Cape Town - Global Marijuana March Meeting , 05 April @ 113 Loop Street
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We are getting closer to that time of the year again, where literally hundreds of thousands of Cannabis activists and legalization support efforts come together, in solidarity to unite in celebration of the global cannabis culture by holding a variety of marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, festivals and information tables across the planet.
On Saturday the 5th of May, the World will witness another Global Marijuana March spread across over 700 cities; and this year NORML ZA will be focussing its efforts in going big down south in Cape Town, South Africa's Mother City like never before!
Come and join us at the first GMM Cape Town Meeting - To be held next week Thursday 05 April starting at 18:30 @ 113 Loop Street, Cape Town. We will be discussing the way forward for the next few weeks running up to the GMM.
The following items are up for discussion:
  • Proposed Route
  • Press Release
  • GMM Poster Copy + Design - Shirts?
  • GMM Website?
  • Wishlist
  • Marshalls
  • What about the police?
  • Official GMM Festival / Afterparty

We have decided, that due to the logistics and limited resources available to NORML ZA, we will only be focusing our localized efforts on this year's 10th Annual African flavoured Global Marijuana March in Cape Town.

There is a huge amount of teamwork that needs to be pulled together to make this work, I have moved down to Cape Town in December last year to make sure that I have a hands on approach to this year's GMM event.

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Imiël Visser
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The following skill sets are needed within the NORML ZA Activist Network to help grow our awareness based campaigns:
  • Wordpress Expert 
  • Web / Graphic Design
  • Copywriting & Journalism
  • Film & Media
  • General Administrative Help
Please email us on if you would like to get involved.
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