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30 October 2015



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Week 42, 2015
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show 21 new cases for week 42-2015, bringing the total to 388 HIV new notifications for 2015 to date.
Six year health plan promises widespread free HIV testing
RTE News, 29 October 2015
The HSE has launched a new sexual health strategy and action plan. It outlines measures the government will put in place to help raise awareness of sexual health and facilitate access to services.

Varadkar publishes Ireland’s first National Sexual Health Strategy & Action Plan
Department of Health Press Release, 29 October 2015

National Sexual Health Strategy 2015-2020 (full text)
Rapid testing service to fight HIV spread
Irish Examiner, 30 October 2015
Health Minister Leo Varadkar has announced that rapid HIV testing will be offered in colleges, workplaces and public places.
With EACS release, all international HIV treatment guidelines agree on when to start – for the first time since 2006
Aidsmap, 26 October 2015
The new European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) HIV clinical guidelines, released at the 15th European AIDS Conference, recommend HIV treatment upon diagnosis for all patients.
London clinic survey shows impact of chemsex on condom and PEP use
Aidsmap, 28 October 2015
A survey on gay men and chemsex in London has shown high levels of unprotected sex and hepatitis C among both HIV-positive and HIV-negative men, high levels of post-exposure prophylaxis use and a high frequency of injecting drug use.
Judge backs model who became the unwitting ‘face of HIV’
New York Post, 30 October 2015
A model falsely identified as HIV-positive on a campaign poster will get compensation. The judge has ruled that suggesting that the woman is HIV-positive is defamatory because it means she has a “loathsome” disease and exposes her to “public contempt, ridicule, aversion or disgrace.”
When You Need a Coach, Not Just a Cheerleader
HIV Plus Mag, 28 October 2015
Life coach Christian Hutchinson is HIV-positive and helps other people living with HIV, especially those who are newly diagnosed, to come to terms with their situation. His particular brand of coaching is based on the awareness of the impact of choices, actions, and thoughts.
Savage Love: The fine line between getting the truth and seeking revenge
Straight, 28 October 2015
HIV disclosure and married life: Does my HIV-positive cheating husband deserve to go to jail?

The Overlooked Secondary Benefits of PrEP
The Body, September 2015
PrEP introduction has opened a frank discussion on many issues, including sex and risk-taking, prevention and screening of STIs, stigma and serostatus.

How effective are HIV prevention methods
Positive Lite, 29 October 2015
The Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) has reviewed the evidence on the main HIV prevention methods and has published individual statements outlining the effectiveness of each strategy and how service providers can communicate this knowledge to their clients.
Benefits & Pitfalls to HIV Home Testing
Beta Blog, 22 October 2015
Health providers agree that HIV home tests are an important tool against the spread of HIV, but they raise concerns about their use in some settings.
Is PrEP 100 % Effective or 100 % Over-Hyped?
The Body, September 2015
“PrEP shouldn't put the condom industry out of business just yet, and it works best if taken with other risk reduction activities and, most importantly, a daily dose of common sense.”
Releasing Stigma: Police, Journalists and Crimes of HIV Non-Disclosure in Canada, Kyle Kirkup, Ottawa Law Review
HIV Law and Policy, October 2015
This document examines Canadian police and media practices that stigmatize people living with HIV. The author proposes several strategies for reform, such as changing police ethics, educating journalists and public officials about the medial realities of HIV transmission risk, and abandoning the “aggravated sexual assault” charge based on HIV status.
Risk of heart attack rises with length of HIV infection, regardless of age
Aidsmap, 27 October 2015
Stopping smoking, improving diet and exercising are especially important for people living with HIV long-term.
HIV latency: a high-stakes game of hide and seek
The Conversation, 26 October 2015
In latent infection, HIV integrates its genetic material into the DNA of the patient and becomes “silent”. This is the secret weapon that allows HIV to stay for years in hiding.
Two New HIV Studies Give Access to Research Medications to People With Multi-Drug Resistance
The Body, September 2015
Some HIV patients develop resistance to medication as – even though they adhere to the treatment regime - the virus can mutate and turn multi-drug resistant.
First data backs efficacy of BMS' novel HIV drug
PM Live, 26 October 2015
Scientists are working on a new drug that blocks the final step in the HIV maturation process and seems to stop the virus from becoming fully-formed and infectious.
HIV care could save lives and billions of dollars, computer model predicts
Eureka Alert, 26 October 2015
A computer model developed by health care delivery specialists predicts that strengthening a handful of efforts to keep people with HIV in lifetime care, along with more rigorous testing, would potentially avert a projected 752,000 new HIV infections and 276,000 AIDS deaths in the United States alone over the next 20 years.



IHRC 2015: Needle Exchanges Must Meet Needs of People Who Inject Steroids and Image-enhancing Drugs
HIV and Hepatitis, 28 October 2015
24th International Harm Reduction Conference: Surveys in the UK suggest that rates of HIV and viral hepatitis infections are significantly higher among people using injecting steroids and other image-enhancing drugs than in the general population.




Public support softer laws on drug use
Irish Examiner, 28 October 2015
The Oireachtas Justice Committee is set to urge the Government to “seriously consider” a Portuguese-type decriminalisation model for possession of drugs for personal use.
See also:
Families back reform of drug laws
Irish Examiner, 28 October 2015
A survey indicates that eight out of 10 families directly affected by drug addiction favour decriminalisation of drug possession.
Lord Mayor to launch ‘What’s in the pill?’ campaign aimed at student population
Drugs, 23 October 2015
A new harm reduction campaign has been launched by Ana Liffey Drug Project and three Dublin universities to provide students with evidence based information.
Harm reduction conference calls for political leadership on drugs policy reform
Aidsmap, 27 October 2015
Numerous speakers at the 24th International Harm Reduction Conference said that punitive and prohibitionist drugs policies have restricted access to harm reduction services, contributed to the spread of HIV and hepatitis C.


9 Sexual Health Mistakes You May Be Making
Bustle, 24 October 2015
Here is what not to do is you want to take your sexual health seriously.


Sex Work

Criminalising purchase of sexual services is a daft idea, part infinity: enforcement issues
Feministire, 23 October 2015
Current situation of sex work de/criminalisation and law enforcement in Ireland.
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