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17 June 2016



HIV Ireland Press Release Irish AIDS Day 2016
HIV Ireland, 15 June 2016
The Ana Liffey Drug Project and HIV Ireland are taking action to address the increasing rates of HIV diagnoses amongst people who use Snow blow by providing harm reduction and HIV prevention information for people who inject drugs. 

HIV diagnosis up 30% last year
RTE, Morning Ireland, 15 June 2016
Podcast: Niall Mulligan, Executive Director of HIV Ireland, discusses the increased risk of HIV infection amongst people who inject drugs, particularly 'snow blow'.

‘Snow blow’ behind increase in HIV diagnoses in Ireland
Irish Examiner, 15 June 2016
New HIV diagnoses in Ireland increased to the highest level on record in 2015 and they are linked to the use of a drug called ‘snow blow’. Provisional data published by the HSE show a 30% rise.

HSE and the Gay Health Network Publish the Largest ever MISI Survey
HSE, 10 June 2016
The HSE and the Gay Health Network have launched the Men who have Sex with Men Internet Survey Ireland (MISI 2015) at the 14th Annual Gay Health Forum. 
You can read the full report here:
MISI 2015 - Findings from the men who have sex with men internet survey
See also:
MISI 2015: Executive summary and conclusions
Minister Corcoran Kennedy launches 14th Annual Gay Health Forum
Department of Health, 10 June 2016
The Minister has welcomed the partnership approach shown by the HSE and various organisations attending the Forum in advancing the health and wellbeing of LGBT people in Ireland.
Gay Health Network survey shows nearly 40% of men have never been tested for HIV or STIs
NewsTalk, 10 June 2016
Results of the largest ever survey of MSM carried out by the HSE and Gay Health Network, with 3,090 men included in the analysis. Young men and those living outside Dublin are among those least likely to have had a HIV test.
Students encouraged to get tested for HIV as cases in Ireland rise
The Irish Times, 15 June 2016
The Union of Students in Ireland have launched a campaign to encourage people to get tested with the message ‘no shame, no judgement, just support!’ as new figures from HPSC show a record increase in HIV in Ireland.
'People living with HIV are the walking embodiment of the shame we attribute to sex'
Newstalk, 15 June 2016
Activist Robbie Lawlor talks about living with HIV in Ireland and reckons that in order to overcome stigma people need to start fighting the shame society attributes towards sexual activity.

HIV-positive adolescents need to be rapidly linked to specialist care to have best chances of sustaining engagement with HIV services
Aidsmap, 14 June 2016
New figures show that 62% of newly diagnosed adolescents were linked and engaged in care within 22 weeks of referral following their diagnosis. However, adolescents with shorter intervals between diagnosis and referral to HIV services were more likely to quickly engage with care and to stay in care.

Scientists map the global spread of HIV – through the Western world and beyond – for the first time
Oxford University, 15 June 2016
The study has found that HIV travelled from the US to Western Europe on a number of occasions, while Central and Eastern Europe remained isolated for the most part of the early epidemic. Analysis of thousands of genome sequences also shows the connection between geopolitical events and the spread of the virus.

Big increases in proportion of HIV-positive people in US treated with ART and with viral suppression
Aidsmap, 10 June 2016
According to a recent research, the proportion of people living with HIV in the United States who accessed antiretroviral therapy and achieved viral suppression has substantially increased in the last years.

Russia's HIV epidemic dismissed as part of Western 'information war'
The Sidney Morning Herald, 13 June 2016
According to the Russian Institute for Strategic Research the real goal of the West's fights against HIV "is the implementation of the economic and political interests of US-led global structures, relying on an extensive network of international and quasi-NGOs."

PrEP-Linked Symptoms Peak in First Month, With Modest Adherence Impact
The Body, 14 June 2016
Results of a study on PrEP, side-effects related symptoms and their impact on adherence.

People With HIV and Other High-Risk Groups Should Test for Syphilis Quarterly
POZ, 13 June 2016
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has published new guidelines in the Journal of the American Medical Association after reviewing evidence on syphilis testing for asymptomatic, adults and adolescents, including those with HIV and other STIs.

This Can Help HIV Patients Battling Lymphoma
Web MD, 15 June 2016
People living with HIV are at high risk for lymphoma, and a new study concludes that autologous stem cell transplant should be standard treatment in these cases.
Nearly half of newly-infected HIV patients experience neurologic issues
News Medical, 14 June 2016
A new study has found that many newly infected HIV patients experience neurological problems, but they tend to be mild and they subside after antiretroviral drugs are given.


HSE to expand hepatitis C treatment programme
The Irish Times, 14 June 2016
The HSE has announced that anti-viral drugs that can cure Hepatitis C will be provided to an additional 1,500 patients.



Health experts call for illegal drug use and possession to be decriminalised
UK Independent, 16 June 2016
The Royal Society for Public Health and the Faculty of Public Health say the government's approach to drugs policy had failed and call for the decriminalisation of possession and personal use of all illegal drugs in UK.

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