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Ms Hagerty

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Staff News

We are sorry to say goodbye to some of our wonderful staff at the end of the summer term. The pandemic has meant many families reflecting on their priorities and lifestyles, and as we know this has meant much relocation.

Mr Ginever is retiring after 32 years’ service at More House. He has seen thousands of girls through their More House journey and we thank him for his exceptional teaching of Mathematics and excellent work as Exams Officer.

Mrs Boulter, Ms Collins and Ms Gremillet all joined More House in 2005 and will be leaving at the end of this term. Mrs Boulter is moving to Shropshire to take up the role of Head of English at Wrekin School, Ms Gremillet is moving to The Hague and Ms Collins is planning to spend more time with her family. I am sure you will join me in thanking them for being such inspirational teachers in their work with pupils. We also thank Mrs Boulter, for leading the academic life of the school so brilliantly as Director of Studies.

Ms Brown and Mrs Gilbertson will also be leaving at the end of the term; they both plan to spend more time with their children and Ms Brown will travel and visit family abroad. Thank you to Ms Brown for being such an exceptional practitioner of pastoral care, and to Mrs Gilbertson for inspiring a love of Classics in so many students.

We bid farewell to Mr McCarthy, Mr Moon and Mr Cope who all complete their short term contracts with us at the end of the year - we thank them for the contributions they have made to the More House community in their time here and wish them all the best for the future.

We have had a busy couple of weeks of internal recruitment, and I am delighted to confirm the following appointments for the next academic year:

Director of Studies Mrs Brett
Senior Teacher - Pastoral and PSHE Miss Henvey
Exams Officer Mr Benskin
Head of Maths Mr Robertson
Head of Art Mrs Wilson
Head of History and Classics Mr Millard
Most Able Coordinators Miss Inchenko and Mr Millard
Co-curricular Coordinator Ms Phelps

I am sure you will join me in congratulating our staff on their new roles. We look forward to all their ideas and initiatives that will form part of our strategic plan as a school. 

We also look forward to welcoming a dynamic team of new staff this September

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages Ms Ormester
Teacher of RS Mr James
Teacher of PE Ms Godfrey

We have an exciting year ahead as we enter into the next phase of the More House journey.

Year 7 Art
The Year 7s have done some excellent work for their first summer exam. Some beautiful 'summer holiday' themed tonal drawings. Well done everyone!
Year 8 - The Entrepreneur
This week our young entrepreneurs in Year 8 entered the 'pitch' stage of the process and they delivered such wonderful business ideas to 'The Dragons' in the den!  
The girls were given points for their pitches, their business plan, the logo and business brand, for their business economic plans, knowing their market and for devising a catchy online advertisement.
Ms Hagerty and Mr Benskin were the Dragons this week and were blown away by the professionalism and confidence shown by the Year 8s in their presentations.  The girls had really thought about how they could grow their businesses and how they can capture their potential market for investment or capital!  Well done to all of them for showing their recently learnt business knowledge and for showing such maturity, passion and enthusiasm.
The final of The Entrepreneur will be during the last week of term, so the hunt for the next More House Entrepreneur continues...
Year 9 Rounders Fixture
More House vs Chelsea Academy 
Faced with the prospect of playing our first fixture of the year, the Year 9 rounders team was excited, if a little anxious. Having won the toss, team captain Poppy (9A), decided to bat first in the hope of building an unassailable lead. 
As can be expected after so long without playing a competitive fixture, we started somewhat tentatively against a well drilled Chelsea Academy side. We found runs hard to come by in the first 5 minutes but slowly grew into the game. Inspired by a particularly gutsy bit of running by Hennie (9A) we steadily started putting some points on the board.  However, some excellent fielding by the opposition left us down to two batters with 5 minutes left on the clock. 
Unfazed by the pressure, Poppy and Ana L (9A) took the fight to the opposition and courtesy of some splendid batting and running were able to see out the innings, leaving us with a total of 7.5 rounders scored.
Chelsea Academy batted well in the opening few minutes of their innings and it appeared that game was running away from us. Our bowler, Ana L, then took matters into her own hands and started bowling with pace and variation that unsettled the opposition. With the scores tied at 7.5 a-piece we knew the only way to win was to get the last two batters out, and we did!
More House wins on outs!
Year 9 Science
Year 9 were put to the test on Thursday with a bridge building challenge in Science.
Year 11 Transition Lessons
A peek at some of last week's Art and Textiles taster workshops for the Year 11s.

