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#118  May 2020

Well done to everyone in the community who has pulled together to keep us all apart and help stop the spread of Covid 19. 
It has been an interesting time for us all and we rather like the idea of the Great Pause - as lockdown has been dubbed.  We are now in Alert level 3 which still means pretty stringent conditions.  We still can't run activities where people gather face to face.  Any community events are online and probably will be for at least the next month.  
Keep an eye on our Facebook page or our website for upcoming activities. (you can look at this page and see what is happening whether you are a Facebook user or not).

Happy reading.

Lynne and Chrys


Our next connections meeting will be on the 19th May 12.30 pm and it will be on Zoom. 
Hamish Fairburn from conservation Volunteers will be talking to us.  conservation volunteers have a strong presence in Halswell and rent the Manager's House in the Quarry. 
To get the link for the call, please register your interest in attending the meeting with Kate at  

25TH May 2020. 7.00 pm
Our AGM this year will on Zoom.  We have Anthea Madill of Remix Plastics who will be giving a talk about her work in helping people to minimise household waste. 
Please register your interest in the meeting with Kate: so we can send you a link. 

We are looking for one more committee member to serve on the committee that steers the Halswell Community Project.  Our work provides the organisation with financial oversight, ensures that our legal obligations are met, and provides direction and policy.  From time to time we also help out our paid staff when needed.  All this is focused on helping the organisation develop and run its community development activities. 
Currently we run a monthly market, a community hub (including some of the activities in that hub), a number of Facebook pages and groups, a community newsletter, and a Website which is currently being redeveloped. We also run events and school holiday activities from time to time. 
If you think you might be interested in helping with this or if you would like to find out more, then please contact Chrys by email or phone 0272868653.

The following are off, or closed, until further notice

Get a stall for when we are back in action or find out more:
Ph Keri on: 027 370 0344

Check our Facebook page or our website for any updates when the Alert levels drop.
The Halswell Newsletter is put out by the Halswell Community  Project with some funding assistance from the CCC and a lot of local volunteer time.  Find the PRINT VERSION HERE.

Check out the Halswell Community Website for more local information.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this newsletter!

THANKS also to our Advertisers for supporting this newsletter


A number of our local businesses are now open for business. 
To help people find out what is open locally the Halswell Community Project Team have pulled together this document which outlines what is open and how to find them
If you are needing goods or services then check them out first and support them if you can.  

Avoid using Uber Eats who change businesses a huge 35% of the cost of their food over an above what they charge you for their delivery fee.  There are better locally run options that are easier on or businesses and help keep much more of that money circulating in our local economy.  Here is one.

Throughout this period of lockdown, it has been amazing to see the number of groups of people from their bubbles out walking and cycling in the area. Those walking in the Halswell Quarry will have been treated to a magnificent display of autumn colours pictured in the accompanying photo. 
Words and Photo: Deb Harding Browne.

As the economist Kate Raworth puts it in this video discussion , the economy is the way we provision for our wants and needs and that can be done through:
  •  Public provision (what local and central governments provide),
  •  Market exchange (what we buy and sell),
  •  Household relations, and
  • The commons – all the activities that involve communities and resources created and /or held and maintained by those communities for those communities -
This means that we should think not of The Economy but rather of many different economies that we participate in.  Not all economies are purely money based – In some cases they may be gift based (as household production usually is) and /or reciprocity based (as much community production is).  The way these different economies collectively provide for our wants and needs varies over time and we are seeing that clearly now.  Household production,and public provision are much more important than they were before lockdown. Community production is likely to become more important as we move out of lockdown.

We are seeing more focus on household economies.  During lockdown households shifted to producing more of what they need.  More people baking rather than buying bread, people are painting their houses rather than getting someone in to do it, and there has been an increase in the numbers who are starting to grow veges in the back yard. 
Public provision:  Likewise, we are seeing government step in to provide a lot of public resources to provide for the needs of people who find themselves unable to work.
Over the last decades, the market economy has taken over things that used to be supplied by our commons. For example, we often pay for babysitters rather than reciprocating with our neighbours.  We buy recreation that clubs once provided, we throw out food or produce when it could be shared – we buy rather than borrow tools or books which then sit in our sheds or on our bookshelves unused or unread for months and sometimes years at a time.  It is no longer common to share transport with people. 
All this has increased our need for money.  However as the market and our internationally linked just-in-time systems break down, Many people are now thinking about the fact that a lot of our needs can be taken care of by working with others to produce stuff locally, share stuff locally, help each other out and even share work that needs to be done.   Essentially, people are thinking more about how to build (or perhaps rebuild) local commons. 
Communities around the world have developed a wide range of commons - much wider than the ones we saw in past generations.  For example, many have developed financial commons (such as the Grameen Bank, the Angel Fund or local savings pools),  Some have Timebanks that help people to ask for and offer time and skills.  We could grow more locally produced food in community settings, increase access local food growers through local markets,  share knowledge and skills, create recreational opportunities through clubs,  share tools and make our local book and food sharing spaces hum.  If this is of interest then check out this article that lists more options for the sorts of commons that many communities around the world have been creating and using
You can find out more about commons here

