Poll Finds a Missing Link: A new analysis out today finds that Americans are largely unaware of any connection between climate change and their health, spotlighting a need for more education and health-related communication on climate. For more on the findings of this report, "Climate Change in the American Mind," click here
Lima Closes with Agreement: Negotiators agreed to a draft outline of a global climate deal at the conclusion of the 20th Conference of Parties in Lima, Peru (COP20). This text will serve as the foundation for a Paris agreement when parties reconvene in 2015, and all countries vowed to move on climate action in finance, mitigation, adaptation, and transparency. Delegates also agreed upon guidance for the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), which countries will submit over the next six months. (BBC News, Washington Post $, Climate Central, Reuters, GuardianNew York Times $, Wall Street Journal $, Financial Times $, APE&E News $, Xinhua, National GeographicThe Nation, BloombergUSA Today, CNN, Business Standard, The Age, Nasdaq, PTI, Times of India, Deutsche Welle, National Journal

Reactions and Breakdowns: The Lima climate agreement was a momentous and historic step, and unsurprisingly, a lot of reporters, NGOs, and other experts have their own takes on the outcome. Some highlight the bare-bones structure of the draft as a concern, while others optimistically focus on the progress towards a global deal next year. 
U.S. News 
  • How the 'War on Coal' went global (Politico
  • Trillions and quadrillions: Huge numbers tell U.S. energy story (Climate Central
  • Poll: Half of Republicans back limit on carbon (AP, State Column, The Hill
  • Whaaat? Twenty percent of Americans still don't believe in global warming (Fusion
  • Waters warm, and cod catch ebbs in Maine (New York Times $) 
  • Climate change takes a village: As the planet warms, a remote Alaskan town shows how unprepared we are (Huffington Post
  • Capturing carbon as a byproduct of running a fuel cell (New York Times $) 
  • Oil slump leads Wall Street to worst week in 2-1/2 years (Reuters
  • IEA cuts oil demand forecast (The Hill
  • Gasoline price hits five-year low (The Hill
  • Inslee says if polluters were charged, state would benefit (Seattle Times
  • NYC mayor Bill de Blasio steps up on climate change (InsideClimate NewsEcoWatch
  • Rising sea levels could make Florida residents 'climate refugees' (CBC News
  • Council members adopt a climate change amendment (Miami Herald
  • Barbara Walters to David Koch: If you're a 'social liberal,' why do you fund conservative candidates? (Mediaite
  • Can a pair of Republican congressmen make the House fold on climate change? (ThinkProgress
  • Study: climate change hurting salmon habitat (CoastAlaska News
  • New study shows South Florida soft corals may withstand climate change (Miami Herald
  • Congress passes largest wilderness, parks, development package since 2009 (E&E News $) 
  • EPA head brushes off 'doomsday' talk (The Hill
  • Lawyers gird for fight against EPA's Clean Power Plan based on states' rights (E&E News $) 
  • Sweating 2014: Record warmth not considered climate change, but maybe a symptom (Fresno Bee)
  • Senators push for more distributed wind power funding (The Hill
  • First coal ash regulations in the offing (The Hill

World News
  • China's glaciers have retreated by 18% in half-century (Xinhua
  • China's coal addition brings scourge of black lung (Wall Street Journal $) 
  • Climate change 'will foster terrorism and fuel immigration to UK' (Telegraph
  • Weather bombs, polar vortex: Global warming's influence on extreme weather (Science 2.0
  • Let nature play a role in climate adaptation, experts urge (Thomson Reuters
  • Countries are donating billions to a global fund: Here's what it's for (Business Insider
  • South Africa doubles plans for renewable energy on program wins (Bloomberg
  • Can China's shale gas help it reach peak coal by 2020? (Motley Fool
  • Abe's re-election risks undercutting push for renewables (Bloomberg
Denier-for-Hire Preaches About Prostituting Science
While we would normally ignore the low-grade blogs like NoTricksZone as well as bottom-tier, fossil fuel spokesmen-for-hire like Dr. Willie Soon, the two have come together for a post that is just too good to pass up. 
NoTricksZone wanted a comment from Soon about how 2014 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record. His reply was a perfect example of a classic defense mechanism identified by Sigmund Freud called psychological projection—where one projects a problem of their own onto others. We see this regularly in deniers who claim "alarmists" ignore or cherry-pick evidence and engage in ideologically driven groupthink, as well as in deniers who name their deceptive and misleading blog "NoTricksZone." 
In this case, it's Dr. Soon implying that the World Meteorological Organization and anyone else who notes this year's record heat is "prostituting science." Which is interesting, considering all of Dr. Soon's grants since 2002 have come from the fossil fuel industry! Together with Sallie Baliunas, Soon has received over $1 million from dirty energy interests since 2001, according to a number of documents uncovered by Greenpeace.  
So here we have someone who's taken literally hundreds of thousands of dollars from the American Petroleum Institute, ExxonMobil, Charles G. Koch Foundation and other fossil fuel interests with the express purpose of casting doubt on man's influence on climate, saying independent scientists are "prostituting science." 
I think Freud may want a word with you, Dr. Soon. So have a seat on the couch, and tell us, how is your relationship with your mother

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