Cluster Munition Monitor 2014 to launch 27 August
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Cluster Munition Monitor 2014 to launch 27 August

Cover - Cluster Munition Monitor 2014Cluster Munition Monitor 2014 will be launched 27 August during a virtual press briefing, and be available online afterwards. Focusing on 2013 and the first half of 2014, the latest edition of the Monitor details global developments in ban policy, survey and clearance of cluster munition remnants, and casualties and victim assistance.

Media interested in the 27 August virtual briefing at 10AM EDT (GMT- 4:00 hours) should contact for log-in details and embargoed materials. Campaigners interested in a pre-release briefing on 26 August should email for more details. A side event for delegates to the Fifth Meeting of States Parties of the Convention on Cluster Munitions in San José, Costa Rica will be hosted 2 September.

In the interim, online profiles of every country in the world are being updated. Please visit the Monitor's country profiles for the latest information. 

Landmine Monitor publications now online from Third Review Conference 

On 23 June, Landmine Monitor issued a press release, and new reports and infographics examining the past 15 years for the Third Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty covering Ban Policy, Mine Action, and Casualties and Victim Assistance. These are available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese on the Monitor website


Additional resources

In preparation for the unique opportunities offered by a Review Conference, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines issued a completion challenge that was at the heart of discussion during the conference week in Maputo. A wide array of resources from the conference are now available on the ICBL website, including a number of maps based on Monitor research and projecting campaign goals into the future (featured below):


As a separate publication, Norwegian People’s Aid released Clearing the Mines, a 200+page report that assesses the remaining threat from antipersonnel mines. The report was based on research by the Monitor’s Mine Action team.

Monitor in the News

Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor experts and publications were key resources for media around the globe during the Mine Ban Treaty Third Review Conference. A small sample of references can be found in The New York Times, CNN, Aljazeera America, Le Temps (French), LUSA (Portuguese). See the ICBL's media compendium for a fuller list of conference coverage in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Third Review Conference - Monitor side event
Mark Hiznay (center) with Loren Persi (left) and Atle Karlsen (right) discuss Monitor research at the Third Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty, 23 June 2014. ©ICBL

Coming in December - Landmine Monitor 2014

Landmine Monitor 2014 will be released digitally on 3 December. Drawing upon information published for the Third Review Conference, this year end report will provide new details on ban policy developments and global landmine and explosive remnant of war casualties and victim assistance. 

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