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22 April 2016



HPSC - Weekly HIV & STI Report - Weeks 14 and 15, 2016
Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show a total of 14 new cases for weeks 14 and 15 - 2016, bringing the total to 155 HIV new notifications for 2016 to date.

NHS England reconsiders decision over HIV PrEP drug
The Guardian, 19 April 2016
The NHS will reconsider the decision to drop the roll-out of HIV prevention drugs to MSM after a legal threat from the National AIDS Trust.
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The NHS will now consider putting PrEP back into the NHS decision-making process following the threat of legal action from the National AIDS Trust
NAT, 19 April 2016
Press Release and letter to NHS.

First HIV patient lives long enough to develop Alzheimer's
Daily Mail, 20 April 2016
The first case of Alzheimer's disease diagnosed in a patient with HIV highlights how HIV-positive people are now living longer,.

Conference hears calls to end ban on gay blood donations
The Irish Times, 21 April 2016
A medical conference held by the IBTS Board is to review the lifetime ban on gay men donating blood.

Facing my fear: I watched too many friends die of Aids. Then I was diagnosed
The Guardian, 15 April 2016
“After witnessing my best friend’s death, I swore I’d never let myself get infected. When I did, I had to learn that my fate would be different.”

HIV Positive: Embracing Your Biggest Fear
Impacting Our Future, April 2016
An HIV-Positive diagnosis reoriented a young gay man into an activist hoping to break down the stigma and increase understanding of the virus.

What Is HIV Stigma?
The Body, 26 March 2016
A woman living with HIV talks about how she confronts stigma in everyday life.
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I am a Latinx Transgender Woman With HIV and I’m Still Standing
The Huffington Post, 18 April 2016

How HIV symptoms are different for women
She Knows, 20 April 2016
HIV symptoms in women can look a lot like other health issues.

New research explains why HIV is not cleared by the immune system
Medical News Today, 14 April 2016
Researchers explain why the body is unable to create an efficient immune response to prevent  HIV transmission.

HIV infection associated with premature aging
Medical News Today, 22 April 2016
A research, which used highly accurate biomarkers to measure biological ageing, shows that HIV patients age prematurely by 5 years.

This startup delivers HIV-prevention pills to your doorstep via an app
The Verge, 20 April 2016
Californians can now get prescriptions for PrEP tablets through an app, with the medicine delivered to their door in a matter of days.

Resistance to anti-HIV drugs in steep decline in Switzerland
Aidsmap, 13 April 2016
A new study shows that the vast majority of patients who initiated treatment in more recent years have not acquired resistance. These patients usually had a pre-treatment resistance test done and were treated with highly effective first-line ART.

China promotes self-testing kits to boost HIV battle
China Daily, 20 April 2016
Self-testing kits will be made available to any kind of outlets in order to make them accessible to everybody.

Do ethicists hinder HIV prevention research?
Reuters, 20 April 2016
According to some experts, ethics panels may be impeding HIV prevention efforts by requiring gay and bisexual adolescents to get parental consent before taking part in research. Fear over coming out may prevent young men from asking their parents for permission to participate in HIV prevention studies. 

Global Health Funding Becoming Scarce: Study
Voice of America, 15 April 2016
Two new reports by health economists warn that global aid is not keeping up with the targets recommended in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.



High incidence of HCV re-infection among HIV-positive MSM in Western Europe
Aidsmap, 19 April 2016
Researchers have found that a quarter of HIV-positive MSM who cleared an initial HepC infection were re-infected within three years. The researchers reckon that current prevention strategies are failing and call for the intensive monitoring of people with co-infection.

A third of MSM with HIV/HCV co-infection have HCV in their semen
Aidsmap, 11 April 2016
Researchers have found that the Hepatitis C virus is present in the semen of a third of co-infected HIV-positive MSM and that the levels of the virus where high enough to transmit the infection. Experts therefore recommend the use of condoms for anal sex in order to prevent Hep C transmission regardless of HIV status.

WHO issuing updated guidelines for treatment of hepatitis C infection
WHO, 13 April 2016
The updated guidelines recommend the use of the newer and more effective treatments and give guidance on customised treatments based on the patients’ clinical history and HCV genotype.
For the full guidelines: Guidelines for the screening, care and treatment of persons with chronic Hepatitis C infection - Updated Version - April 2016
See also:
Eliminating the Public Health Problem of Hepatitis B and C in the United States: Phase One Report
The National Academies, 11 April 2016

Hepatitis C Transmission Turned on Its Head
Hep Mag, 11 April 2016
Some researchers think that the pre-1965 epidemic of genotype 1a HCV occurred because of flawed infection control rather than risky behaviours.

Hepatitis C treatment for under $300 coming soon
The Guardian, 13 April 2016
Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative says cheaper Hep C drugs successfully tested in Egypt could be available within 18-24 months.



Dublin's heroin problem
The Irish Times, 13 April 2016
Overview of the drugs situation in Dublin, the surge in heroin and polydrugs deaths, and the call for supervised injecting rooms.
See also:
'Major concern' as two men die of suspected overdoses within days of each other
The Journal, 18 April 2016

Warning to drug injectors over drug preparation as HIV outbreak hits Glasgow
NHSGGC, 18 April 2016
People who inject drugs are being warned about an HIV outbreak in Glasgow and drug injecting practices that increase the risk of HIV transmission. Experts have also warned that ‘legal highs’ could be a factor in more frequent high-risk injecting behaviour.

UNAIDS urges countries to adopt a people-, rights- and health-centred approach to reverse the HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs
UNAIDS, 15 April 2016
A new UNAIDS report says insufficient coverage of harm reduction programmes and policies that criminalize and marginalize PWID are failing to reduce new HIV infections.
Full Report: Do No Harm – Health, Human Rights, and People Who Use Drugs

The World Needs a Healthier, Rights-based Approach Towards People Who Use Drugs
The Huffington Post, 19 April 2016
Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, talks about the human rights of people who use drugs.



Super-gonorrhoea a 'serious threat' in Ireland
The Journal, 18 April 2016
Doctors in UK and Ireland are expressing concern as gonorrhoea is turning more resistant to antibiotics.

Havoc caused by STIs - not true love - is what makes humans mate for life
The Journal, April 2016
A new study says monogamy came about because our ancestors feared STIs.


Sexual Health

SRI launches National Sexual Rights Law and Policy Database
Sexual Rights Initiative, 12 April 2016
This new international database stores laws and policies related to sexual rights, including reproductive rights and sexual and reproductive health.


Sex Work

Trafficking in Human Beings in Ireland 2014
Blue Blindfold, April 2016
The Annual Report of Trafficking in Human Beings in Ireland for 2014 - published by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of the Department of Justice and Equality - includes data concerning alleged victims of human trafficking reported to An Garda Síochána and NGOs and updates on the criminal justice response to human trafficking.
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