The girls did really well creating their first collagraph prints. We can't wait till next year when you start  A-Level Art and Textiles.
Year 13 Chemistry
Here Emilie tells us about her experiment...

In chemistry I did an experiment to see what colour changes occurred when vanadium is oxidised. As its oxidised, vanadium went from yellow to green to blue to mauve. When I added purple potassium permanganate the vanadium was reduced back to the original yellow. This is shown as a gradient along the test tube!
Sixth Form Taster Day
On Wednesday, the Year 10s were shown a taste of life as a Sixth Former, with a fantastic subject fair run by the L6th. This was an opportunity for the girls to ask questions and explore options, in a relaxed environment. Our L6th students did an outstanding job organising the event and advocating for their subjects.

After lunch the Year 10s worked with the Year 11s (now almost-sixth formers) on their Beyond Projects. Throughout the afternoons of the last two week transition program, the year 11s have been developing pitches for events according to a brief set by Miss O'Callaghan. They could either create an event which brought life back to the streets of Knightsbridge post-Covid by engaging in partnerships with business and local arts organisations, or they could develop an event or resource which engaged young women with the history of Women's Liberation in their local area. Their pitch needed to visually engage the 'investors' and communicate their aims, how they would engage their target audience, and the potential impact of their event as well as have a budget which outlined their anticipated costs and income. The staff were blown away by the creativity, imagination and passion the year 11s showed for this project. The Year 10s acted as Arts Council England and had hypothetical budgets which they could invest in any or some of the events presented. It was great to see some wonderfully enterprising negotiations going on as the Year 10s teamed up to combine budgets for events they were passionate about producing. A huge thank you to the staff and students for participating in all of our transition events across the last fortnight. 
Year 11 Book Return
On Thursday Year 11 returned their text books and enjoyed some strawberries as they said their goodbyes to their teachers.
Life Drawing with a twist!
On Thursday we welcomed neon naked life drawing LDN to work with the Years 11,12  and 13 on the first life drawing session this year. The girls really enjoyed the fluorescent twist on traditional drawing and some will use this as a starting point for art or textiles projects next year.
“My Improved Vision has Changed My Life!”
Written by Zeena (11B)
Vision Assessment Diagnosis of Convergence Difficulties
Last December I went for a Vision Assessment.  They explained to me that my eyes struggled to focus and keep focused on near objects.  I was prescribed Vision Therapy, which are eye exercises to strengthen my eye muscles.  I do 15 minutes of Vision Therapy every day.  I started doing these in January and within 3 months I was so surprised by the dramatic improvements I was feeling.  Each month I had a follow-up appointment and a new set of Vision Therapy to do.
I Hated Reading Before
Before Vision Therapy, I used to dislike reading so much.  I used to feel that the page was shining and too bright.  I couldn’t focus my eyes on the words and kept wanting to look away from the page.  The words would get mixed up and I would see shadows behind them.  I would always loose my place so that I would not know which line I should be reading next.  My eyes used to rush along the line and I could not stop them from rushing along too fast.  I thought that I was just bad at reading and that my classmates were all more clever than me.  Reading out loud would make me feel very stressed.  Revision was very hard for me as I disliked reading and writing so much because they would give me headaches.  I used to give up easily and felt that I was doing badly, especially in exams.  I had no idea that I had a problem with my vision – I just thought that I was not smart. 
How I Feel About Reading Now
Reading feels more comfortable for me now.  I can read the questions more accurately, which has really helped me with my exams.  I used to misread questions and write wrong answers.  I also have more understanding of what I am reading now as I am reading it.  Before I used to not understand much of what I was reading.  I’m currently reading “Convenience Store Woman” and I really am enjoying reading more books now that I feel more confident about my reading.
How Vision Therapy has Changed My Life
I used to bump into walls, door-frames and people, especially as I tried to walk beside my sister or friends.  I just thought that was because I was clumsy.  But now I don’t feel clumsy any more because I am more aware of my surroundings and comfortable walking around.  My desk at home used to be incredibly untidy and I didn’t really notice it, but now I keep my desk tidy and I feel much more organised.  My school grades have improved dramatically and I have even improved in PE.  I never used to be able to catch or hit a ball, but I hit the ball each time now when I am playing rounders.  I was so surprised and happy the first time I hit the ball about a month ago!

