Maternity Leave Update; Young Living 101; Fight Infertilty

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April 2015

April is here, and the weather is gorgeous today! Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

We are getting excited because Dr. Brenda is getting closer to her due date! Please read the article below to stay up to date on her maternity leave and post-partum schedule changes.

We are also having a contest at the office for Baby Kazda! Guess the baby's sex, weight, size and due date to win prizes!

National Infertility Awareness Week is April 19th-25th. Read our article on how chiropractic can help you Fight Infertility Naturally.

This month we will be having a Young Living 101 + Green Cleaning class on Thursday, April 9th from 6:30-8 pm. This will be our last essential oils class for a few months.

If you are getting outside and more active with this spring weather, be sure to read our Weekend Warrior Safety Tips to prevent injury when doing yard work and increasing physical activity.

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Have a Happy Easter!

Dr. Brenda Trudell, DC
Amy Mertz, LMT
Melissa Graf, LAc
Chris Kazda, CPT
Terry Haag, RN, BSN

Dr. Holly Krook, ND

Looking to Add Massage Therapist, Other Practitioners to Growing Business!

We are looking to add new practitioners to our growing team! Massage therapist, reiki practitioner, ATMAT professional, midwife, doula, reflexologist, and other natural health providers would be a great fit.

Fully trained, certified, licensed, outgoing individuals to rent space as an independent contractor, and be part of a busy wellness and holistic practice are who we are looking for!

For massage therapist questions, please read the following, and contact Amy Mertz at Aura Massage & Wellness. 

For all other practitioners, please contact Dr. Brenda at 437-9990.

Feel free to pass this info on to others who may be interested in joining our team!



This Month's Featured Young Living Essential Oils: Lemon & Citrus Fresh

Lemon has a strong, purifying, citrus scent that is revitalizing and uplifting. Lemon consists of 68 percent dlimonene, a powerful antioxidant. It is delightfully refreshing in water and may be beneficial for the skin. Lemon may also be used to enhance the flavor of foods. Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons. Jean Valnet MD estimated that it takes 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of oil. In his book, The Practice of Aromatherapy, Valnet wrote that lemon is a tonic for supporting the nervous and sympathetic nervous system.

Citrus Fresh is a relaxing, calming blend of orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, spearmint essential oils. It is loved by children and adults alike. Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, it supports the immune system and overall health while bringing about a sense of well-being, creativity, and feelings of joy. It also works as an air purifier.

To order Lemon and/or Citrus Fresh essential oil(s), contact Chris at or order directly here.
April 2015
Online Calendar

4/2, 4/9,
4/16, 4/23, 4/30
Thursdays-Late Infrared Sauna Night

Happy Easter!


Young Living 101/Green Cleaning
6:30 PM-8:00PM

4/13 to 3/17
Bring A Sauna Guest For Free

Happy Earth Day!

All Month
Free Assessment & Body Composition Analysis with Personal Training Session Purchase

Infrared Sauna News & Specials in April!

Late Thursday Sauna nights continue in April, with the sauna being available until 9:00 pm (Last appointment at 8:00 pm.). Bring a sauna guest for free (a $5 savings each time) the week of April 13th to 17th. This guest can accompany those with either new or unused sessions. Come experience the numerous benefits of our infrared sauna!
Please call 608-437-9990 to reserve your appointment, and click here for sauna information and recommendations. 

Take a video tour of our infrared sauna!

Dr. Brenda's Maternity Leave & Schedule Changes

Dr. Brenda is due in Mid-May, and we want to keep our patients up to date about her maternity leave and schedule changes post-partum.

If you have not yet done so, please sign up for our Email Newsletter AND our Blog from Please also follow our Facebook page. These three areas will be updated frequently and will have the most accurate information about office hours.

While on maternity leave, we will do our best to return phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Our Online Scheduler (also found on our website), will have hours that are available for appointments. Please feel free to use this service as a way to book your appointments.

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Fight Infertility Naturally

April 19th-25th is National Infertility Awareness Week.

For many couples, the dream of becoming parents is easy to achieve.  They decide when they would like to start having children, try a couple of times, and then voila- a baby arrives nine months later!  But for millions of Americans, this is not the case.  According to the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 12% of women in the US (7.3 million) between the ages of 15-44 had difficulty conceiving or carrying a baby to full term in 2002.  This number continues to grow each year, along with the frustration of the couples who cannot achieve their dream of becoming parents.

Most experts define infertility as not being able to get pregnant after at least one year of trying. Women who are able to get pregnant but then have repeat miscarriages are also said to be infertile.  Why do some women have problems conceiving and others don’t?  This question is asked every day by couples struggling to have a child and the answers aren’t always clear. In some cases, the cause may be obvious, but in others, it is not.

Read ways to fight infertility here...

Multi-Joint Movements:
Real-Life Exercise
Christopher Kazda

Going to a gym and hopping on an expensive piece of weight equipment is great. Most of the time there are padded seats, with easily adjusted resistance levels, handles to grip, and a nicely oiled track/mechanical movement for your engaged body part to move. The issue that may arise is that these movements and machines do not transfer well over to real life and real movement that is used everyday. When is the last time that where in a seated position and straightened both legs…mimicking a leg extension machine? Would doing this movement transfer well to the big race you’ve been training for? No. It wouldn’t be ideal.  We use unilateral movements (using one side of our body at a time) to accomplish these tasks. So why don’t we train that way?
Simply training one side of our body, one of limbs, or adding resistance to our normal everyday movements would be an obvious solution to implementing this type of training. One that I would like to talk about now is multi-joint movements.

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Young Living 101 and Green Cleaning Class

Thursday, April 9th, 6:30-8:00 PM

In this two-part class, Young Living 101 will first explore Young Living essential oils, and the company itself. Learn how to use common oils to keep your family healthy. Learn more about how to get these oils at wholesale pricing, ways to earn up to 20% on your orders toward free product, and other potential opportunities within the business. 
Secondly, Green Cleaning with Essential Oils will show how to make your own natural and non-toxic green-cleaning products using essential oils and other common household ingredients. 

This class is free. It will include handouts and samples. Please RSVP to 437-9990 as space is limited.

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