Global Bersih News Bulletin #8
Global Bersih
Global Bersih brings you more news on Malaysia ahead of the critical general elections that have been called for 5 May 2013. This news bulletin reaches politicians, journalists, NGOs and individuals across the world.

THE 13th general election will be the dirtiest and most fraudulent Malaysian poll ever, and the Barisan Nasional government is now more than likely to steal another mandate in spite of overwhelming support for the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.
While Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr once again rebuffs Anwar Ibrahim's call to Australia to speak up in the name of freedom and democracy, we draw your attention to reports that clearly depict electoral corruption at the highest levels.
Anwar: 40,000 voters flown in to key states
MORE than 40,000 voters have been flown to key Malaysian states and constituencies that were won by the opposition parties in 2008, in an all-out effort by the incumbent BN to win back.

Govt admits voters being flown in - it's "normal"
THE secretary-general of Umno, the linchpin of the BN government, admits that voters are being flown in to key voter battlegrounds, but says this is "normal".

Offense to provide flights for voters
PROVIDING flights for voters is a clear breach of the Election Offenses Act, says Bersih's Ambiga Sreenevasan, a former president of the Bar Council of Malaysia.
Australia rebuffs Malaysia's plea for help
AUSTRALIA rebuffed a call from Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to monitor how critical federal elections will be carried out this Sunday, despite published reports of massive electoral fraud.
Anwar Ibrahim has warned that "massive fraud" could prevent his coalition from winning at the polls and asked why Australia hasn't sent officials to monitor the election. "It's quite baffling to my mind because the initial response from Australia is that there's no interference in domestic affairs," he told the ABC.

"We are not asking them to support any party.

"We are asking them to remain consistent with Australian foreign policy position in support of freedom and democracy."


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