My self-esteem has improved so much. I had no idea that I had a vision problem.  My vision difficulty was explained to me and how I could improve it.  I worked on my Vision Therapy every day and tried hard with my school work, because I stopped feeling clumsy and stupid.
My Advice for Others 
If you struggle with your reading or hitting the ball in PE, like I did, or you find something else difficult, don’t just think it is because you are not clever, talk to your parents, teachers, Form Tutor or School Counsellor about it.  My biggest advice is to never think that any problem is too small to be checked out because by looking into the difficulties you face and how they impact your everyday life, you might be able to find a way to fix them.  Vision Therapy has been life changing for me.  Maybe having your eyes checked or some other sort of checking you need might be life changing for you too.
Some Useful Background Information:

Visual Difficulties  -  British Dyslexia Association 10.06.2021

Some people experience visual discomfort or disturbance when they read. Common symptoms that may significantly impair reading ability, or make reading very tiring, include:
  • headaches and eyestrain associated with reading and/or other near work
  • text appearing blurred or going in and out of focus
  • text appearing double or alternating between single and double
  • difficulty keeping place in text
  • difficulty tracking across lines of text
  • discomfort with brightness of the page or contrast between text and background
  • text that appears to shimmer or flicker
Symptoms such as these have a variety of different causes, some of which may be due to disease or abnormality, so they must be investigated by a professional who is qualified to diagnose them correctly and give appropriate treatment. Anyone who experiences such difficulties associated with reading should consult a registered optometrist for a full assessment of eye health and visual function.

While adults may recognise symptoms, children may not be aware of them, as this is how they always experience reading. For this reason, any child who is a struggling reader should be assessed by an optometrist to either rule out or treat visual difficulties. This assessment and treatment is to check the health of the eyes and to enable clear and comfortable vision; treatment of visual difficulties is not treatment of dyslexia.

All children under the age of 16, and young adults under the age of 19 who are in full-time education, are entitled to a free NHS sight test with an optometrist, and to an optical voucher to help with the cost of glasses or contact lenses. The NHS sight test is sufficiently comprehensive to enable the optometrist to assess eye health and identify the likely causes of visual problems that affect reading and other near work. This should include an assessment of the ability of the eyes to focus and work together correctly (binocular accommodation and convergence).

In many cases the NHS sight test is all that is required to enable an optometrist to identify a problem and provide appropriate treatment with prescription glasses or contact lenses. Sometimes, however, the optometrist will consider that further assessment and/or other forms of treatment are necessary. The most likely of these will involve full assessment of binocular vision which may need treatment with eye muscle exercises (known as orthoptics or vision therapy) and/or pattern-related visual stress which may sometimes be alleviated using precision-coloured overlays or lenses. Such assessments and treatments are outside the scope of the NHS sight test, so the optometrist will either offer these privately for a fee or refer to another practitioner, such as an optometrist working in a specialist university clinic, or an orthoptist working in NHS secondary care (hospital). All NHS hospital orthoptics departments and university specialist optometry clinics will undertake assessment and treatment of binocular vision anomalies, but not all will offer assessment and treatment of visual stress.

The vision screening that most children undergo at school entry (age 4 to 5) is only a test of whether a child can see clearly in the distance. It is not a comprehensive assessment of eyes or vision and does not test any of the functions required for clear and comfortable vision when reading. For this reason, every child should have a full sight test when they start school, and as frequently as recommended by their optometrist after that.
Vision Therapy for Children: When Glasses Aren’t Enough
Vision therapy is perhaps one of the most controversial topics in vision care.
Some eye doctors are strong advocates for vision therapy and testify to its benefits — especially for certain vision problems of children. But other eye doctors are not convinced of vision therapy's effectiveness and do not recommend it.
This article will help you learn more about vision therapy so you can make an informed decision regarding its potential benefits for your child.

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is a doctor-supervised, non-surgical and customized program of visual activities designed to correct certain vision problems and/or improve visual skills.
Unlike eyeglasses and contact lenses, which simply compensate for vision problems, or eye surgery that alters the anatomy of the eye or surrounding muscles, vision therapy aims to "teach" the visual system to correct itself. Vision therapy is like physical therapy for the visual system, including the eyes and the parts of the brain that control vision.