Words: Chrys Horn

There are a growing number of resources available to help all of us improve our happiness levels.  Human beings tend to be wired to see all the bad stuff that is going on and in doing that we can miss the good unless we take steps to look for it and spend time with it.   This blog post provides some links to some  talks and resources to help us all get happier


As you would probably expect with the current Alert Level, none of the usual events will be taking place.

Although the Halswell Library Te Hapua is now closed for the next month at least here is some useful information that might help with your isolation. You’ll need a library card and PIN number to access most of the eResources. No card? No problem, sign up online now.
If you need help, use the online chat service, LiveOnline, or call 03 941 7923.



Our potters are making good use of the lockdown.   Getting more of their own "trade mark" work underway, or developing new ideas, or making new glazes, or even the messy business of recycling clay, as you can see from the images.
We send to you our very best wishes as the country moves through these challenging times.   You can reach us at



Due to the Covid 19 virus we have cancelled all our May meetings.
We will review the situation at the end of May.

Because of the advice of the Prime Minister we will not resume the Friends and Neighbours group in May. We will assess the situation at the end of May. Any enquiries to Judy at phone 4200923.

 Halswell Bowling Club Friday Euchre.   Due to commence in May.
Due to the COVID 19 crisis and country wide lockdown, our popular Euchre afternoons will be cancelled until further notice.
St.Mary's at 329 Halswell Road, Halswell and All Saints at 9 Blakes Road, Prebbleton Church Services -
(Anglican Parish of Halswell/Prebbleton)
St.Mary's at Halswell and All Saints Prebbleton churches will remain closed to the public and no services will be held until the Government gives the green light to do so.
Weekly Newsletter & Sermon, Parish News and any other special notices are published via online as an  email fromParish Administrator

It is hard to plan ahead at present, but if the Library is open Ruth Dyson will be there for her usual drop in 2pm on 4 May.  If you have concerns please ring her office or email  While the office is not open, we are doing our best to respond to people’s requests.


Halswell Netball Club are looking for junior players for the 2020 season, once it gets underway when we reach Alert Level 1. We are looking for players for the following grades: Under 15/14 combined, Under 12 & Future Ferns players Years 3-6.
If you are interested, please email Krissy at"


From Tuesday 28th April, the Citizens Advice Bureau will continue to offer our service by phone 0800 FOR CAB (0800 367 222) email and by online chat  You can also find us on Facebook  We will not be able to resume our Face to Face Service at Level 3.

We've put together an e-newsletter to share how we've been responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, to highlight some of the key insights from our client enquiries, and to share our resources with you. Check it out and please subscribe to get future updates ❣️👍

CAP Debt Help is FREE and continues as an essential service
Is your debt making life unmanageable? It's common for bills, credit cards and costs such as kids' medicine to get out of hand. Debt can happen to anyone, for a variety of reasons, but you don’t need to live in crippling stress or worry any longer. CAP Debt Help is just a phone call away!
Long term debt counselling provided through community-based home visits (or by phone if COVID restrictions apply) and a team of Head Office caseworkers in order to lift people out of debt and poverty. CAP helps anyone, regardless of religious belief, race, nationality, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. 
CALL FREE ON 0508 227111. Start your journey out of debt today.

This has been a time of innovation for our Committee as we complied with the Level 4 Lockdown process while continuing “business as normal” as a Committee.  Our scheduled meeting on Wednesday 15th was done remotely and was a highly successful venture.  An excellent indication of what can be done when necessary and as we continue to  work together towards the re-opening of the Hall sometime after the end of the 2 week Level 3, we hope to continue to work smarter to meet the needs of our community.  Planning is well underway to ensure that we can provide a safe venue for all users as we move forward.
We look forward to the resumption of businesses to complete the scheduled new vinyl in our kitchen and the re-surfacing of the floors in the rest of the Hall to enable us to have this work completed with no disruption to our users and a very fresh, clean and tidy premises to welcome back our hirers.
The Hall remains in a strong financial position even with the set-backs of this time and looks forward to welcoming our community groups and new users back as soon as practicable.  We also look forward to more bookings for family celebrations as life returns to some sort of normal in the upcoming months.
Your Community Hall is run by a small group of volunteers who oversee the bookings and maintenance of this excellent Community facility. It is owned by our Community and we always welcome any enquiries regarding bookings for functions or social activities.  At the Halswell Hall we offer a range of facilities with the main Hall having capacity of 200. We also have an excellent meeting room (The Sunbeam Lounge) which can accommodate up to 50.  This adjoins our upgraded kitchen and is ideal for smaller groups. The meeting room is readily available, and we welcome your enquiry.  For any enquiries about availability or our facilities please email us at
We still have the ability to engage more members and committee to help oversee the routine running of this valuable Community facility for the coming year.  If you have a few hours a month available and enjoy being part of the community, we would love to talk to you about how you can help 😊 Just email us at for further information.

