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Halswell Newsletter #117

#117 April 2020

These are interesting times - perhaps!  All community events and gatherings are off as we endeavour to keep our physical distance from each other.  This has made this month's newsletter a bit of a mission to write!  Apologies for any errors or issues that you find.
However keep an eye on our Facebook page for online activities that we hope to get off the ground. (you can look at this and see what is happening whether you are a Facebook user or not).

Happy reading.

Lynne and Chrys


In these extraordinary circumstances we are experiencing this newsletter is reduced in size.

We had a great turnout of people to the last Halswell Connections meeting where we heard about developments and plans for Hillmorton High school.
Work has started on this new middle school building at Hillmorton High School which now, no doubt, has stopped for at least the next four weeks.
We are hoping to have a catch up using Zoom at some stage later in April.  We are still aiming to get this set up so watch your emails and Facebook for details.

Halswell Community Project staff are aiming to run some online coffee mornings - BYO coffee and snacks and sit and chat with others.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for details

Markets are cancelled until further notice 
Get a stall – find out more:
Ph Keri on: 027 370 0344

We are looking for one more committee member to serve on the committee that steers the Halswell Community Project.  Our work provides the organisation with financial oversight, ensures that our legal obligations are met, and provides direction and policy.  From time to time we also help out our paid staff when needed.  All this is focused on helping the organisation develop and run its community development activities. 
Currently we run a monthly market, a community hub (including some of the activities in that hub), a number of Facebook pages and groups, a community newsletter, and a Website which is currently being redeveloped. We also run events and school holiday activities from time to time. 
If you think you might be interested in helping with this or if you would like to find out more, then please contact Chrys by email or phone 0272868653.
The Halswell Newsletter is put out by the Halswell Community  Project with some funding assistance from the CCC and a lot of local volunteer time.

Check out the Halswell Community Website for more local information.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this newsletter!

THANKS also to our Advertisers for supporting this newsletter

NOTE: April's market is cancelled


Te Taumutu Rūnanga has gifted Oaklands School the Māori name Te Kura o Ōwaka and a significant native plant – the korokio. The rūnanga, based at Ngati Moki Marae on the Banks Peninsula, also provided information about the history of the school’s local area that will be shared with students and their families as part of the curriculum.
The school’s Board of Trustees have voted to combine the existing and Māori names and adopt Oaklands Te Kura o Ōwaka as the official name.
The school is situated near where the Heathcote and Halswell rivers used to meet and where waka were transported between the two bodies of water. The word Ōwaka refers to this movement of waka. The korokio is a plant that used to grow in abundance in the area.

Local swimmer Matt Cleverly competed at the NZ Junior Festival  held in Timaru over 3 days (13 - 15th March).

Competing against the best Junior swimmers in the South Island, Matt swam amazingly well finishing in the top 10 in the 200m breast stroke, 100m butterfly and 200m freestyle. Overall he achieved 8 personal bests ranging from 2 to 15 seconds off previous performances in the 50m, 100m and 200m breast stroke; 100m Butterfly; 200m Back stroke; 200m freestyle; 100m and 200m Individual Medley

Well done Matt and good luck in your future qualifiers.

Mike has an amazing garden on his small section.  He entered the sustainable garden awards and got prizes for best organic garden and most productive garden. 

Mike's garden produces heaps of veges, many of which he gives away.  Beans, courgettes, carrots, potatoes, silver beet, leeks, parsley, thyme, spring onions, lettuce, and tomatoes come out of his vege garden.  Alongside all that is Rhubarb, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, and feijoas and quite a lot of flowers and trees to keep the place looking great.   
He writes:
I have been told I will receive a certificate for entering the sustainable garden awards and that I have received 2 of the special awards; one for best organic garden and one for best yield.  Due to the fact that I was just learning to send emails I'd like to thank Keri Glassenbury for submitting my application. 
It is great to see talent like this be rewarded - go Mike it is great to have you living in Halswell!

