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Rethinking Literacies in a Digital World

How might new digital technologies prompt us to reconfigure our notions of literacy? How does the move from print to digital change the ways we think about and teach reading and writing? 

These are a few of the questions we tackle this week (our first!) at Educating Modern Learners. Doug Belshaw addresses this most directly in his article "Rethinking Literacy for the Web," pointing to the Mozilla Foundation's Web Literacy Map, "a community-constructed grid of the competencies required to read, write, and participate effectively on the web."

Despite the potential for new literacies prompted by the Web, we still cling to old forms of writing in school, as Morehead State University's Lee Skallerup Bessette playfully demonstrates in "This Is Not an Essay." She asks,
"What if we start from a place of abundance, of multitude, and of possibility? What if we asked [our students] to teach us about what they know and practice and love about writing and curating and narrating and creating and building and connecting? What if we helped them to see that all of these skills are valued and necessary and can help them write just about anything, with a little help? What if we used words in ways that meant something to everyone involved?"
If literacy is changing, how should schools change in response? 
Don't forget: Doug and Lee's contributions are the newest of a dozen great, commissioned articles about the changing world of learning that are currently free on the EML site. And more are on the way next week! After April 30, however, most of our content will require a paid subscription. (You can still receive this newsletter, of course.) We have a couple of options you can choose from. 

As always, we'd love to hear your comments, questions, and ideas for future articles. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Bruce, Will, and Audrey
The EML Team
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