Vision therapy can include the use of lenses, prisms, filters and computer-assisted visual activities. Other devices, such as balance boards, metronomes and non-computerized visual instruments also can play an important role in a customized vision therapy program.
It is important to note that vision therapy is not defined by a simple list of tools and techniques. Successful vision therapy outcomes are achieved through a therapeutic process that depends on the active engagement of the prescribing doctor, the vision therapist, the patient and (in the case of children) the child's parents.

Overall, the goal of vision therapy is to treat vision problems that cannot be treated successfully with eyeglasses, contact lenses and/or surgery alone, and help people achieve clear, comfortable binocular vision. Many studies have shown that vision therapy can correct vision problems that interfere with efficient reading among school children. It also can help reduce eye strain and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome experienced by many children and adults.
Returning Alumnae (Virtually)
On Monday, as part of their transition program, the U6th met with alumnae Lydia B (Class of 2018) and Lydia I (Class of 2018) online to ask questions and get advice about life at University. Lydia B joined us from Reading University where she is finishing up her degree in Classics, she plans to go to Birmingham Uni next year to complete a PGCE specialising in identifying students with Dyslexia early and providing them the necessary support. Lydia I joined us from Nottingham where she is finishing up her third year of Mathematics and will commence her Masters in September. It was so great to catch up with the girls and to hear their advice. I know the U6th students really appreciated their tips and tricks for succeeding in first year! Thank you so much Lydia & Lydia, for taking the time to chat with us! 
Art Prizes 2021
As we held our Annual Art Exhibition virtually this year, the art prizes were instead given to the winners this week. These prizes have been awarded for pupils' work over the entire year.

The prizes were awarded as follows;

Year 13 Art Prize 
Lizzie K


Year 13 Textiles Prize

Year 12 Art Prize 

Year 11 Art Prize
Annie (11A)
Rose (11A)

Year 10
Yana (10B)

Year 9
Tallulah (9B)

Year 8 
Dulcie (8A)

Year 7
Tay (7B)

Watercolour Prize
Farley (10A)

50th Textile Prize
Darcey (8A)
Congraulations! We are really proud of all of the girls and the standard of work created this year. Well done to all! 
Well Done!
Two wonderful dancers, Sofia (10B) & Farley (10A) have been training with Dakoda's Dance Academy since 2018/2019 and they have shown incredible dedication to their ballet and dance training. 
On 23rd May 2021 they took their Intermediate Foundation Ballet Examination under the Royal Academy of Dance (gaining up to a possible 20 UCAS points) and on 12th & 19th June they filmed ‘Rapunzel’ both with featured roles in the production.
This has been achieved, despite spending many months in lockdown which has been extremely challenging for dancers. Both girls continued to work to the best of their ability from their homes, their engagement not wavering and due to this significant progress has been achieved. Their love of ballet and dance has seen them continue to progress with confidence and resilience.

The girls have achieved increased physical strength, increased flexibility, emotional resilience, artistry, musicality and the ability to make something extremely physically challenging look easy! 

Well done Sofia and Farley!

Photo credit: Karolina Webb Photography
With the announcement of the British Ranking Cadet in Manchester, Eleanor (11A) has been back training hard at her club. Eleanor has also trained with the top Japanese wheelchair Paralympian (who is not shown as she was training her secret technique before the Olympics). Her coach instills into her that being disabled is not at all a disadvantage in fencing. It’s all in the technique. 

Well done Eleanor!
Pupil of the Week

Each week teachers nominate pupils from KS3, KS4 and KS5 who have impressed them in lessons or extra-curricular activities.

This week Pupil of the Week has been awarded to the following pupils;

KS3 - Natalie (7B) & Maya (7B)received one nomination each.
  • Excellent attitude and behaviour in all aspects of school life.
KS4 – Skye (11A) - received one nomination.
  • For showing such resilience during the Test Points.
KS5 - Roishe  & Victoria (L6th) - received one nomination each.
  • Excellent organisation of the Year 10 Sixth Form Taster
Well done!
50th Anniversary Celebration
More House School marks fifty years on Pont Street!

