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Jozo Volunteer Newsletter Vol. 26, Issue 14
May 19, 2020.


It has been a while since our ski/snowboard season abruptly came to an end.  I have seen and heard many great examples of our Jozo Community coming together (virtually) since then and feel fortunate to be apart of this great community of ours!  During this time of uncertainty take comfort in knowing that we will get through this and we will all be together once again in the fall! 

While we are not sure what that will look like at this time rest assured we will come together and continue our journey on and off the hill together as one Community.

Please stay safe and listen to our provincial and national health authorities on how to stay safe and help stop the spread of this disease.  The sooner everyone buys into these simple things the sooner we can all get back out and doing the things we love!  2m apart, wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds and limit your travel to only what is absolutely necessary.

Stay tuned to this Jozo Newsletter and the Blue Mountain website and newsletter for the latest news.

Health & Fitness
with Matt Plouffe

Hi Everyone!

First off, I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy and safe during these times. It’s crazy to me that one of the last activities I did before the lockdown was spending the weekend skiing with the U16 teams and enjoying the banquet! What I would give to go back to that right now. 

It is very hard to stay fit and active during the lockdown, schools and gyms are closed, sports are shut down and people can’t get together to do anything.. that being said there are ways to keep busy and active while just kickin around the house. I live in a downtown Toronto condo with no yard, so I have had to become creative with my workouts. Here are a few tips for kids and parents.

KIDS, Once you’re done your school work that is required, I am sure TikTok and your Xbox or PS4 are getting some serious use, and personally, I am OK with that (hopefully your parents are too… but not ALL day) because it keeps the mind active and gives you ways to continue to socialize with your friends. But in between games or rounds or swipes, do some reps, whether it’s 10 pushups, 10 crunches,  or 10 burpees, it’s a good way to reward yourself with another game or a few more swipes on TikTok. I’ve included 10 different “1-minute workouts” that can be done. Anyone of you could do 100 of these in one day.

You should also be doing something more physical at least twice or three times a week, whether it is going for a run or a bike ride, get up and active for more than an hour as often as possible.

Start slow! If you’re not a runner (like me) start with something short like one kilometre and see how you feel... if it’s easy, do more and if it’s hard, do the same distance again and again until it isn’t hard, then add more distance. I started at one KM and am now up to four KM twice a week.

PARENTS, I’m sure this isn’t the easiest of times with work and kids being all blended together at home. If your kids are attending online classes or being homeschooled, incorporate some recess and a ”gym class” into their days. This can be as simple as a card game for a mental break, a bike ride, hide and seek around the house or make it a bit more active and intense with some circuit training in the backyard. It is important for you to also get some activity and a change of scenery with everything happening under one roof. If your kids are runners, join them, if they bike, bike with them. Lastly, please please please don’t forget to sit and enjoy a glass of wine or a beer (responsibly!) when needed, especially as the weather gets nice…this is probably my most important piece of advice.

I hope you are all finding the enjoyment of family in this absolutely crazy time. Kids, please don’t drive your parents crazy, it’s definitely hard for them too. We’re all in this together, and that starts at home. If you’re looking for any additional information or entertainment I would be happy to help. We could easily set up a Jozo video chat to keep in touch! If so, please reach out to Dave Grose to get the wheels spinning on this


Coach Sean Fuller recommends these websites for staying Fit & Healthy in the off season

Ikon Passes for 2021

As many of you know or have received updates from IKON they have made some changes for the upcoming season.

They have introduced “Adventure Assurance”, which allows you to defer your ‘adventure’.

Regardless of when you purchase your 20/21 Ikon Pass, you can choose to defer the value of your 20/21 Ikon Pass as a credit for any single 21/22 Ikon Pass for any reason.


To provide some value back to you for the shortened 19/20 winter season, IKON are now doubling your renewal discount—save up to $260 CAD when you renew before May 27, 2020.


Savings extended until May 27, 2020.


New to Jozo?
5 things you need to Know and Do

Here are the 5 things you need to do and know if you just joined or know someone who is thinking of joining this season:

Signup for our newsletter at to stay up to date on everything happening and all of the latest news about Jozo ski racing and snowboard programs at Blue.

Visit to register for your program of choice and camps.

Follow our Facebook page and visit our Jozo Buy & Sell page for great deals on gently used equipment from our members.

Attend ski & snowboard sale events happening throughout the summer and fall such as: Lifted at Blue Mountain year-end deals, Canada Day long weekend sales, Thanksgiving sales and The Toronto ski and & snowboard sale. 

Jozo Apparel

If wanting new team jackets for new racers, they can contact Shannon Smith or Collette Whale during the fall or during the time of the upcoming winter ski camps held at Blue so we can have a team Jacket ready for Season Start of January of 2021! 

Shannon Smith 

Colette Whale 

Remember... the best season is SKI season! 

Email if you have any questions or need help with anything.


Volunteers needed for next season

Our club only works when people volunteer to help.  Have you been enjoying all of the fun events, socials and programming at Jozo?  Join us and help shape the future of our club and make a difference for everyone!  Please email David Grose at with your questions, what you would like to do and how long you have been at Jozo.  The volunteer committee is starting to plan next season so please act now to get involved.


Jozo Golf Day

Voting open now for one Saturday in September

Please email with the subject “Jozo Golf Day” and your choice for what Saturday in September.

We will tabulate the results and let you know the date for this amazing event.

Stay tuned for details about the event and when you can visit the online store to purchase your tickets.

Also, if you have any suggestions or prizes to donate please let us know.

Always a fun event and a great way to get together in the fall while the kids do dryland training at Blue!

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