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16 September 2016




HPSC - Weekly HIV & STIs Report - Week 36, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 15 new cases for week 36 - 2016, bringing the total to 378 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

Sweden the first country to achieve UNAIDS/WHO 90-90-90 target
Aidsmap, 14 September 2016
Sweden has become the first country to achieve the UNAIDS/WHO 90-90-90 target. At the end of 2015, 90% of HIV cases in Sweden were diagnosed, 99.8% of people were linked to care and 95% of people on treatment had a low viral load.

Emergency department’s routine HIV testing has helped identify dozens living undiagnosed
Pink News, 14 September 2016
A London hospital that introduced routine opt-out HIV screening for all emergency patients undergoing blood tests has helped diagnose dozens of people who were unaware of their HIV status.

The Reality of Living with AIDS: Doctors Weigh in After Alexis Arquette's Death
People, 13 September 2016
Medical experts explain what dying of complications related to HIV/AIDS means, and how HIV is now a chronic and manageable condition for most people.

GMHS launch rapid HIV testing at new Monday afternoon Baggot St. clinic
The Outmost, 14 September 2016
The Gay Men’s Health Service has launched a new STIs and rapid HIV testing at their clinic in Baggot Street in Dublin.

Where would gay men prefer to take their next HIV test?
Aidsmap, 15 September 2016
Study on HIV testing among MSM, in relation to HIV testing history and preferences for future tests, barriers and facilitators, and intervention preferences.

London gay men anticipate some pros and cons of different PrEP methods – but optimal efficacy is key to acceptability
Aidsmap, 9 September 2016
Study on acceptability and practicality of various HIV prevention methods among MSM.

Acceptability of PrEP for London gay men affected by perception of risk, sexual partners’ attitudes and the stigmatisation of sex
Aidsmap, 9 September 2016
How social dimension can influence and shape the use of PrEP among MSM.

Should dating apps have HIV filters?
A filter could help HIV-positive people to get in touch avoiding stigma, it also could also create a false sense of security, with consequences on disclosure and safe sex.

HIV-positive man gets decade for unprotected Craigslist sex
Yahoo News, 13 September 2016
A Georgia man will spend 10 years in prison for using Craigslist to arrange sexual encounters with at least two different women without revealing he was HIV-positive.

NHS England warned against ‘divide and rule’ tactics over claims HIV drugs deprive cancer patients
Pink News, 16 September 2016
Healthcare groups have warned NHS England not to pit patients against each other, after the NHS claimed that funding PrEP would deprive cancer patients of treatment.
See also:
PrEP HIV drugs: court hears NHS England appeal
The Guardian, 15 September 2016

This Is What It’s Like To Be Dying Of AIDS – And Then Survive
Buzzfeed, 10 September 2016
Thanks to ART treatment, HIV is not a death sentence anymore. But what happens when you plan to die only to recover? Three people, whose stories span the global epidemic, explain what it means to have a second chance at life.

7 Ways to Improve Adherence
Poz, 5 September 2016
Adherence isn’t easy for everyone. Sticking to a medication regimen can be tough, but here are some tips and tools that may help.

Managing non-communicable diseases among people living with HIV
Aidsmap, 13 September 2016
Non-communicable diseases management and care for HIV patients in low- and middle-income countries.

Why Some People Are Immune To HIV, Ebola, And Other Diseases
Medical Daily, 14 September 2016
Natural resistance to certain illnesses is a well-known fact and, for the most part, continues to baffle scientists. A new research explains why some are born with such a trait.

Researchers to study effects of tobacco smoke and opiates on HIV patients
Temple University, 12 September 2016
This US study will be the first to look at the combination of tobacco smoke and opiate use in HIV patients.

Study finds barriers to accessing HIV prevention pill
University of California, 12 September 2016
The report includes results from a statewide survey focused on young MSM and examines current levels of PrEP awareness and use, likelihood of use, and barriers to prevention.

Delays in updating HIV treatment guidelines in Africa blocking early treatment for millions
Aidsmap, 12 September 2016
Only three countries in sub-Saharan Africa have adopted the 2015 WHO recommendations, with an average delay of eight months to incorporate the recommendations into national guidelines.



More options to be made available to treat hepatitis C
Nice, 12 September 2016
Another drug for people with chronic hepatitis C will be made available on the NHS. A final guidance is to be published in October, when the NHS will have a three month period to make the drug available to patients.


Drug treatment centre reports huge rise in use of services
The Irish Times, 16 September 2016
Latest report by Merchants Quay Ireland shows that homelessness and drugs use have reached unprecedented levels.
Full report: Merchants Quay Ireland Annual Review 2015

Canada has just approved prescription heroin
The Washington Post, 14 September 2016
The Canadian government has approved new drug regulations that will permit doctors to prescribe pharmaceutical-grade heroin to treat addicts who have not responded to more conventional approaches.

Sexual Health

Teachers and students to be surveyed on sex education quality
Irish Examiner, 11 September 2016
The HSE will carry out a new survey on how relationships and sexuality education is delivered in post-primary schools around Ireland, after Department of Education’s reports showed that students were dissatisfied with the RSE programme.

Plea for better sex education in Northern Ireland schools as STIs rise
Belfast Telegraph, 12 September 2016
A survey carried out by the Family Planning Association has found that in various cases lessons about sex and relationships were based on the personal beliefs of the teacher or stance of the school, rather than evidence-based information.

Sex Work 

'We bring happiness into their lives' - Meet the sex workers providing services for clients with disabilities
Irish Independent, 14 September 2016
In the Netherlands, where sex work is legal, the government offers grant schemes whereby citizens with disabilities receive funding to pay for sexual services up to 12 times a year.

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Free HIV and STI testing at The Red Door Project, Drogheda

***New*** Free HIV and STI testing clinics at the Red Door Project, St. Mary’s School Convent, Dublin Road, Drogheda, Co. Louth.  Third Wednesday of every month.  The next clinic takes place on Wednesday 21st September.  This is a free, walk-in service (no appointment needed).

GMHS Outreach Clinic
The Gay Men’s Health Service outreach testing clinic takes place in Outhouse LGBT Community Centre on the third Saturday of every month.  The next clinic date is Saturday 15th October. Doors open 1:30 pm.


***New*** Free Rapid HIV testing @ GMHS

Free rapid HIV testing now available at a new Monday clinic at the Gay Men’s Health Service, Baggot Street Hospital, Dublin 4.  Clinic times: 2pm to 4pm.  Drop-in service.  Full STI screening also included.

GUIDE Clinic

Free HIV and STI testing at the GUIDE Clinic, St. James’s Hospital every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  See more at


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