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Jozo Volunteer Newsletter Vol. 26, Issue 6
Jan. 22, 2020.

Be considerate to our fellow Jozos

We know that our lunch area can get very full, but we must ensure that we are considerate of everyone. We are a community and should embrace each other, not be rude to each other.

Tables should not be saved with tablecloths and should be shared. The lunch area is primarily for the athletes. Let them sit and eat so they can get back out on the hill. Adults can always sit and bring out charcuterie boards afterwards. Unfortunately, we had an incident last week where an adult threw food/garbage on a person sitting at “their” table. This behaviour is unacceptable.

On a positive note, it was nice to see the STARS having a team party and all sitting together. This is how lifetime friendships form.

Team Manager

Thank you to all of the Team Managers who have already stepped up. We are still looking for Team Managers for the following teams:

U12 1 Day

Peter & Danielle- Saturday

Parker & Andrew- Saturday

Tyler & Constantin- Sunday

U10 Saturday

Alyssa & Tiffany

U10 Sunday

Emily & Brandon

If you are a Team Managers OR are curious about what is involved, please click here to download the Managers Handbook.  If you are interested in becoming a team manager or have questions regarding team management, please email Mareka at

Membership & Team Snap


Thank you to all our Jozo families who purchased their 2020 Memberships as of Jan 19th.

All of you are eligible to win one of our great prizes, including Race Programs!

We have decided to have a LIVE DRAW this Saturday between 2:00pm – 2:30pm in the Kandahar room during our Apres. Please join us for a drink at the cash bar and see who our lucky winners are!

Remember that the Membership cost is a small amount that allows you to attend our social events, purchase Jozo clothing and use TeamSnap to receive communication regarding your athlete’s team and races.


Teamsnap is a service provided by the Jozo Weider Parent Volunteer Committee and is funded by purchasing a membership to the club.  From speaking with parents and athletes, everyone wants better communication and an easy way to communicate with your team and coaches for all events throughout the season.

If you have any questions or problems getting setup on Teamsnap or using the program please email directly so we can provide the help you need.

We encourage everyone to purchase a membership to take advantage of the many bonuses and special events the Volunteer Committee organizes each year!



Thanks to all who volunteered at last week’s races!  You will all be receiving a complimentary ticket for the Pratte Ski Camp Raffle. That’s just one of the ways we reward volunteerism! Remember to sign up for upcoming races by talking to your Team Managers. If you are looking for information on how to get involved with races, remember to visit our Gate Judge book.

Pratte Ski Camp

Once again, Michel Pratte is donating a Sun Peaks ski camp and a Tremblant ski camp!

Tickets are $20 each and will be sold at Saturday Apres, after February 1st, as well as at the banquet, where the draw will take place.

For those of you who are newer, these 5-6 day ski camps take place in November or December and are a ton of fun. You will meet other Jozo families there, as we have been going to these camps for at least 5 years!  If anyone has gone there before that, please let know!

Ladies Day
Join us for the annual Jozo Ladies Day - A Gal'entine Slumber Party Feb 14th, 2020.
Festivities will kick off at 8:30 am at Kaytoo.

Lots of fun activities and great prizes to be won like an adult 2020/2021 seasons pass, wine survivor 🍷 and more.....


There will be a table set up on Saturday at lunch to answer any questions people have about ladies day. Come stop by!
Buy Ladies Day Tickets
Men's Day

Feb 7, 2020

Meet for cocktails on Thursday night

Come for breakfast at 8 am on Friday


Eat lunch.

Go home, sometime after 4pm.

Buy tickets in online store.

That is all (for now).

Buy Men's Day Tickets
Jozo Jackets & Apparel

If have not yet picked up your KARBON jackets ordered last year please contact Shannon Smith directly at to make arrangements to pick up your order. 

Thank you to all who supported our Jozo Weider Volunteer Committee by purchasing swag gear.   The online store is now closed for apparel sales (except rain ponchos) so we can get the order done and hopefully have everything delivered to the Inn on the family day long weekend!  If you have an outstanding invoice to pay please do this now so we can include in the final order to our suppliers.

The January thaw may be behind us now, but who knows if Mother Nature will throw us some rain in the next few prepared with the New KARBON Tranquility Rain Poncho available on the online store! These will not be branded with the Jozo logo but the good news is, they’re waterproof, breathable and will keep your athlete dry on and off the ski hill!  Great quality and half the price of ponchos at the ski shops!

KARBON GEAR will be available for trying on and purchasing on our online store Family Day Long Weekend!

If your Jozo jackets are starting to look small or fit snug...don't stress, we have a full line of Red team Jozo Jackets available in all sizes and ladies fit as well! 

For those balmy days, we will have the famous Insulator Karbon Jackets back in black! Looking for a speed suit your in luck, we will have a full line of speed suits available to try on too! Almost forgot full zip pants and shorts with suspenders from KARBON as well!

Shop at our Online Store
Awards Banquet- March 7, 2020

We know the season has only begun, but the 2 Day Racer Awards Banquet is just around the corner. This is a great event to celebrate our race season and our athletes. Tickets must be purchased by February 16th. Please purchase your tickets through TeamSnap: Remember that Membership is required to purchase Banquet tickets.

For additional details regarding Membership or the Banquet, please contact Laura Skain or Karen Gigliotti at


Purchase Awards Banquet Tickets Here
24-hour Relay at Blue Feb 22-23

Back for a 3rd straight year, the “Jozo Weider” team led by Stefano Mastracci is at it again skiing at Blue for 24 hours, but wait, we now have some competition!  The Jozo “Freestyle Dusk Till Dawn” team led by Chris Haslett is challenging this year!

The Jozo Weider team is the defending Cowan Cup champions and plan to vigorously defend that title while raising much-needed funds for the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital and Special Olympics Ontario!  Oh ya and have a great time doing it all day and night long!

Don’t worry, with 10 team members you only ski for a little over 2 hours which can be split up as you like!  You will probably love it so much (Skiing down Smart Alec with no line-up and nobody on the hill) you will join and ski with teammates just for fun!

To signup please visit  or create your own team.  The event is open to Skiers, Boarders and Walkers, teams can range from 5 to 10 people.

For more information email  If you can’t join a team please donate and come out and cheer us on!


Freestyle Ski & Snowboard
Upcoming Event

The Freestyle Ski and Snowboard teams will be heading to Alpine Ski Club for the first GROMS competition, Sunday, January 26th. Registered athletes need to be at the club for 8 am to meet up with their coaches.

Please find the GROMS Interclub Competition schedule and waiver attached for future events.

Congratulations to our SBX team for a great 1st competition at Sir Sam’s!


Please see the attached report detailing all of the fantastic events and updates on our Masters' race team. Including race results from Austria, what's been happening on and around the escarpment and upcoming race details!  Make sure you come out to Smart Alec on February 1st to help/cheer on the Masters on their GS race on home turf!

Learn More
Watch Your Stuff
Please read if you picked the wrong equipment

This is a kind reminder to all ski families to be careful of your equipment. Use ski keys if you have them and be mindful of what skis you are taking when you are grabbing stuff off the very crowded racks. 

a) label your gear and;
b) make sure you take your gear, not someone else’s.

In keeping of this if anyone by accident picked up the wrong skis labelled Ella Blutrich on Sundays U10 race please contact

From Anna Gerol and the Blue Mountain Team
Latest News Available Here
If you have any questions regarding the on snow program please contact Blue Mountain:
Blue Mountain Contact Info
Anna Gerol,, 705-445-0231, ext. 52807
Robert Tankovich,
Sean Fuller,
Race Admin (Abby or Nikki),, 705-445-0231, ext. 52808
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