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Giant Spring Cleaning Sale
Coming Next  Saturday 
March 18th
Radio Central
2152  Central Avenue
9am - 3pm

Treasures Abound In The CHRS Spring Cleaning Sale
Donations come in to CHRS on a regular basis. We cannot keep it all. So, we try to share it with you. Get ready because next Saturday March 18th the Giant Spring Cleaning Sale is ON! Lots of gear at fixed prices and bargain prices. And we will may have a few items up for Silent Auction. We will have radios, test gear, tubes, parts, records, phonos and tons of different electronic gear for you to explore and take home. Our prices are reasonable and this gear needs a new place to live. So, come on down and stock up radio stuff for your upcoming Summer projects. These sales are good for all us us. We are putting gear that has been sitting dormant for years into the hands of people who will use and enjoy it. We are raising operating capital for CHRS / Radio Central. And we are keeping this equipment out of the land fill. Tell your friends. See you there! 

Dave Harris and Cynthia Edwards Tackle Old Linoleum

Water Still In Radio Central...
But Much Less 

Clean Up Continues Tomorrow
March 4th  9am - 3pm
2152 Central Avenue, Alameda


H20 in RC... Not much has changed. Yes there is less water, but it still needs our attention.

Volunteers Needed Tomorrow at Radio Central:
  • Vacuuming water and removing debris
  • Preparing for our Big Sale - Lots to get ready! 
  • Moving stuff into temporary storage
  • Clearing upstairs pre 1920 Archive Room and moving book cases in 
  • Removing linoleum as needed
  • Moving tubes into new vacuum tube vault
  • The building needs cleaning... inside and out 
  • Don't forget we have a nice lunch for our hard working volunteers


Construction Fundraising 
Campaign For 2017 !
Our New Goal is $100,000


Our Donors Are AMAZING!!!

Fund Total Today -

As our direction to build Radio Central has changed and our efforts have shifted from galleries and displays to the more immediate problem of water intrusion our fundraising sights must be raised. Stopping the water from entering Radio Central from underground will be very expensive.                            

Our new goal for this campaign is $100,000. We realize that deep trenching across the front of the building must be done as part of the mitigation process to prevent water intrusion is going to be costly. And possibly this process may have to be done on the side of the building also. After the water problems are solved we will build the display gallery and conference area downstairs, the W6CF ham shack and the Hall of Communications Gallery downstairs. We hope to have some spiffy artists conceptions of the new areas.

So it's time to make your tax deductible donations to our favorite historical radio society's 2017 construction / flood fund. Many new amazing things will be built from this fund... And we will keep the water out!

"The campaign has begun,
 It's time to join the fun,
Let's make CHRS second to none,
With your help it will be done" 



 Our Wonderful and Generous Donors! 

Lately we have had some outstanding donations. We have members and supporters who realize the historical importance of our mission to preserve radio and radio history. Larry Drees, our Landscape Operations Manager and Super Volunteer donated $1,000 to the construction fund and then after the water events, upped his donation by another $10,000! Realizing that this will be costly to repair and upgrade. And CHRS Member / Supporter / Volunteer Jonathan Winchell has donated $10,000 to make sure our infrastructure will be sound for as long as Radio Central exists. Thank You Jon & Larry! And you may ask why we are $10,000 ahead of last time. This happened because Super Volunteers and Supporters Robert & Reina Swart have donated $10,000 to the Flood Relief Fund. And they have been spotted recently day at Radio Central vacuuming water! We are so grateful for their outstanding support. Thank you Both!

The importance of this campaign and the everlasting effect of the solution to the water intrusion problem prompted some more terrific contributions at a recent flood update meeting. Director Tom Bonomo and Vice President Scott
Robinson donated $10,000 each and Director Denny Monticelli donated
$5,000. CHRS is blessed with generous donors and we are so grateful for all the support we receive. Oh yes! Super Volunteer and supporter Gilles Vrignaud bumped up his donation from $5,000 to $10,000!

We have said this thousands of times and will probably say it 10,000 times more... "CHRS Exists And Thrives Because Of Our People." CHRS is so lucky to have the Best Members as part of the Best Vintage Radio Organization... anywhere. We love our volunteers and supporters and can't begin to thank them enough and remind them that they are a vital part of CHRS. And to all our donors. We are so grateful for your help and support. Let's keep the ball rolling! Stopping water from entering the building is not cheap!

These Are Our Angels:

Friends of CHRS Dave and Alette Mahler - Donated $5,000

CHRS Director / Volunteer Philip Monego - Donated $5,000  

Friends of CHRS Mark and Pam Roberts - Donated $2,000

CHRS Member / Volunteer Gilles Vrignaud - Donated $5,000 

CHRS Member / Supporter Bert Buss - Donated $5,000

CHRS Director / Volunteer Richard Watts - Donated $5,000

Society of Broadcast Engineers Chapter 43 - Donated $1,000

CHRS Member / Volunteer Jim Fink - Donated $500

CHRS Member / Volunteer Dave Billeci - Donated $500

CHRS Member / Volunteer Cynthia Reinholtz Edwards  Donated $500
CHRS Member / Volunteer Betty Cosmos Donated $500
CHRS Member / Volunteer Walter Hayden Donated $2,000
CHRS Member / Supporter Tom Nelson Donated $600
CHRS Member / Supporter Eric Enstrom Donated $500
CHRS Member / Volunteer Larry Drees Donated $1,000

Society of Broadcast Engineers Chapter 40 - Donated $625

CHRS Member / Volunteer Jon Winchell Donated $10,000

CHRS Landscape Manager / Volunteer Larry Drees Donated $10,000

CHRS Director / Volunteer Tom Bonomo Donated $10,000

CHRS Volunteers / Supporters Robert & Reina Swart Donated $10,000

CHRS Director / Volunteer Denny Monticelli Donated $5,000

CHRS Vice President / Volunteer Scott Robinson Donated $10,000

From an Anonymous Donor $1,000

CHRS Member / Volunteer Gilles Vrignaud - Donated $5,000 


Today's Total $95,725!


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