Visible Hand Games
July 2012

City Hall - Tour Update

An Introduction

Hello, my name is Michael R. Keller and I am the designer of City Hall. You are receiving this because you expressed interest in being updated about the progress of the game as we march towards production. If you do not recognize the name, you have have played it under its development title, Municipality.

Over the coming months, this newsletter will keep you updated both on conventions we have recently attended as well as upcoming ones where you and, if you care to recommend the game, others can try it out. It will also give you information before anyone else about the preparations for our crowdfunding campaign this fall as well as the actual production run.

DexCon Recap

DexCon was a fantastic launch and we are happy to have launched City Hall's tour at such a welcoming venue. There were many familiar faces as well as plenty of new ones to play the game for the first time. We've put together some photos from DexCon for you.

I am grateful to the Double Exposure team for their hospitality and support in beginning this journey.

I am also in tremendous debt to our volunteers, who were not only essential to running the weekend's demos, but also helped assemble enough copies of the game to ensure we could also run scheduled events simultaneously. As pictured above from left to right, a sincere thanks to Zhen, Cynthia, and Lavanya for making the convention a success.

World Boardgaming Championships

Our next stop will be at the World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster. There will be a demo table set up Wednesday through Saturday if you'd like to come play City Hall.

Full details can be found here.

Inside Info

As a thanks for subscribing, I'd like to let you in on a little information that is not yet public.

The artist for City Hall will be Ariel Seoane. Ariel has done art for several games already, including Jump Gate, Homesteaders, and Ground Floor. I've seen some preliminary sketches and am excited that the final art will help bring out the strong thematic elements of City Hall in a way that does justice to its tense gameplay.

That's all for this month. I hope to see you at WBC!


Michael R. Keller
Visible Hand Games