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Visit Grand Junction eNewsletter - May 2023
Spring in Grand Junction looks a little different than the rest of Colorado. While most of the state is thawing out during mud season, causing trails to be swampy, Grand Junction celebrates springtime with comfortably warm days, dry trails, and flowers in bloom. Thanks to the temperate climate and lush high desert landscape - hiking, biking, OHVing, water sports, and climbing ramp up this time of year. In the evening, you'll find friendly locals and guests sharing epic experiences, insider tips and favorite trails - while sipping local craft beverages in true après style.
A Different Side of Colorado!
The wild Mustang symbolizes the strength and independent spirit of the wild west. Seeing these majestic creatures graze on wide open public land is truly a reminder of Grand Junction's western roots. Fortunately, you can still see wild horses today at the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range. Within just 30 minutes from town, you can view wild horses and newborn colts roaming freely on over 36,000 acres of protected public land. There's a reason the wild mustang is Grand Junction's spirit animal - freedom, resilience and a pioneering spirit is alive and well here.
Grand Junction's Spirit Animal!
While exploring over 1.5 million acres of public land in the Grand Junction area, you're bound to see a variety of majestic creatures. Sightings of bighorn sheep, elk, bald eagles, the Eastern collared lizard, and many other wildlife and reptiles, are common in Grand Junction. So the next time you're on the trail, keep an eye out for the animals that roam this pristine land, and always remember to keep your distance!
Where Wild Animals Roam!

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