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Wednesday Update

The Town of New Castle remains relentless in our efforts to advocate for and safeguard our residents against COVID-19 and the many collateral issues associated with the Coronavirus. In doing so, please know that we will continue to share relevant information with you – our family – as efficiently as we can. As Governor Cuomo stated earlier today, “Panic and fear is wholly disconnected from reality.” With facts, perspective, and following best practices we might face uncertain times ahead, but we will get through this together and stronger than we were before.

Please take a moment to review the information below and do not hesitate to reach out to us at

  • Ivy Pool, Town Supervisor
  • Jeremy Saland, Deputy Town Supervisor
  • Lisa Katz, Councilmember
  • Jason Lichtenthal, Councilmember
  • Lauren Levin, Councilmember

The Numbers: Wednesday March 18

  • Current cases in NYS: 2,382 
  • Current cases in Westchester: 538
  • Current tested in NYS/Westchester: 14,597/4,106

Remember two things. We are seeing more cases because we are testing more. It’s that simple. It’s here whether or not we test. Further, merely because you have flulike or COVID-19 type symptoms does not mean you will be tested but you should be told to stay away from others and follow the oft repeated best practices. Not everyone gets tested.

Hospitalization in NYS:

  • Wed: 549 of 2,382 (23%)
  • Tues: 264 of 1,374 (19%)
  • Sun: 137 of 729 (19%)

Good News: 108 individuals recovered and were discharged from the hospital.

Worldwide cases:

  • Wed: 204,264
  • Sun: 156,400

Worldwide deaths:

  • Wed: 8,244
  • Sun: 5,833

Worldwide recoveries:

  • Wed: 82,107
  • Sun: 73,968

Worldwide pending:

  • Wed: 113,913
  • Sun: 77,599

Critical Information:  Hospital Beds and Capacity

According to the Governor’s experts, the peak will come in approximately 45 days and we will need anywhere between 55,000 to 110,000 hospital beds and 18,600 to 37,200 ICU beds. 

NY only has 53,000 hospital beds and 3,000 ICU beds of which currently 80% of the latter are in use. Good governance demands we prepare for the worst and work together while hoping for the best.

All (Washed & Clean) Hands on Deck:  Calling Medical Professionals

The Governor is calling upon retired doctors and nurses to offer their assistance at:

Pursuant to Executive Order 202.5, through April 17, 2020, and to the extent necessary, physicians licensed and in good standing outside NYS and those licensed and in good standing in NYS, but are not registered, may assist in the medical treatment of COVID-19 as prescribed by law. Similarly, the Executive Order addresses other medical professionals including nurses and physician assistants. If you qualify, please review the Executive Order and above website. Additionally, contact the New York State Department of Health for further information and guidance. 

Federal Government:  Filing Your Taxes & Increasing Hospital Beds

Federal income taxes must be filed timely on or before April 15, 2020. However, taxpayers can delay paying their income taxes on as much as $1 million in taxes owed for up to 90 days. Further information is available at:

At this time, New York State, Westchester County, and the School Districts have not provided for a similar delay. These taxes must be paid timely and in full to avoid a penalty.

USNS Comfort, a hospital ship with 1,000 hospital rooms and surgery capabilities, is being sent to NYS to assist in the potential surge of patients requiring hospitalization resulting from COVID-19.

NYS Regulations:  New Closure Policy

No business – public or private – can have more than 50% of employees report for work. A list of essential and exempted businesses is forthcoming from NYS.

Earlier today, Governor Cuomo indicated that he had no intention to implement a “shelter in place” policy. 


New Castle:  Important Information and Closures

Please note that while NYS waived park fees, all playgrounds are closed in New Castle. Children are not permitted to use New Castle’s playground facilities. Parents of college, high school and middle school children should firmly and unequivocally advise their children to refrain from gathering together and ignoring best practices including the six-foot social distancing guideline. Do not selfishly compromise the health of others with group playdates or other activities. Know that while there is currently no curfew, violations of Executive Orders and other regulations are potentially actionable. 

Pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order, non-essential government employees must work from home and municipalities must reduce staffing of essential employees by 50%. While the New Castle Police Department will remain fully staffed, the Recycling Center will be closed until further notice. Your home garbage and recycling pickup remains on schedule and will not be affected at this time. 

Please be patient with the Town and communicate by email when possible. A directory of departments and contact information is available at

New Castle:  Policy for Confirming COVID-19 Cases

Although there are no confirmed cases in New Castle, New York State is compiling positive tests for COVID-19 and sharing the same with Westchester County and local municipalities. Upon a positive test and as part of their due diligence, the Westchester County Department of Health will inquire about an individual’s employment and physical contacts to best share critical information with appropriate municipalities.

While we do not need a positive test to know that no community is immune from the virus, upon receipt of this information we will follow the County’s guidance and applicable laws, including HIPAA, before disseminating anything to the public. Please know that personal information of impacted persons will not be publicly shared. 

New Castle:  One Family Protecting One Another & Beyond

New Yorkers are a tough bunch and we, in New Castle, are a united family. Supervisor Ivy Pool, Deputy Supervisor Jeremy Saland, Council members Lisa Katz, Jason Lichtenthal and Lauren Levin, Town Administrator Jill Shapiro, and our Town staff and first-responders, have one shared priority – all of you. We are honored to serve you and will continue to do so to the best of our ability.

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