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Mirriam-Webster's Definition of "Listening In": intransitive verb - 
1: To tune in to or monitor a broadcast. First used in 1905.

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 September 22nd, 2022 


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 Another Radio Cat 

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 Great Sites About Radio 

 Radio Central Volunteer Photos Updated 

 The Origins Of Real Time Aerial Reconnaissance - 

 Telegraph From A Balloon 

 From Mark Erdle 

 Motorola Auto Radio 

 Radio Day Videos Posted 

 Thanks To Dave Billeci! 

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 Radio Around The World  

 The Sunspots Are Back! ... More From Bart Lee 

 Happy Radio Cat 

"Prrrrr... I Love A Tube Set... Soooo Warm!"

 Swap Meet Ahead! 

 From The CHRS CVC 

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 BARHOF Photos 


Photos By Jon Winchell & Steve Kushman


 Bart Lee's Radio History 

 The Iconic BC-348 Receiver at War 

CHRS features a WWII BC-348 aircraft “liaison” receiver in the Hall of Communications. See the graphic from Radio magazine, May 1945 below: the BC-348 at war.


The wiki says: “The BC-348 is a compact American-made communications receiver, which was mass-produced during World War II for the U.S. Army Air Force. *** Installed in almost all USAAF (and some USN, some British and some Canadian) multi-engined transports and bombers used during the fifteen-year period from before World War II through the Korean War, BC-348 radio receivers were easy to operate and reliable. Designed as LF/MF/HF receivers for use in larger aircraft (B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, B-29, C-47, etc.), they were initially paired with a BC-375 transmitter in the SCR-287-A system.”  (CHRS also displays the companion liaison transmitter BC-375 — see below).

Post-war, the BC-348 became U.S. amateur radio operators’ favorite surplus receiver: a great performer, especially on the 80 and 40 meter bands, and readily available: “War Surplus!” See the nearby Radio Shack ad from 1947.  (About $650 in today’s, 2022 money. Of course, the smaller inter-aircraft “Command” receivers also found much favor; way cheaper, and easy to modify, etc.)

See the E-ham reviews: Reviews For: BC-348 WWII MW/SW Receiver [--] Category: Receivers: non-amateur adaptable for ham use. It wasn’t quite a Hammarlund SP-600 or a Hallicrafters R-274, but almost as good. It employed two RF stages and hence hams found it a very “hot” and selective receiver. eBay today sells the BC-348 for up to $2,000, but usually an order of magnitude less, around $200, depending….

Some years ago, my AWA colleague, the late Marc Ellis (SK) wrote up the BC-348 for Monitoring Times, in a splendid series of articles:

Radio Restorations [--] Bringing Old Radios Back To Life [--] “Introducing the BC-348”[and several subsequent BC-348 restoration articles].

Marc was a master of radio restoration, and gave much of himself to the radio hobby.

Below is the Radio magazine cover showing the BC-348 at work.  John Schneider, The Radio Historian,  has colorized this, for display on the CHRS website (copyright John Schneider and CHRS). Thank you, John!!

The companion liaison transmitter, the BC-375, (image below is another story, although the CHRS artifact is in good shape, with tuning units. It used the Modulated Oscillator and Power Amplifier configuration – simple, effective, and no longer legal. The transmitter performed poorly on AM, and all too frequently put out Frequency Modulation (FM) instead of AM.  But in service, it usually emitted only Morse code, CW, and not voice. The amazing auto-tune T-47/ART-13 by Collins replaced it. At CHRS Radio Central’s Communications Central, the BC-375 could serve as a long-wave (630 meters amateur band) beacon.  (But the 211 tubes are hard to find…)

By Bart Lee, K6VK, CHRS Archivist  

(See the website version for references; 13 IX 22 de K6VK) ##

-- -- 

 The Car Radio Really Is... 

Get Your Ride Outfitted With A Motorola Auto Radio Today!

 The Collectors Spotlight 

 Can Be On You! 

Just send us stills or better, video of your collection. We will post it here for all to enjoy.





 The Origins Of Real 

 Time Aerial Reconnaissance - 

 Telegraph From A Balloon 

 Thank You To Mark Erdle! 

Two technologies came together, almost by accident, during the U.S. Civil War, to create real time military aerial reconnaissance.

Historian Chris Lynn tells the story of how the Telegraph went aloft the during the U.S. Civil War, providing real time aerial reconnaissance under battle conditions for the first time.

You can watch it HERE:

Mark ~ AE2EA


 Radio Central Photos 

See The New NBC & CBS Network Radio Signs Above Our Control
Room Window. These Are Very Nice Steel & Enamel Reproductions,

Donated To CHRS By Sam Van Zandt & A Friend. Thank You!!!
Also Donated Was A Mutual Broadcasting
Network Sign. Note The RCA/NBC Ranger Chime Machine #002 And Our Zenith Walton's Set.



 Radio Around The World 

The Sunspots Are Back! Shortwave radio today for vintage radios (with good antennas!) can hear even Madagascar...  at our sunset, see graphic.
Radio Tamazjuz is directed to Somalia in the local language(s). At our sunset, its sunrise, we can hear it.  (de K6VK) ##
-- -- 
Bart Lee


 A Very Successful Event! 

Radio Day 2022 has come and gone but has left a lasting impression on CHRS and our guests... This was Fun! Everyone loved having the event in one venue. There was plenty of opportunity for socialization. The weather cooperated. We made new friends and we showed that we could provide a special experience for our attendees.


And view the festivities and see the new members of the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame. Dave Billeci has posted the Radio Day video segments on the CHRS YouTube channel. Click below for all the fun:

Open & Auction Segment 1,

"Dragnet- The Big Bounce",

The Royal Society Jazz Orchestra,

Cirner Receives The Founders Award, Other Awards &  Auction Seg. 2

The 2022 BARHOF inductees with Ben Fong Torres & Terry McGovern.



 Our Cataloging Crew In Action 

Walt Hayden, Betty Cosmos & Cynthia Edwards At Work
Cataloging Items In The CHRS Collection.
They have cataloged over 900 Items!

Take A Look:




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