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17 February 2017



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Week 6, 2017
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 12 new cases for week 6 - 2017, bringing the total to 52 HIV new notifications for 2017 to date.

Prime Time: The End of HIV?
The Outmost, 8 February 2017
Prime Time’s ‘The End of HIV?’ explores what access to PrEP in Ireland could mean for MSM. Click here to watch ‘The End of HIV?’ on RTE Player.

The UK’s largest sexual health clinic saw a 40% drop in new HIV infections this year
Aidsmap, 22 December 2016
Testing and immediate treatment, along with PrEP implementation, are considered by experts the causes behind the significant drop in new HIV diagnoses in London in the year 2016.

Study Reveals 30% of MSM Participate in Chemsex
The Outmost, 12 January 2017
Gay hookup site Squirt has carried out a survey on chemsex among MSM in Ireland examining the types of drugs used, frequency, safety, HIV status and other aspects.

Sexual health and addiction services launch ‘G’ harm reduction resources, 19 December 2016
Various organisations have teamed up to launch a new service providing information and harm reduction to address the increasing use of the drug G in Ireland.
See also:
‘Chemsex’ drug raises concern about health and consent
The Irish Times, 5 January 2017

Dr Dominic Rowley On HIV, PrEP And Chemsex In Ireland
The Outmost, 15 December 2016
Dr Rowley, consultant at St James’s Hospital GUIDE Clinic in Dublin, talks about the rise in HIV and STIs among MSM, and about PrEP and prevention.

Students’ Union to mandate for PrEP in Ireland
The Outmost, 14 December 2016
The Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union Council have voted to mandate for PrEP to be available to those who need it in Ireland.

STI and HIV Testing Clinics in Dublin
Legless in Dublin, 13 February 2017
Review of accessibility for disabled people in various HIV and STIs testing clinics in Dublin.

Mountjoy prisoners segregated in 1986 after 20% diagnosed with Aids antibodies
The Journal, 31 December 2016
A Government internal document from 1986 reports that more than 40 prisoners diagnosed with HIV were to be segregated from the general prison population.

We Can't End the HIV Crisis Unless We Get Serious About Sexual Health in Prisons
Broadly Vice, 31 December 2016
HIV crisis and lack of prevention in US prisons.

NAM endorses Undetectable equals Untransmittable (U=U) consensus statement
Aidsmap, 9 February 2017
NAM’s Executive Director, Matthew Hodson, says, ‘The scientific evidence is clear. Someone who has undetectable levels of virus in their blood does not pose an infection risk to their sexual partners’.

California looks to roll back penalties for HIV transmission
Fox News, 13 February 2017
According to the new Senate Bill 239, the act of intentionally transmitting any infectious or communicable disease - including HIV - is not considered a felony anymore, but a misdemeanour.

Lifetime ban on gay men donating blood lifted
The Journal, 16 January 2017
A man who last had sex with another man more than 12 months ago will now be able to donate blood if he meets the other blood donor selection criteria.
See also:
Galwegian first openly gay man to give blood after Minister lifts lifetime ban on donations
Galway Advertiser, 19 January 2017

Test can detect HIV within a week of infection: researchers
New Vision, 17 February 2017
Spanish researchers have developed a new test which might detect the HIV virus within a week after the infection.

High hepatitis C prevalence seen in Amsterdam PrEP study participants
Aidsmap, 6 February 2017
Study on Hepatitis C prevalence according to HIV status and PrEP use, and the viability of Hep C screening for regular PrEP users.

Republican Attempt To Repeal Obamacare Puts People With HIV At Risk
Huffington Post, 6 January 2017
A change in US policies about healthcare provision and health insurances could jeopardise HIV prevention and treatment for many patients.

What does the future hold for people growing old with HIV?
Metro UK, 19 January 2017
Terrence Higgins Trust has produced a new report on the needs and experience of people growing old with HIV. Uncharted Territory: A report into the first generation growing older with HIV

Unique case of PrEP failure without drug resistance reported from Amsterdam
Aidsmap, 17 February 2017
The man tested positive after six months on PrEP, and after starting antiretroviral therapy he was undetectable again.



Ireland’s first Supervised Injecting Facility to provide safe harbour and medical help for chronic drug users
Department of Health, 7 February 2017
Press Release: The Government approves the publication of the Misuse of Drugs Bill 2017.
See also:
Supervised Injecting in Ireland
Volteface, February 2017
Tony Duffin (Ana Liffey) explains the importance and benefits of Supervised Injecting Facilities in the long term.

It's planned the first supervised injecting facility will open in 2017. So how did we get here?
The Journal, 24 December 2016
Tony Duffin illustrates the Ana Liffey Drug Project’s campaign for the implementation of supervised injecting clinics and addresses related issues.



USI calls for ‘safe sex’ to counter rise in Chlamydia infections
Irish Examiner, 14 February 2017
The Union of Students of Ireland and the HSE have launched the 2017 Sexual Health Awareness Guidance (SHAG) campaign. Chlamydia infections have dramatically increased in the last year especially among young people aged between 20 and 29.

Disease control workers at ‘sex-on-site’ Dublin venue due to dysentery
The Irish Independent, 2 February 2017
The HPSC has reported an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant Shigella among HIV positive MSM in the Dublin area.

Experimental STI prophylaxis in PrEP users produces big drops in syphilis and chlamydia infections but not in gonorrhoea
Aidsmap, 15 February 2017
Results of a study on the effects of antibiotic Post Exposure prophylaxis for STIs in gay men using PrEP.

Listerine gargle every day helps to slow spread of gonorrhoea, study finds
The Guardian, 20 December 2016
Researchers at Melbourne clinic claim that daily rinsing and gargling with a mouthwash could help control the spread of gonorrhoea.



‘There is no place for internal discrimination,” says Mr Gay Limerick
The Outmost, 2 February 2107
Acceptance may be part of the contemporary discourse but the LGBT people have a way to go before internal discrimination is eradicated.


Sex Work

14.02.17: Expert groups ‘deeply disappointed’ with new laws affecting human rights of sex workers
MRCI, 14 February 2017
Amnesty International Ireland, HIV Ireland, MRCI, and TENI criticise the new law that criminalises the purchase of sexual services.
See also:
'A DANGEROUS LAW' Sex worker Kate McGrew on the new law which makes it illegal to pay for sex
The Irish Sun, 15 February 2017
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