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Warren Kramer is hosting an event on Alphabiotics
at my location on Monday, August 22.  Details below.


Macrobiotics is a powerful way of reducing dietary stress.

And stress is serious. The CDC has estimated 90% of doctor visits are stress related. That means virtually all disease and symptoms are caused by stress.

Would it surprise you if I said not all stress may be relieved or released by changing one’s diet alone? 

Join me as I host a special event introducing fellow Macrobiotic Clark Reddick. Clark will explain what stress is as well as some of the cumulative effects of modern stress on the central nervous system. The exciting part is Clark is a board certified Developmental Alphabioticist - meaning he has a crazy effective way of releasing CNS stress instantly - and will be doing so that evening.
Clark has run one of the busiest exhibits at Spirit of Change Magazine's Natural Living Expo 3 years running. His slideshow presentation is 25 minutes long and includes Q&A and a stress screening.
Afterward, if you care to experience the Alphabiotic method, Clark will make a special offer to help interested ones get started right away with their very first ‘reboot’. It takes only seconds...

Alphabiotics is effective and affordable. Highly recommended!!!

– Warren
Evening Highlights:
  • Introduction by Warren
  • Macrobiotic refreshments
  • Slideshow Presentation (25 min) with Q&A by Clark 
  • Brain stress screening included
  • Experience Alphabiotic stress relief - special offer

Event: Monday, August 22nd at 7PM in Waltham. 23 Chamberlain Terrace, Waltham, MA. Click here for Parking Information.

$10.  Limited seating. Please reserve at:

Stress: Our levels are doubling every 10 years and it’s only getting worse. Recent studies suggest up to 90% of doctor visits are for stress related conditions. “We are in the midst of the worst degenerative disease crisis in the history of humankind.” – American Medical Association 

Alphabiotics: A quick, hands-on process developed in the 1920’s as a way of helping sick people get well. Results appeared on many levels suggesting much more was at work. For further reading, please visit

Bio: Clark has studied various energy medicine systems, but it was Alphabiotics that saved his life and captured his imagination. He obtained board certification in 2012 to share the Alphabiotic approach to effortless transformation. 
“I’d love to meet personally to share our exciting discovery of how Alphabiotics directly mitigates the stress response, instantly unifies and balances energy between brain hemispheres and liberates 'The Healer Within'. Many are benefiting from this quick, affordable process”  – Clark
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