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Today’s newsletter has a new addition: we are rolling out our first Trust the Process video series. Scroll down to watch how Apothékary is growing smarter.

The Marketing Markets

The spending mix among the community has remained relatively consistent over the last few weeks. 59% of marketing investments over the last 30 days have gone into Facebook and Instagram. Here’s what else the Trust community is seeing:

1) Facebook CPMs

Facebook CPMs had been fairly steady to start off November, but a recent pricing increase led to a sizable week over week percentage increase:

Week over week: +17.6%

30 day high: $12.74

30 day low: $8.19

2) Instagram CPMs

Instagram CPMs have been volatile, as the monthly high and low occurred in the recent days:

Week over week: -25.1%

30 day high: $9.47

30 day low: $5.76

3) Snap CPMs

Snap CPMs have heavily increased in the last two weeks, with another 30 day high occurring in recent days. Snap pricing remains one to watch in the coming days:

Week over week: +29.8%

30 day high: $9.53

30 day low: $3.79

4) Pinterest CPMs

Pinterest’s CPMs recently dropped to 30 day lows and have hovered around that price for several days:

Week over week:

30 day high: $6.80

30 day low: $5.45

One final pricing tidbit: Staying with Pinterest: the 30 day high occurred on the final day of October. Three straight days of price declines followed to begin November.

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Introducing the Trust the Process Video Series

As the Trust community continues to expand, we have enjoyed getting to learn about many of your businesses. Our community of founders continues to want to grow smarter, together, which is why we are excited to roll out the next phase of Trust the Process.

Our Head of Content, Blake Burman, has been speaking with founders about their story, successes, and challenges they’ve overcome. Our first profile is of Shizu Okusa, the founder of Apothékary.

Blake: Shizu, of course there was the iOS 14 change. How did that impact you?

Shizu: iOS had made it extremely expensive on the middle of funnel and bottom of funnel piece, and so what I would say in 2020 is that we did, you know, conversion oriented ads at the start of going to market, and those were, say, I don't know, CAC of like $35-40 when we went to market. They’ve probably doubled, more now than they have, yeah, since 2020. So around 50 to 60. For us, given our AOV and our LTV that's still actually quite healthy.

Click here to watch the first feature in our Trust the Process video series. Shizu discusses how Apothékary has adapted to iOS changes and inflationary pressures, and why TikTok has been a winner for her business.

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Trending Across the Trust Community

Meta’s New Ads Restrictions

The newly named Meta has announced it’s removing certain detailed ad targeting options. The company says this will include options to target by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and political affiliation.

Meta acknowledged the impact this could have for advertisers, saying it could have a negative impact on businesses and organizations. “We remain committed to helping small businesses, non-profits, and advocacy groups reach their audiences,” a Meta executive said.

The change goes into effect January 19, 2022 and you can read Meta’s full post here.

Holiday Guides are Here

It’s just 16 days until Black Friday, but the holiday shopping season is well underway. Several of the platforms are making their case about why marketers should place ads with them.

TikTok released two different guides, one for Black Friday and another for the holiday shopping season as a whole. Part of TikTok’s pitch is that 47% of people who have been on the platform say they have bought something they saw on TikTok.

Facebook’s video series says it shows “what it takes to make a good business idea stand out during the busiest time of the year.”

Pinterest also revealed what it says are the top holiday gift searches on its platform.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Predictions

Retail Dive shares data it says was provided to them by Shopify. Among the predictions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year:

  • 94% say they plan to shop online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • 77% of online shoppers expect free shipping

  • 84% of online shoppers expect retailers to pay for return shipping costs

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