Alumnus leads innovations in malaria detection; Coverage of Syrian refugee crisis; Scholar spotlight; Farewell to Daniela Kaisth
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IIE-SRF Alumnus Uses Nanotechnology to Diagnose Malaria
IIE-SRF alumnus Dr. Dmitri Lapotko, a scholar in biomedical optics and thermal physics from Belarus, has once again been featured in the news for his ground-breaking methods of diagnosing malaria infections with nanotechnology. Whereas current malaria tests can take up to 20 minutes and require drawing blood by trained personnel, the new test is “the first true non-invasive diagnostic,” according to Dr. Lapotko, and can detect malaria in merely 20 seconds. The New Scientist describes the device as “a weapon that fights malaria – a laser scan can give an accurate diagnosis in seconds, without breaking the skin, just like the fictional tricorder in Star Trek.” Dr. Lapotko undertook IIE-SRF fellowships at Rice University between 2007 and 2010. He subsequently joined the university full time and is currently the director of its Nanobubble Lab.
Read about the new malaria treatment here>>
Recent Coverage of the Syrian Refugee Crisis Features IIE-SRF's James King 

In its special coverage of the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on higher education, Al-Fanar Media published two articles that include interviews with IIE-SRF's James R. King. Al-Fanar explores unique strategies in Turkey and Lebanon to address the needs of university-age Syrian refugees. 
Scholar Highlight: Dr. Iman Al-Ghafari of Syria
Since earning her Ph.D. from Cairo University, IIE-SRF alumna Dr. Iman Al-Ghafari has made a name for herself as a courageous and original researcher in the nascent field of Arab sexuality and lesbian studies. In her current research on "Lesbian Issues in Contemporary Middle-Eastern Cultures: Between Theory and Practice,” she is developing a new understanding of lesbian subjectivities and identities. Dr. Al-Ghafari received two years of IIE-SRF fellowship support to continue her academic work at the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality (ARC GS) based at the University of Amsterdam, and she recently completed a one-year position at Utrecht University with the support of the Scholars at Risk Network. She is now seeking a teaching or research position in any academic institution globally. Institutions that may be interested in working with Dr. Al-Ghafari should contact IIE-SRF at
A Fond Farewell and Thanks to Daniela Kaisth 
Daniela Z. Kaisth has stepped down from her position as IIE’s Vice President of External Affairs and IIE Initiatives in order to start her own philanthropy consulting firm, Gratias Partners. For over a decade, Daniela led IIE’s programming to support scholars and university students impacted by warfare and targeted repression across the globe. In addition to IIE-SRF, Daniela has overseen such IIE programs as the Emergency Student Fund and the Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis. She also co-authored, with IIE-SRF’s Chairman Emeritus Dr. Henry Jarecki, Scholar Rescue in the Modern World (2009) and is currently writing a second edition. According to IIE’s President and CEO Dr. Allan Goodman and IIE-SRF Chairman Mark Angelson, “Daniela’s impact on the Institute has been immeasurable. She has brought fearless and compassionate leadership and a commitment to innovation in the face of global challenges.” IIE-SRF expresses its deepest thanks to Daniela for her leadership, wisdom, and passion for IIE-SRF and our scholars. We will miss her and wish her the best as she brings her many talents to Gratias Partners. Daniela can be reached at
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Scholars Seeking Visiting Appointments

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Scholar Spotlight

A Syrian professor of Medical and Molecular Biology specializing in virology seeks a visiting position in Europe, North America, or the Middle East. 

October 6 & 7 | Istanbul
Al-Fanar Media, in partnership with IIE, will hold a workshop on “Delivering Higher Education to Syrian Refugees” For more details contact James R. King at

September 29 | New York
IIE’s annual Gala, “Celebrating International Education – Transforming Our City, Our World” will feature IIE-SRF and include remarks from the first female president of Tikrit University. Please register or donate here.
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