The following table shows all the residential dwellings that were sold in Halswell in the month of February 2020.
It also shows a comparison for that month over the last five years.

We are thankfully in Level 3 and hopefully will be in Level 2 in
two weeks.  By now after doing all the jobs you can around
home will have a clearer idea if your home is too big, too small or have decided not to put off those future plans. 
So, call me, your local agent, for a complimentary appraisal to
give you a starting point.
Raewyn Marles 027 277 97 36
Harcourts Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent REAA208
379 Halswell Road, Halswell


Consider signing up to flu tracking this winter.  Each week they send you an email, you click on the link and spend a few seconds ticking boxes. You can find out more and sign up by going to 

FluTracking helps our health providers get good information about what is happening in our local communities.  You can also see the information produced by the surveys about what is happening locally.


There are many discussions about the issue of mental health and what it means now while we are still in lockdown and what happens as we come out of it. 
This page provides  links to a range of resources and to some of the resources that saw us manage the issues that arose from our earthquakes and some that the Government has provided as part of our Covid 19 response


Helpline for welfare assistance
Christchurch and Banks Peninsula residents in need of assistance in accessing essential household goods and services due to the COVID-19 lockdown can get help via a local helpline.
The 0800 24 24 11 helpline will be run by Christchurch City Council staff.
Keep dog poo out of bins
People out walking their dogs are being asked to take used dog poo bags home with them rather than dumping them in park rubbish bins.
Call to keep neighbourhood noise down
Whether it is DIY enthusiasts making the most of their isolation or neighbours turning up the volume to tone down their boredom, everyone needs to be aware that many people are working from home or caring for stressed family members.
Information on rubbish disposal during the lockdown
There is no change to our kerbside collection service. You should continue to put your bins out as normal. If the situation changes, we will keep you fully informed. 
Welcome to School at Home
From preschoolers to high schoolers, Christchurch City Libraries has you covered with its School at Home resources to keep kids learning. All you need is your library card and pin number.
Check out the work of these local heroes
Going to the supermarket has become a time-consuming chore for most people but for a group of dedicated Civil Defence volunteers it’s a way they can help out those in need. They’ve been hard at work providing welfare assistance to those in the community who are struggling to access essential supplies during the COVID-19 lockdown. 
More information about any of these issues can be obtained from the Community Board website



There are a multitude of mental health resources online - a collection of links are available here  or just google mental health and find a whole lot more!

Some quick tips for dealing with anxiety or anger



Health Ministry has set up a dedicated Healthline - 0800 358 5453 - for people seeking COVID-19 health advice and information.  
It is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

People calling that line will be able to talk with a member of the National Telehealth Service. They have access to interpreters.
You should call that dedicated number:
  • To register if you have self-isolated yourself
  • For any coronavirus health advice and information and any questions you have about coronavirus, self-isolation etc. 
Healthline’s main number – 0800 611 116 - is still the one to call for non-coronavirus health concerns.
Whichever number you call, you will get professional health advice and information.You can also find information about Covid-19 on the Ministry of Health website which also includes information in other languages.

The Government has created an online portal where you can access up to date information across a range of agencies, including links to financial support for businesses and self-employed.

If you are looking for information about the Corona Virus, there are numerous links that may be of interest

A Coronavirus update for the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community

Visit the Newsline rolling blog for the most up to date information on how efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus are affecting Christchurch City Council services, facilities and community events. provides helpful information all in one place.

For health concerns and advice go to

To check out details of current cases this is NZ's official page

These links and more are available from the Corona Virus links page on our Community Blog

Available on Fridays for pick up between 11am - 12pm from Canterbury Fiji Social Services Trust, 40 Hillary Crescent, Upper Riccarton. Please contact Una to arrange a bag by 12noon on Thursdays. Phone 021 440 812 or email


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