As you know, we had to postpone our St Thomas More Day and 50th Anniversary celebrations due to today's wet weather. We are delighted to confirm that the event will now take place on Tuesday 29th June.
The timings for the day remain as follows:
Tuesday 29th June - St Thomas More Day at Battersea Park
9.00 Virtual Mass: A link will be sent out if parents wish to join us for this.
10.00 Students will leave school by coach to Battersea Park to play rounders.
12.30pm Break for lunch (lunch will be provided for all students)
13.00 PARENTS AND GUESTS ARRIVE: Rounders finals
13.30 Refreshments will be served for parents and additional guests
14.30 Screening of our Anniversary Concert on a big screen at Battersea Park!
Screening ends.
16.30 Event ends. 

Action Breaks Silence Workshop

On Monday 14th June 2021 Year 10, 11 and sixth form participated in a challenging but rewarding self defence workshop organised by the charity ‘Action Breaks Silence’. We started by hearing some touching and eye opening stories and experiences from some of the leaders, making us more aware of the reality of being a woman in today’s society. We think this is especially pertinent for us being a part of a small girls’ school. Then we took part in a few exercises where we were taught and practiced some techniques related to self defence and protection in public. Through this, we were made more confident and prepared for real life circumstances. Although they may be rare, it is paramount to be composed in case. This was highly gratifying and useful to us as we are young women in a vulnerable position of society. In conclusion, the workshop was very enjoyable and worthwhile. 

- By Rose (11A) and Emma (11B)


The parent workshop stressed the need to talk about relationships at home and model positive behaviour. Unfortunately young people are exposed to pornography online and if this is the only information they have, they develop an unhealthy understanding of sexual relationships and therefore women are more likely to be treated badly within relationships. 
Often women are pressured to do things and cave to this pressure as they don’t want to disappoint or upset their friends or partner. Debi Stevens from Action Breaks Silence strongly believes we should encourage our daughters to express their anger and practice assertive communication.  This will be invaluable if they do find themselves in a situation they are not comfortable with as they will have the language they need to be able to express themselves effectively.
Importance of Sleep
This week a report by a team of researchers from the University of Cambridge highlighted the warning signs of future self harm in young children. One of the key findings is that improving the quality of sleep can reduce the likelihood of self harm in the future. 
We often talk about the importance of sleep during PSHE and assembly. Teenagers need a minimum of eight, ideally 10 hours sleep per night. Good sleep can maximise problem-solving skills and enhance memory and poor sleep has been shown to impair brain function. Longer sleep has been shown to improve many aspects of athletic and physical performance and poor sleeping patterns are strongly linked to depression. Getting at least eight hours of sleep can also improve your immune function and help fight the common cold.

There is an excellent book by Matthew Walker called  “Why We Sleep”. Here is some advice from the book.

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time seven days a week because your body needs routine. 
  • Do not use electronic devices in bed (phones, iPads, etc.).
  • Stop using your electronic devices an hour before you go to bed to help you switch off and get ready for sleep. 
  • Make sure your bedroom is not too warm because your brain and body need to be cooler to help you fall asleep.

Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks including tea, coffee and fizzy drinks at least three hours before you go to bed.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Miss Brown
Senior Teacher Pupil and Staff Wellbeing
More Summer - A summer school in Art, Music and Drama
More House is delighted to be launching its own summer school in Art, Music and Drama for 10 to 13-year-old children from 26th to 30th July 2021.

More Summer is a week long summer school inviting children aged 10 – 13 from More House and other local schools to take part in Art, Music and Drama workshops, making the most of the school’s central London location.

Specialist practitioners will facilitate creative and engaging workshops, and the whole enterprise will be run by More House sixth formers as a small business, teaching them valuable skills in areas such as finance, marketing, operations and administration.

This year’s theme will be Street Art and Performance. Think Banksy meets the Edinburgh Fringe! Street art, street theatre and street music will be explored and all work produced will have that theme. While some workshops might take place inside, the majority will utilise the courtyard and other locations around More House’s central London position. Social distancing will be implemented in all workshops and external visits.

Our Summer school is a wonderful team building event that will give your daughters an opportunity to meet girls who are joining us in September, other More House pupils and children from local schools. The course is open to girls and boys of all abilities and levels of experience.

