Send in anything for the next newsletter now!

Hello all,

There will be smaller version of our usual newsletter for January 2021. It's time to send in your information for the newsletter again. Deadline for notices is Wednesdasy 23 December  2020

Let us know about...
  • Local events and activities 
  • Local sports dates and enrolment days
  • Local groups whose activities you want to draw attention to next month
  • General information that might be of interest to Halswell people
  • Wanted
  • Any info from businesses registered on the Website
  • Stuff to sell/ give away
  • Any other stuff
  • Anything you think might be of interest for the “Do you know?” section
  • Any interesting snippets about the achievements of local people or stories about anything that has been happening locally.
Send us info by return email, phone 0211420930 evenings or drop into the market on Sunday (12-3) in Nash Rd, Aidanfield and have a yarn with us there at the Halswell Community Project Tent.

Because we use a lot of volunteer time for produce the newsletter, it really helps us if you can:
  • Send us in notices with all the information in them.  We will not just roll over old notices because it takes too long to go back and find them!
  • Write or copy the text into the email itself rather than sending as an attachment. 
  • Pdfs are more difficult for us to manage - they are better sent as a jpg or png (not more than 600px wide) or, better still, send us a link to them somewhere on the internet so we can use that instead.
  • Send us photos or graphics not larger than 600 px wide and in jpg or png format,   Photos graphics are best sent as attachments!
  • Repeated notices will need to be resubmitted each month and must be limited to 200 words but will only be included if there is a change in the wording if room is at a premium. 
These things really help, however if any of this is difficult, (or you have no idea what we mean!) we'd rather have the information than not, so send us what you can and we'll do what we can.  :-) 

BUSINESSES:  We can advertise your business in the newsletter, both the Email version and the paper version. Please submit any advertisements or requests to advertise to Kate at    Prices are available here

Thanks again for all your contributions and support!

Lynne, Chrys, and the team
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