EML Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 8
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The End of Standardized Testing?

It may not be the end, but as EML Lead Writer Audrey Watters suggests, it may be the beginning of the end. Between John Oliver's scathing rebuke of tests last week and the growing opt-out movement, all signs point to a different conversation on the rise*: 
If the current testing regime collapses – I’m not sure it will, but the John Oliver segment certainly highlights some of the frustrations of those who hope it will – what will appear in its place? Can we articulate that now so that Pearson and other testing companies don’t replace the old model with simply a re-branded, repackaged one?
And in our Shifting Conversations column this week, EML co-founder Bruce Dixon shares his theory* as to why Finland continues to be a shining light in the school reform dialogues. 

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Audrey Watters looks at the implications of Alt+School as an alternative to the public school system in the US.

In Texas, Chris Ladd writes that new legislation may just spell the end of the public school system there. 

The Wall Street Journal says the 40-hour work week is a thing of the past, and 9-5 is an anachronism.

The University of Illinois just announced that it's offering an "All MOOC MBA." Inside Higher Ed has the scoop.

 What do great college professors have in common? Claudio Sanchez of MindShift has the answer.

Two professors at the Australian National University discuss how modern students are "killing the sage on the stage."
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