To Book:
Note: Numbers and group sizes will be limited, so please click on the button below to register interest for your child to attend More Summer.

You will then be contacted by the More House team with further details and costings for the week.
Register now for More Summer
Enrichment Events this term:

Years 11, 12,13 Artists and HoA A-Level pupils - V&A and Pottery Project - COVID ALLOWING - Thursday 24th June - All Day

Year 8 - Mufti Day - 30th June
The How To Academy

Gordon Brown – Seven Ways to Change the World - In Conversation With Tom Fletcher
Monday 5th July 2021
It is time for a new era of global order. From inequality to the climate crisis, the former Prime Minister joins us with authoritative solutions to the greatest challenges of our age.
Tickets & Info

Adventures in Time – The Second World War - Dominic Sandbrook In Conversation with Hannah MacInnes
Tuesday 6th July 2021
Historian Dominic Sandbrook takes us on a journey back into the most dramatic conflict the world has ever seen. For children aged 8-12.
Tickets & Info

Tickets & InfoMary Ann Sieghart Meets Cherie Blair - The Authority Gap
Monday 19th July 2021
Why do we still take male authority more seriously – and what can we do about it? Mary Ann Sieghart and Cherie Blair explore the pervasive gender bias at work in our everyday lives.
Tickets & Info

For a full list of upcoming events click here.
Art Fund

With many of the UK’s much-loved museums now open again, why not start planning what you’ll see in July? From immersive floral installations at Compton Verney to the return of Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Natural History Museum, most of our must-see exhibitions are 50% off or free with a National Art Pass – just grab your card and you’re ready to go…

For must see exhibitions in July click here.
Careers & Work Experience Opportunities
Work Experience Placements 2021
Next week during activities week our Year 12 students will enter the world of work and complete a full week's work experience placement in many different workplaces, companies and organisations.  Some examples include: The Princes Foundation School of Traditional Arts, Paul Kerryson Theatre, Christchurch C of E School Chelsea, Sutton and Epsom Rugby Club, Mountainwise and Investec.  These are all such fantastic places for our girls to learn about themselves and how they can see themselves in work in the future.
It is intended that through these work experience placements that our L6th girls learn about the soft and employability skills such as: punctuality, collaboration, team work, customer service, building a reputation, communication and resilience.  
Each student will be visited in person by a member of staff from More House and I know they are all excited to hear about our girls' experiences in the real world of work and what challenges they have come across and how they have overcome them.  
We wish all girls the very best with their work experience placements next week and we hope that they all find the week both challenging and rewarding at the same time.  
Thank you to the staff members who will be paying a visit to our L6th and we look forward to hearing all about the girls' experiences.

Virtual Work Experience in Business, Accounting & Finance

Young Professionals have some really exciting news to share, they are now live for our Business, Accounting & Finance Summer Virtual Work Experience.

This summer Young Professionals are back with their brand new Virtual Work Experience for students in schools / colleges nationwide looking to get into Business, Accounting & Finance. The dates for your diary are 8th & 9th July 9am - 4pm

They have brought together some of the biggest companies in the world including; PwC, Grant Thornton, CIMA, EY, St James's Place Wealth Management along with a few others! 

They have unlimited spaces so everyone that applies will get a place, they will also be giving out certificates of completion and an exclusive reference from us to use on your CV. They will also be setting a really cool business project for you to work on over the days you are with them as well as some great prizes such as iPads! 

Application Link:
If you have any queries relating to careers, please get in touch with our Careers Coordinator, Mr Benskin:
Upcoming Dates

21st - 25th June | Activities Week

21st - 25th June | Lower Sixth Work Experience

22nd June | Year 10 Parent Social (5.30pm - 7.00pm)

24th June | Year 7 Parent Social (5.30pm - 7.00pm)

29th June | St Thomas More Day & 50th Anniversary Celebrations

30th June | Summer Concert (7.30pm) Holy Trinity Church (email to follow)

1st July | Term Ends (noon)

6th September | Autumn Term Begins
Happy Birthday!

We would like to wish a happy birthday to the following pupils who celebrate their birthday this week...

Tiara (L6th)
Natsuko (10B)
Giulia (11B)
Jemima (11A)
Jemima (7A)
Lily (10A)
Olivia (10B)
Mia (9A)
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