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Visit Grand Junction eNewsletter - December 2022
One of the many unique attributes of a Grand Junction winter is that you can enjoy all the snow sports you expect in Colorado, and you can also hike in sneakers and mountain bike on dirt. The western side of the state provides vast snowy alpine terrain juxtaposed with dramatic high desert, creating two seasons in one! Are you not sure where to go, how to rent equipment, or where entry fees are FREE? Check out this helpful blog which details it all out perfectly for your next Grand Junction winter adventure! 
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Snowy Mountain Sports & High Desert Activities - All in 1 Season!
Did you know that winter is the best season to stargaze? The cold air holds less moisture, so the skies are clearer compared to summer months where the air holds more humidity, which makes the skies hazy. Learn about comets, asteroids, meteors, and galaxies; and more importantly, where to view them in Grand Junction. 
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Celestial Bodies in Grand Junction!

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