CSFBL:The Newsletter

Combined No Hitters!

Combined no hitters are at the top of a lot of people's wish lists and those wishes have been denied and dismissed. Up until now that is. We have discovered and uncovered the 7,140 games throughout CSFBL's history where multiple pitchers combined to no-hit their opponent. Since that's too big of a list to publish and too much information for even the biggest stat hound to find interesting, we're going to break the list up by league and start publishing the data directly in each league's forum over the coming days. For now, 2 tasty morsels. A list of the combined no hitters by league...World League is in on top with 120 and no other league has more than 100.  And a list of the 96 times 4 or more pitchers combined on a no-no including the only SEVEN pitcher no hitter in CSFBL history...the starter and the entire bullpen! It happened a long time ago in C-Town Open...the modern era record is a 6 pitcher no hitter in MLB Throwback.  

Combined Perfect Games!

The data we just talked about...7,140 combined no hitters...that includes the 151 games where 2 or more pitchers combined on a perfect game! 4 teams have turned the trick twice. 4 pitchers combined on a perfect game only once (in CardsClubhouse), and like the 7-pitcher no hitter, it was a long time ago. 3 pitchers combining on a perfecto has happened 13 times, 7 times in the modern era.  For the details, check out the complete list of combined perfect games!  
Rabid Leagues

We've improved the Find a League page! Check out the all new League Activity rankings to see which leagues have the most active owners.  League activity is designated as 'Rabid', 'High', "Average' and "Low". Here's how it works:

Rabid: 23+ owners have logged in 30+ times in the past 30 days
High: 18-22 owners have logged in 30+ times in the past 30 days
Average: 12-17 owners have logged in 30+ times in the past 30 days
Low: 0-11 owners have logged in 30+ times in the past 30 days

Just click the Leagues tab and sort by Activity Level. Currently, there are 13 rabid leagues and 36 high activity leagues. For those of you looking for a new challenge, there are openings in several of the high activity leagues. And although there are no current openings in the 13 rabid leagues, all have wait lists. Sign up and soon you'll be playing in the most competitive leagues CSFBL has to offer!

Commissioner's Message

Another addition to the site is the new League Message which can be found on your league home page. This is a great way for commissioners to keep owners aware of league business such as drafts, lotteries and trade deadlines. It's also a great way to celebrate a championship, highlight a perfect game or smack talk a deserving owner. And commissioners, keep in mind that you can include a URL in the message! Don't forget that not all owners go to the forums as often as you do.  Throw a direct link to the draft into the league message and watch the number of autopicks decrease like magic!

Meet the Cubanskis

Typically, there are 1 or 2 CSFBL perfect games every week. In 2014, there were 51. In 2013, there were 79. So when we went over 2 weeks without a perfect game, we decided to make a contest out if it.  To enter the contest, you simply had to predict the date and time of the next perfect game. The prize? Entering the name of your choice into the permanent CSFBL Name Database. At 6am on March 1st, when 24 year old Angel Stock pitched a perfect game for Columbia in Justice, we had our winner. None other than user spotlight'er burakki! He pondered how to spend his prize and decided on Cubanski. And wouldn't you know it...the first one "born", Kenneth Cubanski, is a 17 year old draftee in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, one of burakki's 3 leagues! Oh and for those stat folks out there...we went 137 sims and 106,650 games in between perfect games. Thanks to all those who participated. Keep an eye out for the next contest coming soon.

Names in the News

Speaking of names...we've all seen our share of interesting names in CSFBL clubhouses. From names in history to names in entertainment to names that make you wonder how a fake mother could ever name her fake son that. So next time you're wondering if there's ever been a Walter White or a Rand Paul, or you want to know who the all-time greatest Gordon Williams is, just post a request in the Names in the News thread. We'll be happy to comb through the CSFBL player library to bring you any and all matches.