February's market was a fabulous family affair, with organised races, and many new giant games on the lawns.  It was awesome to see the giant chess set made by our local Menzshed being used by so many families.  With just over 1000 people through and the sun shining it made for a great market.  
Going forward when this is all over we look forward to running another family/friends day out with a great variety of stalls.  If nothing else, it has given our stallholders plenty of time to get crafty and create. 
 Here are some of the photos from the event.


I’m hearing more and more these days about the concept of commons.  Commons are important for communities to understand and to be involved with.

What are they?  Commons are resources shared by communities. They include things like knowledge, water, air, climate and land that is shared.  Our shared health is also a common - a  fact that is brought home to us at this time when it is very clear how much we affect each other's health and wellbeing.  
Once upon a time, a common was the place where people grazed their animals.  They were managed or regulated collectively by the community that used the common.  The community ensured that the common did not get overgrazed and that all villagers got equal access to the resources that the common provided.
Garret Hardin wrote an interesting paper called The Tragedy of the Commons.  He imagined a situation where there was no collective oversight of the use of the commons and talked about how a common would collapse as individuals try to maximise their gains from the free common. As some have pointed out this is actually a problem with open access rather than with the commons.
In reality, of course, communities worked together to look after their common, so that it kept looking after them (Hardin talked about this as mutual coercion, mutually agreed upon). However this is something that we appear to be less good at doing as a community now.
 The critical elements of the commons are shared resources and a community that works together to continue to provide for the needs of everyone. 

So what?  Well, our wellbeing depends upon a wide range of commons, and as a society obsessed with private property, we seem to have forgotten how we share commons and how we should care for them.  We need to be aware of them, of how they work best and what they provide.  We all need to participate in (re)building, managing and maintaining them so that they function well in the long term and we can get our collective needs met, fairly.  
The point of all this is that a good thing to think about now might be how we might reclaim or rebuild our commons and help them work better.    At the current time of course we are all staying at home to look after our collective health (a common). 
When this is over we are going to need new ways to help people get their needs met. Our economy is going to be working a little worse than usual when we get out, so more people are likely to be struggling than were before the pandemic struck. Community and commons could be a useful part of that recovery and that those things are going to take some care and attention to help that happen.



PUT WET WIPES IN THE RED BIN:  Even the flushable ones! 

All wet wipes are made of plastic and they do not break down.  Instead they block the drains and create a nightmare for those who look after those drains.  (And it seems that in this day and age of Corona Virus, it seems out use of these things is getting much much worse)
In an ideal world, it is best to avoid wet wipes altogether - carry a few small cloths around with you and a bottle of water and wipe hands/ faces or whatever using those and then put them into a plastic bag and take the cloths home with you and wash them.

If you MUST use wet wipes and can't give them up then PLEASE put all of them into your red bin.  Whatever you do, avoid flushing them or dropping them. 




Although the Halswell Library Te Hapua is now closed for the next month at least here is some useful information that might help with your isolation. You’ll need a library card and PIN number to access most of the eResources. No card? No problem, sign up online now.
If you need help, use the online chat service, LiveOnline, or call 03 941 7923.


Christchurch City council sport and recreation have a number of online classes available to help you work out at home.  Scroll down this page to check out the different options and if you like these you might like to join in real time each day.





Attached is a very cool idea for kids, 3D animals on Wikipedia, you do it on your phone and hit the 3D button then the animals appear.

Check this out for some inspiration - an article on cooking when you are stuck at home during a coronavirus quarantine

This link has some advice about helping kids to be active

This is a site National Geographic has set up with activities and articles for kids to read, see and do.  

Kidspot has a whole bunch of stuff for both mums and kids from fun activities to advice on how to look after yourself

Check out Radio NZ's  resources  Click on their podcasts and series for great entertainment for both parents and kids and check out their "topics menu for science, kids stuff and a whole lot of  other stuff

Google Animal Cams or animal webcams to check out live animals in zoos etc around the world.  Remember thought that you may need to time these right - If you can't see much it's because it is dark!  This site provides a collection of animal cams
This comes into the by kids for kids category.  Eight year old Sophia has set up a youtube channel with some ideas for activities over the period of the lockdown.  

