jacqui,
I would like to thank you for the special message from my High School friend, Dennis. He came in giving you the words “Lancers and AIDS”. (Lancers are a local drum & bugle corps! And her dear friend had passed away from AIDS) We were in the band front together and had so much fun. It really touched my heart, and his comments about adding joy into my life really made me reflect about incorporating  more fun times and moments with family and friends!
I must tell you that I thought about the cat that was trying to come in that no one recognized and it dawned on me that I had two cats with my ex-husband. My black and white cat used to curl his tail, which you mentioned, and he would whip it down hard on the floor, especially when he was chasing bugs or chipmunks. I feel so bad about not thinking of him because I was so focused on BuddyBoy, my bird, asking him to come in with a special message. (Note from Jacqui – this is what we call Psychic Amnesia ;-)
Thanks again for the awesome session and for my wonderful Valentine's Day gift! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you and I will always remember your comment about how “my light and love provide warmth to any room I walk into” and I will treasure that for the rest of my life!

You never know who is going to show up at these readings, and what you might remember later on that you couldn't recall. Don't miss out on the next group reading, it is always filled with love, laughter, and some tears!


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