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November was a really exciting and weird month.  I had been experiencing such an array of emotions - exhilaration, anxiety, confusion, and joy!  The first Pique Ventures investor gathering was held on November 27th and I cannot express how exciting it has been to meet with potential investors and find out what moves them, why they do what they do.  I have also been speaking with entrepreneurs, playing a part in getting them from point A to point B, working with collaborators and inviting a wonderful and diverse community of people to help me screen and evaluate opportunities in an integrated way.  Breaking from the traditional pitch-based investor events, Pique Ventures curated sixteen 1-to-1 conversations between potential investors and entrepreneurs.  At the end of the evening, I facilitated a de-briefing session with the potential investors, where they had the opportunity to share their views about the entrepreneurs and ventures they met with. 
For more information about the Pique Ventures investor network, please contact me at or call me at 778-877-3041 to arrange an initial, complimentary consultation.  The next Pique Ventures Investor Gathering is planned for March 2013.  If you know anyone who is interested in an integrated way of angel investing, do let me know.  If you would like to suggest an enterprise to the investor network, please invite them to share their details here

Speaking Up, Leadership & Power
I felt so honoured, humbled, and excited about the very special plenary session held on November 21st at the Living the New Economy conference.  I joined Donna Morton, Lisa Helps, Kim Baird, Linda Solomon, and Andrea Reimer on stage for a conversation about women and leadership in the new economy.  It's not that often that I see a panel of women speakers from government, finance, energy, and media all together...  I wrote a guest post for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs blog about Speaking Up, Leadership & Power - it was a really tough post to write.  It continues to be a topic that I contemplate, wonder, and learn about.

In Person
I welcomed Loa Fridfinnson from Activ8 Corporate Relations as guest-host for Let's Talk About Trust on October 30th.  You read about our conversation here.  The final Pique Ventures event for 2012 was held on December 5th, co-hosted with Alli Riese from TIDES Canada.  Read the recap of the event here.

In the Media
Leadership coach and facilitator, Servane Mouazan is a friend and collaborator of mine based in London, UK.  Through her organization, Ogunte, Servane hosts a number of exciting programs and events including the Women's Social Leadership Awards and the Make-A-Wave pre-incubator for women social innovators.  I was a judge in the inaugural year for Make-A-Wave in 2011 and this year I co-hosted a teleconference with Servane and some of her program participants.  I am presently designing an angel investing training program for women with Servane, to be piloted in London in the new year.

I've created two videos to help illustrate one of the tools I use in evaluating social purpose businesses and their impact - I call it the Business Impact Canvas.  The first video introduced the BIC.  I did a sequel featuring a bigger, well-known business that you might not have thought of as a social purpose business.  It's a three-part series, so look out for the third video, coming soon.

And here's an interview that I did with Zack Miller (who connected with me via  He's a marketer for financial and investment services-based businesses.  I was pleased that he reached out, considering is audience is not really the typical crowd interested in my work with social purpose investors.  Really cool that he was so curious and open to the conversation.  Have a listen :-)

May I Help You? 
Those of you who know me know that I'm always talking about integrated decision-making (integrating emotion, intuition, and body with analysis) and how to evaluate purposeful and profitable investment opportunities.  If you would like learn how decision-making connects to purpose and how this affects the design of your impact investment strategy, let's discuss how I can be of service to you or your organization!

In addition to the Pique Ventures network, plans are also underway to expand through the investment ecosystem, working closely with capacity building partners and establishing a new fund for women investing in women.  If you are interested in investing in women-led or co-led businesses or businesses that provide products and services that serve women, please do get in contact.

Happy Holidays!
All the best,

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