Consider signing up to flu tracking this winter.  Each week they send you an email, you click on the link and spend a few seconds ticking boxes. You can find out more and sign up by going to 

FluTracking helps our health providers get good information about what is happening in our local communities and it is particularly important this year for helping track any incidence of Covid 19.  You can also see the information produced by the surveys about what is happening locally.



In these times, our supermarkets are working hard to keep us safe and to keep their staff safe.  Here are a few requests:
If you are not in the high risk age group (70+) then please don't try to order groceries online.
If you are in that age group and ordering groceries online for pick up or for delivery, please minimise the number of orders that you put in and maximise the size of the order.  This is NOT a time to do lots of little shops.  At times like these, spend some time thinking about what you need and putting in one order every week or even every two weeks.  Once you get into the swing of that it becomes very easy and it is a great way to cut down what you spend on groceries.
The same goes for heading for the supermarket in person.  You will save yourself a lot of waiting time if you go in for a weekly shop rather than going in every day or two for one or two things.



There are a multitude of mental health resources online - a collection of links are available here  or just google mental health and find a whole lot more!

Some quick tips for dealing with anxiety or anger



Health Ministry has set up a dedicated Healthline - 0800 358 5453 - for people seeking COVID-19 health advice and information.  
It is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

People calling that line will be able to talk with a member of the National Telehealth Service. They have access to interpreters.
You should call that dedicated number:
  • To register if you have self-isolated yourself
  • For any coronavirus health advice and information and any questions you have about coronavirus, self-isolation etc. 
Healthline’s main number – 0800 611 116 - is still the one to call for non-coronavirus health concerns.
Whichever number you call, you will get professional health advice and information.You can also find information about Covid-19 on the Ministry of Health website which also includes information in other languages.

The Government has created an online portal where you can access up to date information across a range of agencies, including links to financial support for businesses and self-employed.

If you are looking for information about the Corona Virus, there are numerous links that may be of interest

A Coronavirus update for the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community

Visit the Newsline rolling blog for the most up to date information on how efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus are affecting Christchurch City Council services, facilities and community events. provides helpful information all in one place.

For health concerns and advice go to

To check out details of current cases this is NZ's official page

These links and more are available from the Corona Virus links page on our Community Blog

Available on Fridays for pick up between 11am - 12pm from Canterbury Fiji Social Services Trust, 40 Hillary Crescent, Upper Riccarton. Please contact Una to arrange a bag by 12noon on Thursdays. Phone 021 440 812 or email




As you would probably expect with the current Rāhui, none of the usual events will be taking place.

SHARP Holiday Programmes
Unfortunately, the holiday programme for the next holidays are cancelled. Parents will be contacted when the situation changes.


These facilities are currently not available until further notice



Because of the health emergency, we are closing our Gallery at 9 Candys Road until further notice.   Meanwhile we send very best wishes to you all, and look forward to seeing you again when we re-open.


Due to the Corona Virus we have cancelled all of our April meetings.
We will review the situation again at the end of April.
Phone Robyn 322 8288 for further information.


All meetings are suspended until further notice

Our meetings are postponed until further notice

Phone Elizabeth Ph 322-7214 for further information.

This activity will not run for at least the next month
 Halswell Bowling Club Friday Euchre.   Due to commence in May.
Due to the COVID 19 crisis and country wide lockdown, our popular Euchre afternoons will be cancelled until further notice.


All usual services/events and Group programmes etc; will not be held with immediate effect.  They will not resume until the Government declares the possibility of doing so with the COVID-19 issues all sorted out fully.
Our Church Office will be closed commencing 25th March'20 for a period of at least 4 weeks.

Ruth Dyson, the MP for Port Hills will not be available for her regular drop in April but you can contact her office directly for help.



Community Service Awards 2020
Community Service Award nominations open tomorrow until 5pm, 17 April 2020. Christchurch City Council's Community Service Awards are a way of giving well-deserved recognition to people who make communities better places to live. They are a way of thanking and honouring volunteers who without pay and little recognition demonstrate dedication and passion, inspiring others to make service a central part of their lives. The Waipuna/Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board also presents Youth Service Awards for young people aged 25 or under. For more information visit You can also read the latest Newsline story here.

Call for feedback on Nga Puna Wai indoor courts proposal
A proposed plan to lease reserve land at Ngā Puna Wai for a new multi-court indoor sports centre is open for community feedback. Sited in Halswell, Ngā Puna Wai is a sports hub that provides top-class facilities for athletics, tennis, hockey, rugby league. It also caters for community sport and recreation activity. Netsal, a company jointly established by Mainland Football Federation and the Christchurch Netball Centre, wants to develop and operate a 10-court facility for community level sport at Ngā Puna Wai and is seeking a ground lease from the Council. For more information and to provide feedback, go to the Council’s Have Your Say page on the Council website and fill in an online form Feedback closes on 6 April 2020.


The Citizens Advice Bureau have made the tough decision to no longer be open for a walk-in service, including for our JP and Free Legal Advice services, during the Covid-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, this means that our service at The Loft, Eastgate Mall is also suspended. This is about putting the safety of our volunteers, employees, clients and communities first during the Covid-19 outbreak. So you will not be able to come into the CAB.
However you can still access the CAB service during the usual opening hours by phone and email. You can phone us free, including from a mobile, on free phone 0800 367 222 or 03 349 5236, or email us at You can also find lots of great information, including information about the impact of Covid-19, on our website. We will be regularly reviewing this situation.

We held our AGM on Wednesday 18th March at 7.30pm.  We were delighted to have Andrei Moore as our guest speaker for this evening.  As the newly-elected member of the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board, he has been on a steep learning curve and spoke of his passion and
belief in Halswell and how fortunate he feels to be a proud advocate at the Community Board table. We had a reasonable attendance and had the opportunity for networking over supper.
The elected Committee held the Election of Officers at the conclusion of the AGM and we welcome our new Chair, Katharine Riley.  We look forward to strong leadership going into the coming year.  We still have the ability to engage more members and Committee to help oversee the routine running of this valuable Community facility for the coming year.  If you have a few hours a month available and enjoy
being part of the community, we would love to talk to you about how you can help 😊  Just email us at for further information.
As we grew to expect over recent weeks, we have been instructed to close the Hall for the 4 week Level 4 lockdown.  We are supportive of our regular groups and have been in touch on an individual basis to ensure their needs are to the forefront.
We have been fortunate to receive a Grant for full replacement cost of the vinyl in our kitchen.  This was to have gone down early in April; thanks to the team at Harrison’s Flooring, we have a prompt re-schedule date in place and look forward to this improvement to our facility.
Recently Hygiene Systems have upgraded our paper towel dispensers to the sensor model; as we move into the new ‘normal’, this will be reassuring to our users as the hygiene aspect is superior by far.
Your Community Hall is run by a small group of volunteers who oversee the bookings and maintenance of this excellent Community facility.  It is owned by our Community and we always welcome any enquiries regarding bookings for functions or social activities.  At the Halswell Hall we offer a range of facilities with the main Hall having a capacity of 200. We also have an excellent meeting room (The Sunbeam
Lounge) which can accommodate up to 50.  This adjoins our upgraded kitchen and is ideal for smaller groups. The meeting room is currently readily available, and we welcome your enquiry.  For any enquiries about availability or our facilities please email us at


The following table shows all the residential dwellings that were sold in Halswell in the month of February 2020.
It also shows a comparison for that month over the last five years.

If you have any questions or you are wanting to know what your home is worth on today’s market, please feel free to call me.
If you have any questions or considering a move, please feel free to call me.
Raewyn 027 277 9736
Harcourts Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent REAA2008
379 Halswell Road


First Class Accountant
Wigram – Halswell
Your local, friendly and approachable Accounting Professional
We’ll help you  Make It all add up!
Schedule A Free Consultation
Nisar Kaskar
M         027 4380 443                          E                     
W            A          14 Bouma Street, Halswell, Christchurch 8025
Annual Financial Accounts, Rental Accounts, Individual Tax Returns,  GST Returns, Payroll, Management Accounting, Cashflows And Forecasts, Business Start Ups, Xero, MYOB, Bank Link


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